What are the benefits of apple seeds?

Apples are an essential fruit in the human diet. Their rich composition helps to eliminate the deficiency of many vitamins and minerals, as well as activate the work of the whole organism. However, few people think about the value and positive properties of the seeds of the fetus. This article will examine in detail what is contained in the seeds from apples and how these compounds are useful for the human body.

Calorie content and chemical composition of apple seed

According to many studies, the core of apples with numerous seeds contains no less than various saturated substances than pulp and peel. A huge number of various fatty acids have been found in the composition of seeds. Among them, the highest concentrations differ: palmitic, linoleic, oleic, stearic, erucic, eicosan, eicosadiene, linolenic and stearidonic. Also, seeds are rich in a number of sterols and phospholipids that have an antioxidant effect.

Did you know? The territory of modern Kazakhstan is considered to be the birthplace of an apple tree. In this area, about 7 thousand years ago, the plant began to be cultivated for the first time.

Also concentrated in apple grains:

  • vitamins: A, B3, B6, B17, C, E, P and F;
  • trace elements: iodine, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, iron and molybdenum;
  • tannins;
  • citric and malic acid;
  • tannins;
  • alimentary fiber;
  • amygdalin glycoside;
  • quercetin.

The energy value of the product is also quite high. About 30–35% of the total seed weight is in proteins, carbohydrates and fatty oils. This does not make the product one of the most dietary, since 100 g may contain about 200–300 kcal. However, with moderate use, it "gives" the body no more than 10 kcal per day.

Is it possible to eat seeds from apples?

Despite all sorts of technical and scientific achievements, the question of whether it is useful or harmful to include apple grains in the diet remains open. As mentioned above, the product is rich in amygdalin glycoside, and this substance is extremely hazardous to health. Its derivatives can be poisonous and cause serious poisoning.

Important! The temperature treatment neutralizes the amygdalin glycoside, so the bones from compotes and other dishes are absolutely safe for health. However, they contain significantly less nutrients.

In the digestive tract, the amygdalin glycoside is transformed into hydrocyanic acid. It belongs to the group of so-called cyanides - potent poisons. Only 1 g of this substance can lead to instant death of an adult healthy man. If a woman swallowed a substance with food, the lethal dose for her body can be as little as 0.5 g.

However, with moderate use, apple seeds are absolutely safe for the body, the product contains only 0.8% of the total mass of toxic substances. This indicator is many times less than that of the almonds, which are common and beloved by many, in which about 1.2–1.5% of dangerous substances are concentrated.

Beneficial features

Sunflower seeds from apples have many healing properties. The use of the product can have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and tonic effects. With periodic use, they are able to activate all body systems, and also favorably affect the activity of almost all organs.

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For men

Seeds are simply necessary for men to maintain a healthy tone. The high content of iodine, potassium and other minerals helps protect the cardiovascular system from age-related pathologies, as well as prevent a decrease in vascular elasticity. Only 5 seeds per day will help to fully compensate for the deficiency of vitamin B17 in the male body, which helps to enhance physical and emotional stamina.

Also, a rich vitamin and microelement composition enhances metabolism and activates the hormonal background. This contributes to natural protection against stagnant processes in organs and tissues, immunodeficiency states and loss of vitality. Do not forget about the effects on the health of men of antioxidants.

Vitamins of groups A, C and E contained in the seeds are able to withstand the occurrence of:

  • joint pathologies;
  • prostate cancer;
  • cataracts;
  • Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease.

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For women

Due to its high content of vitamin B17, the product has an anti-cancer effect. This is especially important for women living in adverse environmental conditions, or genetically prone to the development of the disease. In addition, the presence of other vitamins contributes to the normalization of hormonal levels, immunity, as well as the general activity of organs and systems. Moderate use of the product can help women cope with menstrual irregularities.

As you know, such pathologies arise due to iodine deficiency and related hormonal processes. The product helps maintain the level of this element in the body. In addition, the normalization of iodine balance during menstruation helps to have an antispasmodic effect on the abdominal organs, improve mood, and also overcome the manifestations of migraine.

The high content of vitamins B, A, C and E has a powerful antioxidant effect on women's health, which allows the use of seeds from apples as a natural remedy for age-related changes, namely, to eliminate dryness and cracking of the skin, to give it a natural elasticity.

