Description of russula

Mushroom trekking is a favorite pastime for people of all ages. In order for such a vacation to go without harm to health, you need to know the difference between poisonous mushrooms and ordinary ones.

Biological description

The russula is pungent (from lat. Rassula emetica) belongs to the family of russula. Other names of the plant - russula caustic, bile, emetic; usually considered inedible.

Features of the view:

  • red, caustic, bright, shiny hat;
  • snow-white spores;
  • club-shaped leg;
  • the mushroom flesh does not darken, has no smell;
  • It has a bitter, caustic taste.

How to distinguish from ordinary

Outwardly, the difference of the russula is almost imperceptible . Usually it has a denser structure. The surface is sticky, smooth and shiny; the peel from the cap is easily removed. In a young mushroom, the hat is more convex, which straightens as it develops. The diameter of the poisonous plant reaches about 13 cm.

Did you know? The color of the hats in russula depends on the vitamin D they produce .

Poisonous mushroom is very similar to beautiful and food Russula. It differs from edible only in the presence of a pungent-caustic taste. Leaning a hat against your lips, you can determine for sure whether it is poisonous - in this case, feel a slight burning sensation on your lips.

Some studies suggest that the fascination with eating these mushrooms leads to serious disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, an increase in the number of cancer cells and their development

Spread of Stinging Russula

There is a mushroom in areas of high humidity, the outskirts of peat bogs and deciduous forests, less often in areas of coniferous forests. Damp soil is favorable for the development of this species. Stinging grows alone, rarely - next to ordinary russula . You can meet her from the end of July to the very beginning of October.


More often this species is called inedible due to its bitter taste . But some housewives use them in the form of pickles for the winter, boiled several times in water. From this, the bitter taste of the fungus disappears and it becomes completely edible.

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Similar mushrooms

This species can also be confused with such Russula as:

  • fading (has darker plates, the flesh on the cut turns gray);

  • ocher (has an orange color, no smell, has a bitter taste);

  • Turkish (suitable for food, not bitter; has a purple or brown color);

  • brittle (much less biting; also bitter).

In order not to confuse the poisonous plant with the rest of the Syroezhkovs, it is necessary to at least roughly know the characteristics of different species.

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Symptoms of poisoning and first aid

After eating vomiting russula, a gastrointestinal tract disorder may occur. This is due to the poison that is in the composition. Cutting pain in the intestines, heaviness in the right hypochondrium, diarrhea with a lot of bile (in case of mild poisoning) and vomiting are symptoms of poisoning. In this case, a person needs to ensure bed rest, the adoption of absorbents and increase the amount of drinking water. If the symptoms do not stop, it is important to go to the hospital.

Until now, there is no exact explanation for edible burning or not. Some scientists classify them as completely inedible, but mushroom pickers still consume mushrooms for food, pickling, pickling and boiling them. Therefore, whether this plant is or not, everyone’s choice, the main thing to remember about the rules of eating and that you should not overdo it.

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