Useful properties and harm of squash seeds

In medicine, dietetics, and cooking, you can find a lot of information about the benefits of zucchini, its pulp, peel, juice. In this aspect, do not forget about another important component of the fetus - the seeds. A careful study of the beneficial and healing properties of zucchini seeds will help you quickly and effectively improve your own health. Read more about the properties of squash seeds later in the article.

Squash Seed Properties

People rarely have to think about the benefits and harms of zucchini seeds, because they are not as popular as, say, sunflower seeds. However, they can become a true healing elixir to cure some diseases, but they can also do much harm.

Did you know? Mexico is the historical homeland of zucchini, where only vegetable seeds were originally consumed. Consider what are useful and what are harmful seeds of zucchini.


Due to the fact that zucchini is a pumpkin subspecies, the seeds of both cultures have almost the same effect on the human body.

  • The beneficial effect of squash seeds on the human body is as follows:
  • Compresses from preheated or slightly fried seeds in a pan are effectively used to treat tonsillitis.
  • Zucchini seeds are known for their healing properties for men. So, with their help, you can get rid of infertility, and more specifically - to improve the quality and increase the number of healthy sperm. Their strength also lies in increasing sexual desire and eliminating potency problems. The secret of such a positive effect is the zinc contained in the composition.
  • Effective effect on diabetics, which can be observed after taking zucchini milk prepared from seeds of the fetus, water and honey.
  • Grains can be ground to a powder-like appearance and taken in order to eliminate endocrine, nervous and heart health problems, as well as cure vascular diseases and the bloodstream.
  • With the help of such a folk remedy, worms can be expelled from the body.
  • Zucchini seed provokes a feeling of thirst, as a result of which a person consumes more water than usual, which positively affects the loss of extra pounds.
  • Fiber contained in the seeds has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the stomach and intestines. This is especially true for people who have undergone surgery on the digestive organs.
  • Due to its unique composition, seeds can serve as an anti-aging elixir.
  • Vegetable grains are a kind of body cleaner: they are able to not only fight toxins, but also facilitate the work of the liver.
Important! Representatives of the stronger sex, who are trying to solve their male problems with the help of zucchini seeds, should remember that during the application of such a popular method of treatment, it is worth reducing physical activity. The fact is that along with sweat, the body gets rid of zinc.

Harm and contraindications

Despite such an eloquent list of benefits, there are some risks and contraindications for the use of squash seeds, which are harmful.

  • More details:
  • You can not eat such a product with individual intolerance.
  • Vegetable seeds are contraindicated for those suffering from kidney failure. The fact is that they are rich in potassium, which is a useful substance for a person with healthy kidneys, and harmful for those who are attached to hemodialysis: sick kidneys are not able to remove potassium from the body. In addition, the feeling of thirst caused by the product is extremely undesirable for such patients, since it can provoke edema, creating additional stress on the excretory system.
  • It is not recommended to eat salted seeds, as they double the desire to drink.
  • It is impossible to combine drug and folk treatment without consulting experts, as one another can harm or neutralize the effect.
  • Women who are expecting a baby are not recommended to feast on such a product, especially if the expectant mother during pregnancy began to rapidly gain weight. And grains from vegetables will only contribute to adding kilograms, as they are rich in calories.
Did you know? The Italians were the first to guess to eat the whole squash fruit, and not just its grains. Thanks to this, today we can feast on baked, fried and stewed vegetables, and dishes from it.

Composition and calorie content

Zucchini seeds are among the easily digestible products, and this suggests that their rich vitamin and mineral supply supplies the human body with the necessary trace elements, namely:

  • vitamins E and C, which produce a positive effect on the skin, prevent the aging process and the formation of wrinkles;
  • Vitamin A, a true healing elixir for people with vision problems;
  • calcium, iron and magnesium - trace elements necessary to facilitate and normalize the liver. These substances are also known for their positive effect on the proper functioning of the brain. Iron improves the circulatory system;

  • vegetable fats, which have a good effect on the entire human body;
  • fiber, which favorably affects the stomach;
  • zinc, especially useful for males;
  • santonin - a body cleanser.
Important! The calorie content of seeds is much higher than the caloric value of the vegetable itself and is 540 calories (2259 kJ).

