Why is Zamioculcas called the “celibacy flower"?

Zamioculcas ("dollar tree") has recently joined the ranks of indoor plants, but in just a few decades, the flower has gained great popularity. But, settling this plant in the house, many do not think about how it can affect fate. This article answers the question of whether it is safe to keep a dollar tree at home (and if so, what is needed for this).

Why Zamioculcas is called the “flower of celibacy”

Among the people, this decorative species is covered with bad fame. Many plant growers believe that this plant helps to somehow solve problems in their personal lives so that everything often ends with a “crown of celibacy”. However, professional florists argue: this opinion is often erroneous.

Did you know? In China, Zamioculcas is considered the official symbol of the New Year in the Eastern style. Without this plant, not a single celebratory event takes place. It is believed that this statement did not arise by chance. This plant is similar to a spathiphyllum flower, which, indeed, for many decades has been popularly symbolized as separation and, according to popular beliefs, drives men away from home.

In fact, a dollar tree brings happiness to the house, however, at the same time, some rules should still be followed:

  • a young girl should not buy zamioculcas on her own, as this can worsen the situation in the family;
  • best if a small flower is presented for a remarkable holiday (in this case, an actively developing money tree will become a symbol of success and prosperity);
  • special attention should be paid to the flowering of the plant (in indoor conditions, blooming zamioculcas is a rarity, therefore, in order to acquire success, it is necessary to create conditions for flowering).

Also learn how to transplant Zamioculcas correctly at home.

What are the signs associated with the plant

Connoisseurs of folk traditions and beliefs argue that the importance of the dollar tree for human destiny is high. And so all kinds of superstitions and superstitions appeared.

The following statements are considered the most common among them:

  • Zamiokulkas - the best companion of female happiness ; a flower gives a woman success, good luck and prosperity throughout her life;
  • the flowering of a dollar tree is the first pretext that it is time for a young girl to start choosing a wedding dress;
  • the flower interacts well with the host and, with an excellent attitude to itself, can thank with success in all endeavors;
  • with carelessness, the dollar tree brings misfortune and problems;

  • for active men, the flower becomes the best assistant in business, it contributes to the growth of capital and success in all financial matters;
  • Especially valuable are plants presented for a remarkable holiday . In this case, the tree doubles its strength, and at the same time any positive energy in the house;
  • in order to increase capital at times, the donated flower must be transplanted into a new pot, the bottom of which is covered with small coins;
  • In order for Zamioculcas to become a talisman, it is necessary to give a ransom for it, having paid with several coins. It is believed that in this way a person thanks for a valuable gift and shows respect for the plant.
Important! In order for the dollar tree to bring only benefits, it must be absolutely healthy, without any diseases or pathologies. Otherwise, the plant enhances the negative impact on humans.

In connection with the above facts, a completely rational question arises as to how best to grow such a plant. If you do not believe in superstition, then you can buy the plant yourself (but in this case, many florists do not guarantee success and changes in fate).

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Is it possible to keep a dollar tree at home

Today Zamiokulkas is one of the best living talismans that everyone should settle in, moreover, regardless of gender, preferences and family status.

Despite the fact that a dollar tree brings luck, its maintenance can cause a lot of trouble. A variety of toxic substances are concentrated in the juice of its leaves and shoots, which, when in contact with the body, can cause allergies, and if they get into the gastrointestinal tract, they can provoke severe poisoning. That is why such a plant is not recommended to be kept where there are small children and animals.

Important! According to eastern practice, Feng Shui, it is best to put a flowerpot with a dollar tree in the southeastern part of the house. Then it becomes a happy talisman that will instantly bring good luck and prosperity.

Basic rules and conditions for growing a flower

Regardless of how you got Zamioculcas, it requires appropriate attention and care. Everyone who contains this indoor flower should remember that it came to our homes from the warm tropics, so any sudden changes in the microclimate can cause it to wither.

Lighting and temperature

This species belongs to one of the few indoor plants that do not require lighting, so it can be successfully grown in the sun and in the shade. However, the largest and healthiest specimens grow only in well-lit rooms, with a diffused light source. This contributes to the active development of chlorophyll in the green mass and further growth.

The optimum temperature for the development of a dollar tree is considered to be a range of +20 ... + 25 ° C. Such temperature conditions best affect the activity of plant metabolism and its interaction with the substrate. In winter, the indicator can drop to +16 ... + 18 ° C, but in this case, zamioculcas can stop its growth altogether.

In addition, the appearance of heat is also demanding - increasing the air temperature to +30 ° C leads to drying of the flower and slow withering.

Watering and humidity

A dollar tree grows best with a relative humidity of about 80-90%. Therefore (especially in the summer), it is abundantly sprayed and watered at least 2-3 times a week. When the air temperature drops below + 20 ° С, the frequency of watering and moistening the foliage is reduced to 1-2 procedures per week. In winter, until the spring thaw, Zamioculcas is rarely watered, only after the soil has completely dried. Abundant watering at this time can cause putrefactive root lesions.

Top dressing

Top dressing is applied throughout the growing season - from early spring to autumn, with an interval of 14 days. In autumn, only 1 fertilizing is needed per month, and in winter they refuse fertilizers altogether. As a top dressing, use any complex soil mixture for cacti and succulents, make them in the form of a liquid solution (concentrations are selected based on the manufacturer's recommendations).

Did you know? The dollar tree gained its popularity as a home flower only at the end of the 20th century. Until that time, for more than 150 years, the plant was cultivated only in open soil.

Pruning and transplanting

Zamioculcas transplantation is carried out infrequently. Young plants need a change in the pot no more than 1 time in 2 years, and adult specimens are transplanted every 5 years. The procedure is carried out in early spring, after the onset of a full thaw. Pruning of the crown of the flower is carried out as necessary. Old or diseased leaves and shoots are subject to removal. This procedure is carried out throughout the growing season.

The dollar tree is familiar to many of us. This plant has been bringing luck and prosperity to every home for decades, so today it is considered one of the most valuable living talismans. A flower brings good luck and prosperity, as well as success in business and capital appreciation. But for this you need to create the optimal microclimate, care and conditions of detention.

Network user reviews

Everyone probably knows that one of the names of this flower is female happiness. For me, female happiness is children! And I don’t know by chance how it happened or how, but I have a symbolic flower. At first my mother bought it from me and we waited a long time for it to give the shoot, but still have not waited. When I came to the flower shop, I wanted to get advice about this flower and what we are doing wrong, because we all know that it is not very whimsical. When I said that we were waiting for the appendix to share, and I wanted to take it to myself, to which the consultant said that this should not be done - "she will give her happiness. Every woman should have her own happiness and she should not share it with him." Without hesitation, I bought myself not a big Zamiokulkas. Put him in the darkest corner in the room. Watering as the soil dries. I checked this by tapping the pot. A thud is usually heard. Starting in February, she began to feed. I wiped the leaves with water and milk and a special solution for brightness. Replanted once. I really like the flower. I love not blooming. What to like, unlike others, that there is no falling off leaves, blackening, yellowing, wilting. But coincidence or accident, but when my flower first gave five arrows, and in December, I found out that I was pregnant. A few years later, his new arrows again coincided with my pregnancy. I don’t plan more children - will there really be no more arrows ?? !!))))))))))) KIrra //irecommend.ru/content/zhenskoe-schaste-1

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