What is the cow tail for?

Each cow has a tail with a fluffy tassel, which, as a rule, it swings from side to side. Many people wonder why the cow needs this part of the body. Let's consider it in more detail.

Why a cow tail

With the help of this process, cattle drives away annoying insects: flies, gadflies, mosquitoes, horseflies. Pay attention to the behavior of your cow, if she swings her tail too energetically - check to see if she has lice or other parasitic organisms.

Did you know? Tailless cows do not exist. However, stopping to prevent leptospirosis was popular in New Zealand.

Why is it constantly bullying

If you noticed that the cows constantly walk with their tail up, this is likely to indicate a fast calving. To determine the cause for sure, pay attention to the following symptoms indicating an early birth:

  • relaxation of ligaments on the sides;
  • swollen external genitalia;
  • vaginal mucous membranes;
  • restless behavior;
  • long, restless mooing.
Also, a raised tail may indicate postpartum inflammatory processes - endometriosis. To recognize this ailment, it is necessary to conduct a histological examination of the tissues of the vagina.

Is it possible to trim

Stopping is carried out for hygienic purposes - dirt that accumulates in the hair at the tip of the process can cause various diseases. It is also cut off for the convenience of staff, so farm workers can be sure that a disgruntled burenka will not hit them with its tail.

Important! Long-term practice shows that the need for relief in order to prevent leptospirosis is meaningless, since it does not bring the desired result. There are two cropping methods:

  1. Amputation of the lower quarter and applying a tight tourniquet.
  2. Using a special machine to shorten the hair at the tip of the process.

Video: Cow tail trimming with a special machine

What to do if broken

Fractures of the caudal vertebrae are common in cattle. Signs of a fracture: sagging end, painful edema at the site of damage, increased mobility of the process below the fracture site.

If the amputation of the damaged area is not done in time, the animal goes down, loses its appetite, becomes inactive.

Docking is carried out in several stages:

  • amputation of the desired site;
  • postoperative care: wiping with a 5% alcohol solution and applying iodoform to the fracture site.

Why does a cow have a soft tail

A soft caudal process in a cow indicates the development of a chronic disease - osteodystrophy. The main reason for this ailment is a deficiency of calcium, phosphorus, protein and vitamins, which, in turn, indicates an unbalanced diet. To get rid of the disease, add specialized feed phosphates, meat and bone meal and a complex of vitamins to your daily diet.

Cattle were not without reason endowed with a long tail with a fluffy brush - in the process of evolution, nature took care of the convenience of animals. Do not forget to pay attention to the condition of this part of the body - it can be used to determine the mood of cows and the presence of various diseases.

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