Variety of apple trees Starkrimson: characteristics and features of cultivation

Apple tree Starkrimson belongs to the winter varieties, the main advantage of which is the long shelf life of the fruit. After reading the article, you can learn how to properly grow these trees.

Selection history

Work on the cultivation of Starcrimson varieties (Star Crimson) began in America in the XIX century. To obtain it, the Delishes apple tree was used. For several years, it was propagated vegetatively, selecting specimens of excellent characteristics. As a result, in 1921, the Starking Delicious variety was obtained. And after his kidney mutation, Starkrimson appeared. From English, the name translates as a raspberry (dark red) star.

Did you know? If an apple is put in a container filled with water, then it will not sink to the bottom, but will float to the surface. This is explained by the fact that the fruit consists of 25% air, which has a lower density than water.

At one time, the variety was very common in the vast republics of the former Soviet Union. Today, Starkrimson apple trees are most often found in the southern regions. And the new American variety with a similar name - Crimson Crips, which has more advantages, in particular, is characterized by increased frost and drought resistance, has gained great popularity.

Additional grade characteristics

If you plan to grow Starkrimson in your garden, you need to make sure that it is suitable for your climate zone and soil, familiarizing yourself with its preferences and basic characteristics. Trees of this variety grow depending on which rootstock the seedlings were grafted on. If it is dwarf, then the plants do not exceed 3 m, on the seed - reach 4–4.5 m.

Crohn changes its shape depending on age. So, in young trees, it has the appearance of an inverse pyramid, at the age of 9-10 it becomes wide-pyramidal or broom-shaped. After the correct formation at a young age, it does not thicken and does not require annual thinning. Its dimensions are compact, which facilitates the care of it. There are few branches on it.

Shoots are painted in dark brown color. They tend to break off under the weight of the fruit, so they require the installation of props. The leaves are medium in size, ovoid in shape, with a pointed end, painted in dark green. The fruiting type of apple trees of this cultivar is ringed. This means that most fruits form on the glove.

Fruits form large - 170-200 g. Their ripening occurs in late September. In shape, they may be different, but elongated-conical apples predominate. The main color of the skin is green, the integument is carmine. The pulp is light yellow in color, closer to the skin - greenish.

She is juicy, crispy. The taste is sweet, with subtle sourness. Commodity characteristics of fruits are estimated at 4.8 points, flavoring - at 4.7. After storage for several months, the taste is significantly improved.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Over a long period of cultivation of the Starkrimson variety, gardeners have noticed such positive qualities:
  • compact crown sizes;
  • early maturity;
  • plentiful and stable fruiting;
  • excellent commodity and taste characteristics of apples;
  • long shelf life of fruits;
  • lack of need for annual scraps.

  • The disadvantages include:
  • low frost resistance;
  • low drought tolerance;
  • poor resistance to pathogens of major diseases and harmful insects.

Pollinating varieties

The variety is self-infertile. In order to get regular and rich harvests, in the immediate vicinity requires planting pollinating varieties, which include Jonathan, Golden Delishes.


The first fruiting in trees of this variety grown on a dwarf rootstock occurs 2-3 years after planting. Those plants that are planted on seed stock begin to bear fruit later for 1-2 years. In the early years, the yield can be 30 kg per tree. When the plant reaches adulthood, the fruiting level increases to 180 kg.

Winter hardiness

The winter hardiness of the variety is low, so it is recommended to grow it only in regions with a warm climate.

Disease resistance

As we have already noted, among the shortcomings of the trees, Starkrimson has a weak immunity. So, they are often affected by scab. The fruits suffer from bitter pitfalls. The only disease that plants infect very rarely is a bacterial burn.

Features of planting and caring for Starkrimson

Apple tree Starkrimson does not require much attention to herself, she will have enough of minimal care. However, in order for the tree to be distinguished by good health, develop correctly and bear fruit abundantly, one should correctly select a place for planting it and carry out quality care.

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Optimal growing conditions

Important conditions for growing apple trees are the following:

  • intense light;
  • not close groundwater bedding;
  • low acidity soil.

These factors must be taken into account when choosing a place for landing. So, the site should be exposed to the sun throughout the day. Ground water should not come closer to the surface than 2–2.5 m. If it is known that they are high, you should equip the planting pit with good drainage, or plant a seedling on a pre-poured hill 0.8–1 m high.

Apple trees grow best in loamy and sandy loam soils with low acidity (5.1–7.5 pH). The main requirement that is put forward to the earth is a good capacity of moisture and oxygen.

Timing and landing scheme

Trees of this variety are best planted in the spring - from late March to mid-April. And the preparation of the soil on the site must be done in the fall. It needs to be cleaned of plant debris, dug on a bayonet shovel and fertilizer - humus or rotted manure (5-6 kg / m²), wood ash (600-650 g / m²), nitroammophoska (1 tbsp. L / m²).

A pit for planting is prepared in the spring, a couple of weeks before the planned placement of a seedling in the ground. Its dimensions are 70 × 70 cm, its depth is 1 m. The earth that has been removed from the pit must be mixed with humus (1.5–2 kg) and nitroammophos (15–20 g).

