When and how to transplant cyclamen?

Today cyclamen can be found in many places: in homes, offices, flower beds. The flower blooms for a long time and at the same time is unpretentious in care. However, he needs a systematic transplant. This will be discussed in the article.

Why transplant cyclamen into another pot?

With the growth of the aerial part of the flower, tuber growth also occurs. Experienced growers know that cyclamen is grown in a small pot. Based on this, during the annual cycle, the plant depletes the earth, and if it is not transplanted, it weakens and can die.

Some unknowingly fertilize the flower, which only exacerbates the situation. In this case, the flower needs a new pot and earth.

Did you know? The ancient Romans believed that if a pregnant woman would wear a cyclamen jewelry, childbirth would pass without problems.

How to transplant at home?

Consider what to look for for a flower transplant.

Season and frequency

The most suitable time is considered to be the middle of summer, when new sprouts start growing, and budding has not yet begun. They transplant every year.


The main thing when choosing a pot is the diameter. The cyclamen needs tightness, so a size 3 cm larger in diameter than a plant tuber will do. In a large pot, the flower will direct forces to the development of the root system, which as a result will affect the flowering, which can not only contract, but also not begin.

The choice of material is not so important, the main thing is that the drainage holes are located at the bottom. It is better to choose a shape so that the height is equal to the diameter of the pot.

It will also be useful for you to find out why the leaves turn yellow in cyclamen.

The soil

Soil composition for cyclamen:

  • sheet land - 3 hours;
  • peat - 1 hour;
  • humus - 1 hour;
  • sand - 1 hour
Before planting, the mixture is baked for 60 minutes in the oven. This will help kill existing pests and pathogens.

You can buy the ready-made mixture of "Tulip" in a flower shop.

Transplant procedure

Transplanting a plant is easy.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the process in stages:

  1. The pot is disinfected, drainage is placed at the bottom.
  2. Prepared soil is poured into it, filling by a third.
  3. The flower is removed and the old soil is gently brushed off.
  4. Inspect for the presence of problems and remove them with a knife.
  5. Place the tuber in the center of the new pot.
  6. Spread the roots and gently fall asleep with soil.
  7. Do not water abundantly.

Important! At the end of the procedure, the tuber should slightly stick out of the ground .

How to care after planting?

After transplantation, proper care is important, which includes the following features:

  1. The pot is placed in a bright place, however, so that there are no direct rays of the sun. The temperature should be between + 14 ... + 18 ° С.
  2. Watering is rare. It is better to pour water into the pan so as not to get on the tuber. Water must be settled.
  3. After a month, fertilizers are applied.

If you do not adhere to these rules, cyclamen may die or bloom out of time. After this time, care is no different from normal.

Answers to user questions

We will consider how to correctly divide cyclamen into several full-fledged flowers, and also find out whether it is necessary to transplant immediately after acquisition, and whether it can be done when flowering occurs.

How to split cyclamen during transplant?

When a flower grows, it needs to be divided. This can be done at the last stage of dormancy before the flower wakes up.

Let's consider how to divide a plant correctly:

  • the tuber is taken out and dried;
  • inspect, choosing the place of separation;
  • with a sharp knife carry out the required number of cuts;
  • sprinkle bare spots with activated charcoal and leave for a day in the dark;
  • planted in new pots.

The correctness of the action is confirmed by flowering after 6 months.

Did you know? In one of the 18th century books, cyclamen is called “pork bread” because pigs love to feast on the tubers of this plant and often tear the ground in search of them.

Do I need to transplant after purchase?

After the acquisition, cyclamen is transplanted in the absence of flowering, as well as if the flower is in the transport soil, which includes few fertilizers and poorly retains moisture. If there are flowers, it is recommended to wait for a period of rest.

Is it possible to transplant during flowering?

Any movement is stress. The flower does not tolerate the transplant at a time when all the forces are directed to flowering. In order to prevent the death of the plant, it is better to abandon such procedures.

Cyclamen transplantation is not difficult. The only thing that can take time is a careful transfer of the tuber so as not to damage the roots. The correct action will confirm the abundant flowering and healthy appearance of the flower.

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