Did you know? The oldest apple tree in the world grows in the United States, in the vicinity of Manhattan. The tree was planted back in 1647 and currently not only grows successfully, but also bears fruit well.

For children

For children, the product is valuable as one of the most concentrated sources of all kinds of vitamins and minerals. First of all, grains of apples help to activate growth processes, as well as normalize the activity of the thyroid gland, due to the increased concentration of iodine, which is attributed to the main components of all kinds of hormones.

The microelement makes it possible to complete mental and emotional development, as well as to properly configure the activity of the nervous system. In adolescence, iodine from seeds helps to normalize hormones and metabolism.

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The high content of other trace elements and vitamins contributes to the correct and complete formation of all organs and systems. In addition, with moderate use, vitamins and minerals make it possible to maintain immunity, which is important for protecting children's health from various infections.

Harm and contraindications

With a moderate introduction into the diet, the use of seeds is absolutely safe for the body. But, nevertheless, there are contraindications. First of all, apple seeds are prohibited during pregnancy. Despite the increased concentration of iodine, important for the baby and mother, they can cause intoxication. Often this is fraught with a deterioration in overall well-being, headaches and severe toxicosis.

In addition, the baby’s body is completely defenseless against cyanides, so even small doses of poison in the mother’s body can lead to various fetal pathologies. Sunflower seeds are also forbidden for any chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and pathologies of tooth enamel. In the first case, the overly stiff peel of the seeds can cause inflammation of the digestive tract. In the second, worsen the condition of the enamel and lead to the destruction of the dental coating.

  • In case of abuse, seeds from apples can cause:
  • impaired blood pressure;
  • changes in heart rate;
  • choking and other problems with the respiratory system;
  • headaches;
  • loss of consciousness;
  • salivation;
  • vomiting

Features of the use of seeds

Apple seeds require compliance with special rules of use. Not only product safety, but also its effectiveness in influencing the body depends on this. And for this, some rules should be observed. The maximum daily rate of a product for an organism is no more than 5-6 grains.

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They contain the daily norm of iodine, vitamin B17, as well as the dose of cyanides that the body can cope with without any difficulties and consequences. However, children and the elderly need to reduce this rate by half. Fresh seeds are considered the most beneficial for health, they contain the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and other important compounds.

However, you can successfully add to the diet and pre-harvested, dried apple grains. If the seeds are stored for a sufficiently long period, they must be checked for germination. To do this, a handful of seeds should be soaked in water, or placed in a moistened tissue, at a temperature of +22 ... + 25 ° С. If less than 70% of the seeds have sprouted, it is not recommended to consume them. This indicates the death of the seed and the loss of all the valuable properties of the product.

Important! It is not recommended to drink alcohol tinctures and liquors on apple seeds. The combination of alcohol and amygdalin glycoside leads to an increase in the toxic effects of cyanides.

How to prepare and store seeds

To properly prepare seeds from apples, you should adhere to some rules. Fully ripened seeds are considered the most valuable for health, therefore they are harvested only from ripe fruits. It is not difficult to identify such grains: they differ in dark brown or black color, and are also quite dense to the touch. Apples damaged by infections are unsuitable for picking seeds, since they are also exposed to dangerous microorganisms.

Seeds are harvested carefully, avoiding damage, after which they are laid out in one layer and dried at room temperature. If you plan to store seeds for a long time, they must first be well dried. For this, the grains are placed in a warm place with a temperature of at least + 20 ° C and kept for several days. You can speed up the process by drying in the oven, while the temperature should not exceed + 35 ° C, otherwise the useful qualities of the product will decrease significantly.

Fresh apple seeds are stored at a temperature of no more than + 18 ° C, in a dry place, for several days. The dried ones are stored in a well-ventilated place, protected from direct sunlight, at a temperature of no more than + 20 ° С. Use paper bags, or any other, permeable containers. Under such conditions, the seeds can be successfully stored for up to 1 year.

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Apple seeds are a fairly valuable and rich product that can have a beneficial effect on the body. They contain many valuable substances for health that can have a beneficial effect on health. However, in the diet the product must be present in moderation, otherwise it can cause serious intoxication.

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