When is the best time to harvest potatoes according to the lunar calendar

When harvesting potatoes, many gardeners pay attention to the current phase of the moon. Also, vegetable growers use the advice of astrologers and determine the desired date according to the lunar calendar, which astronomers make up on the basis of observations of the starry sky. However, before considering the recommendations of astrologers, it is worthwhile to figure out how justified these measures are.

How the lunar calendar affects collection

It is scientifically proven that the attraction of the moon affects our planet, causing tides. It is believed that lunar gravity also affects plant juices, and therefore the position of the moon indicates whether it is possible to harvest on this day and how it will affect storage.

The community of scientists considers the influence of the satellite on plants is not so important, but does not categorically reject its effects. According to agronomists, attention should be paid not so much to a date as to weather conditions.

Did you know? The Chinese space mission Chang'e-4 plans to plant potatoes on the moon, creating a small ecosystem on Earth’s satellite.

Auspicious Harvesting Days

What kind of potato the gardener will collect in quality depends on the choice for digging the crop of the day.

When choosing a date for harvesting potatoes from the beds, you need to pay attention to what position the satellite is today:

  • the rising moon indicates the accumulation of nutrients, so digging potatoes in this period is recommended for quick consumption;
  • the waning moon indicates the minimal effect of bacteria and germs on the fetus, and it is in this phase that it is better to harvest for storage.

Astrologers add that the zodiac sign in which the luminary resides is important:

  • being in Leo and Aries is the most favorable time for digging;
  • tubers dug during the satellite’s stay in the signs of Taurus and Capricorn will have good qualities;
  • it is better to store crops when the moon is in Gemini.
Since the lunar calendar does not coincide with the usual division of the course of time by months, it changes every year. The following dates are given according to the phases of the satellite in 2019.

In July

The dates when in July 2019 you can collect potatoes for consumption in the near future are 3-5, 8 and 10-16. It is best to go to the garden on July 4-5. Astrologers advise digging potatoes for storage on 1, 18–19, 23–24, 26–31 numbers. At the same time, tubers harvested on July 1 and 27–29 will be the longest.

Did you know? Residents of the modern territory of Bolivia 9–7 thousand years ago introduced wild potatoes into the culture. The Indians not only ate fruit, but also worshiped the vegetable as a deity.

In August

This month, for quick use, it is better to dig a potato on August 2, 5–6, 8–14. The most useful fruits will be taken in the 11–13 numbers. For long-term storage, it is better to harvest in the 19–22 and 24–29 dates. The most suitable days are August 24–25.

In September

When planning to dig tubers for quick consumption, experts recommend paying attention to September 1–5, 7–12, and September 29–30. Potatoes harvested on the 8th-9th day will be especially useful.

For tubers to be stored for a long time, it is worth going to the garden in the 15–21 and 23–26 numbers.

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Bad days

When harvesting, it is important to consider which day is unfavorable for work. Astrology says that finding the Moon in the signs of Pisces or Virgo is an extremely inappropriate time. During this period, internal juices are in excess, which will negatively affect the quality of potatoes.

Potato harvesting based on region

The region plays an important role in harvesting. Not only astronomical data, but also climate features depend on the region. It is on them when digging potatoes that you should pay close attention.

According to agronomists, the potato harvesting time by region is as follows:

  • The Far East - the first decade of September;
  • middle lane - until mid-September;
  • Kuban - mainly at the end of July;
  • Ural and Siberia - the last decade of August;
  • South Siberia - September.

Important! The exact timing of the harvest depends on what type of variety is planted - early, medium or late.

A vegetable grower, for whom all the factors of growing potatoes are important, when choosing the date of digging potatoes can pay attention to the lunar calendar. The main thing at the same time is not to forget about weather conditions, which have a greater effect on the plant. Proper harvesting guarantees the quality and long-term storage of root crops.

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