What is the difference between almonds and apricot kernel

The similarity of almond and apricot kernel is confusing for many people. Products contain different substances, are used for different purposes, so it is better not to make a mistake when buying. However, according to some characteristics, they can be distinguished. About how almonds and apricot kernels differ, for what purposes they are used and what useful properties they have, read further in the article.

Main differences

Almonds and apricot kernel are very similar in appearance. Because of the similarities, many confuse them. However, the products still have differences.

Did you know? Alani is an oriental sweet from Armenia. For its preparation, apricots are dried, freed from seeds and stuffed with a sugar-nut mixture.

DifferenceAlmondApricot kernel
The formLarge, oblong, voluminousBroad, ovoid, flattened
SkinIt is removed with difficulty, you need a knife or other tool for cleaning, saturated color with a deep patternHaving hooked part of the peel with your finger, it can easily be removed from the inside, the color is more dull with a poorly pronounced pattern
StrengthHard to break with your hands, easier to bite or cutEasy to break with your hands
TasteDry, nuttyWatery consistency, sweet or bitter depending on the variety

Having studied the differences indicated in the table, you will never confuse these two products. You can only distinguish them by their appearance and taste. But the products have almost no aroma. The smell of fruit seeds is called “almond”. Both nuts smell about the same.

How to grow and use

When peeled, ready-to-eat, almonds and apricot kernel are similar. The same products grow on different plants of different species. Almonds in the broadest sense are a subgenus of the genus Plum. The edible seed kernels of this plant are called almonds.

Did you know? The first mention of the almond tree is found in the Old Testament.

Nuts habitual to the consumer are fruits of an ordinary Almond. It is a shrub up to 5 m high with beautiful light pink bloom. The fruits of the plant consist of an inedible shell and almond nut, which easily leaves the pulp. The subgenus is divided into two types: bitter and sweet.

In cooking, sweet almonds are used. They are eaten raw, prepare sweets - cookies, cream, marzipan, pralines, nougat. Vegetable milk is produced from the product. Bitter almonds are unsuitable for food. The product is in demand in cosmetology and medicine. Oil and emulsions are made from nut kernels.

Apricot kernels are the kernels of apricot seeds. The source of the product can be any apricot tree variety. To obtain it, it is necessary to extract a bone from the fruit, break it and remove the core.

A popular remedy for apricot kernels is oil. The tool is widely used in cosmetology. Apricot kernel oil is usually prescribed for external use. Naturopaths are also advised to take the drug inside. Also, kernels are eaten raw and used in the preparation of marzipan.

Take the oil inside for the treatment of any disease is possible only as directed by a doctor!

Useful properties of almonds and pits

Both products have beneficial properties. However, due to the different composition, their effect on the human body is different.

AlmondApricot kernel
Strengthens bones and teethImproves the immune system
Lowers blood pressureIt is considered an effective prevention of cancer due to vitamin B17.
It removes cholesterol from the body and helps to lose weightHelps to cope with bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory diseases
Saturates the body with folic acid during pregnancyStabilizes blood pressure
Reduces the risk of cataractsImproves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, counteracts constipation
Maintains the balance of intestinal microflora, reduces the likelihood of constipationReduces arthritis pain
Protects the thyroid glandCleanses the circulatory system and removes cholesterol
Increases testosterone in men, has beneficial effects on libido and reproductive functionPrevents skin aging
Improves memory, attention and brain function in general, which is why it is considered a prophylactic for Alzheimer's disease.Enhances Sexual Desire
Eliminates the signs of agingMaintains normal acid-base balance
Strengthens the immune systemRelieves inflammation in joint diseases
Lowers blood sugar and improves insulin productionIncreases hemoglobin in the blood

Important! If used too much, both products are harmful. Also, they should not be used for people allergic to individual components.

Knowing the special characteristics of almonds and apricot kernel, the buyer can easily distinguish between these two products. Remember that despite all the useful properties, you need to eat them wisely. In order not to accidentally harm yourself, be sure to consider the above information.

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