The seedling should be chosen 1-2 years old, up to 1 m high, with several shoots, a strong root system and a healthy-looking root neck. If his roots are open, then they need to be carefully examined and trimmed damaged.

Landing is as follows:

  1. Drive a stake in the pit intended to support an undeveloped seedling.
  2. Two-thirds of the hole is filled with fertilized soil.
  3. The seedling is placed in the center of the hole, placing it on the north side of the stake. The root neck is leveled so that it is located 5-7 cm higher from the soil level.
  4. The roots are evenly distributed over the pit.
  5. They fill the hole to the edge with soil.
  6. Tamped with light movements.
  7. Watering, bringing a bucket of water under the seedling.
  8. They mulch the near-stem zone with humus, peat, sawdust, straw — a layer of 5–7 cm.
  9. Tie the seedling trunk to the stake.

When planting several apple trees between them, a distance of 3-4 m must be observed between them. The same distance must be maintained from buildings and fences.

Watering and feeding

Since the apple tree of the Starkrimson variety does not tolerate drought, watering for it is mandatory. The minimum number of humidifications with sufficient rainfall is 3-4. They are carried out in the spring-summer period: in the flowering phase, before the formation of the ovaries, 14–20 days before the fruits fully ripen.

3-4 buckets of water are poured under one plant. If the summer is dry, the number of irrigation increases to 5–6, and the volume of liquid - up to 5–6 buckets.

To improve fruiting and prevent disease, the tree needs top dressing. At least three fertilizers are required per season. Important! Fertilizing is required after rainfall or watering. Fertilizing, applied to dry soil, provokes a burn of the roots.

In spring, before budding, nitroammophoska (1 tbsp. L.) Should be applied. During flowering, the plant is fed with superphosphate and potassium salt (1 tsp each). In the autumn, wood ash (0.5 kg) is needed.

Cropping and shaping the crown

In young trees that have not reached the age of 5 years, it is necessary to produce crown formation. In the described apple tree, as a rule, a pyramidal crown is formed. Annually, the central conductor and skeletal branches will need to be shortened by 2 kidneys.

Also, the branches are bent and put on stretch marks. Through such manipulations, the angle of their location in relation to the trunk increases, which prevents the likelihood of breaking off during fruiting.

In subsequent years, only sanitary cuttings will be required, which are made in the early spring, before the sap flow begins. Remove all old, sick, damaged, dry, curved, growing at the wrong angle or inside the crown of the branch. All trimming work is performed with a disinfected tool. Places of cuts are necessarily treated with garden varieties, or with RanNet.

Prevention and protection against diseases and pests

The variety needs mandatory preventive measures to prevent infection by diseases and damage by harmful insects. Of the diseases, Starkrimson often affects scab. The main signs of damage are yellow spots and a gray coating on the foliage, black spots on the apples.

In order to prevent the development of the disease, trees are sprayed with Bordeaux liquid in the phases of budding and the appearance of flowers. For treatment, “Hom” and “Strobi” preparations are used.

Of the pests, the fruits of Starkrimson most often attack the moth, and the trees - rodents. To protect the crown from rodents, in autumn, trunks need to be wrapped with agrofibre, metal mesh, spruce branches. Codling moths are fought with the help of special traps. If there are a lot of caterpillars, then the use of chemicals "Karate", "Chord", "Bi-58", "Fufanon" is required.

Important! All work with chemicals must be done by protecting the body with a special suit, nose and mouth with a mask, and eyes with special glasses.

Harvesting and storage of crops

The ripeness of apples is determined by several methods:

  1. They taste . It should be as declared by the breeders - sweet with a slight sourness, juicy.
  2. Check the condition of the skin . When pressed with a finger, in mature fruits, the skin bends, quickly leveled and does not burst.
  3. Pay attention to the scavenger . If on the earth there are 5 or more very large and red fruits, then you need to harvest.

It is important to remove the fruits on time, preventing them from overriding and not to remove from the branches in an unripe form. Only well-ripe apples can be stored for as long as possible - until April. Harvesting is recommended on a day when there is no rainfall, during the period when the dew has already dried out. Fruits harvested with wet skin will be smaller and worse stored. The fruits must be carefully removed from the tree, not separating from the stalks.

It is better to do this with gloves so as not to damage the skin. Usually, fruits are first harvested from the lower branches, and then go to the upper. In the cellar or basement, apples are stored in wooden boxes lined with paper. In the refrigerator - in a fruit tray, always separate from vegetables. In order for fruits to be stored as long as possible, they must be sorted out before storing for storage, removing damaged ones and wormholes.

Did you know? The Soviet cosmonauts had a tradition - upon returning from space, immediately after landing, it was imperative to eat an apple. It was the first solid food they consumed on Earth.

So, the apple tree Starkrimson is characterized by early maturity and high productivity. It requires mandatory watering, preventive treatments against diseases and warming, because it is characterized by weak immunity, sensitivity to changes in the environment, low drought and frost resistance.

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