Application features

Given all the advantages of squash seeds and compositional characteristics, healthy people can safely eat them.


Vegetable seeds are a real find for those who took up their own body and started on the weight loss path, choosing a carbohydrate-free diet for this. Seeds can be eaten between meals. In addition, they will help diversify the daily menu developed by a nutritionist. But, it is worth remembering the calories that the body is supplied with due to the use of such seeds.

In folk medicine

Vegetable grains can be safely used for medicinal purposes for the preparation of alternative medicines, which can help to cure or eliminate the symptoms of specific diseases. Read more about the features of medical use.

From worms

Zucchini seeds, like pumpkin seeds, are a popular folk anthelmintic substance. A simple tool made from 50 g of vegetable seeds, which is poured with a glass of cold water and boiled, will help to drive off the worms. The broth should cook for 25 minutes. After that, the medicine is removed from the fire and insisted. After 2 hours, the liquid is filtered. Important! Only raw seeds are suitable for infusion. It is necessary to use such an infusion daily on an empty stomach, as well as during the day, between main meals. You need to drink half a glass of medicine at a time. The duration of the treatment process depends on how long the body will need to completely clear the parasites.

With diabetes

The diabetes medicine is made from dried seeds. Prepare it from 2 tbsp. l peeled grains, which are ground using a coffee grinder or grind on a blender to a powder state. Then add half a glass of warm water and 1 tbsp. To the powder. l honey (as a liquid). All components are thoroughly rubbed to a milky state. It is necessary to use such a medicine before each meal, starting in the morning (divided into equal proportions). Every day you need to cook a fresh serving of squash-honey milk.

Also find out how zucchini juice is good for the human body.

For nervous disorders

To overcome stress and its companions (insomnia, nervousness, irritation, a constant sense of anxiety, depression) will help tincture, which can be easily prepared at home with the following components:

  • 150 g of chopped raw seeds;
  • 500 ml of vodka;
  • 15-20 mint leaves;
  • 4 tbsp. l honey.

The procedure for preparing the medicine consists of the following steps:

  1. The collected elements are placed in a container with dark walls (container, glass containers) and sent to a darkened cool place for 3 weeks. It is worth remembering the daily shaking of the infusion.
  2. After a three-week period, honey is added to the tincture and left for another 7 days.
  3. The finished tincture is filtered and only after that it is ready for use.
Important! The healing process with tincture is quite long and takes 90 days, during which it is necessary to take 1 tbsp. l medicines twice a day.

For immunity

Zucchini grains have a beneficial effect on immunity and are able to strengthen it. In addition, to be treated with such a remedy is quite tasty and pleasant, since it is possible to make medicinal sweets from seeds. To do this, in a pan, you need to melt the sugar (1 tbsp. L.) And butter (1 tbsp. L.). To the mixture add half a glass of fresh milk and bring it to a caramel (thick state).

In the cooked sweetness, it remains to add a glass of dried vegetable seeds, ground into powder. All ingredients are ground to homogeneity. With a chilled mixture, you can easily roll round candy balls, the taste of which will delight children and adults.

In addition to increasing immunity, sweetness is effective in combating helminths.

How to store seeds properly

So that the seeds do not deteriorate and retain their properties, they need to provide the correct storage conditions:

  1. Seeds selected for storage need to be dried well, because if they are wet, they can become moldy and deteriorate.
  2. The temperature regime is moderately warm: + 10 ... + 15ºС.
  3. As for the container, it should be well ventilated: it is best to take a cardboard box, which has good breathability, or a bag of paper, a canvas bag. It is possible to store the seed in containers made of glass or plastic only if you are completely sure that the grains are well dried out.
Important! With strict observance of the rules, vegetable seeds do not lose their properties even after 7 years. But, the optimal shelf life is 3-4 years.

As you can see, squash seeds, along with pumpkin seeds, have a beneficial effect on the human body. The main thing is to carefully study all the advantages, as well as the risks of taking such a folk medicine.

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