Useful properties and application of coriander honey

The sweet and viscous product that bees produce has been known to mankind since ancient times. A variety of herbs and flowering trees gives us nectar that is different in taste and quality. Today, the article will describe in detail the features of coriander honey, its benefits and harms to the human body.

Description and characteristics of coriander honey

Cilantro honey nectar, as coriander greens are called, is a rather rare variety. Its extraction is complicated by the lack of large areas of the plant, as well as its spicy smell, which bees do not like. In this case, beekeepers go to the trick: they place hives directly near the plantings of flowering cilantro, depriving the bees of the choice of peduncle.

The color of the product turns out to be light amber, transparent, over time it acquires a darker shade. The viscous, granular structure promotes rapid crystallization in 2-3 months. But due to the specific composition saturated with essential oils and phytoncides, it retains elasticity and freshness for a long time, and is not covered by mold. The taste of coriander nectar is caramel, with some bitterness, the aroma is rich and spicy.

Calorie content and composition

The composition of honey from coriander is extremely rich, in addition to the above-mentioned essential substances and phytoncides, it contains many minerals, vitamins and acids.

Chemical composition:

a) vitamins :

  • B1 (thiamine);
  • B2 (riboflavin);
  • B6 (pyridoxine);
  • B9 (folates);
  • C (ascorbic acid);
  • PP (nicotinic acid);
b) minerals :

  • iron;
  • potassium;
  • calcium;
  • manganese;
  • copper;
  • zinc.
c) amino acids :

  • arginine;
  • glutamine;
  • isoleucine;
  • lysine;
  • tyrosine;
  • phenylalanine;
g) organic acids :

  • formic;
  • apple
  • vinegar;
  • dairy;
  • oxalic;
  • amber.

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Despite the absence of fats, the caloric content of nectar is 309 kcal per 100 g of product. This is due to the high carbohydrate content: 81.5 g / 100 g of product.

Coriander Honey Properties

Like any natural product, honey brings invaluable benefits to the body, but there is harm from it. First of all, it significantly increases the body's resistance to viruses and infections, while at the same time it can significantly increase blood sugar levels. We will talk more about this below.


Due to its unique composition, coriander nectar is useful for many body systems.

  • Such properties are inherent in it:
  • antimicrobial and wound healing;
  • regenerative;
  • painkiller;
  • relieving cramps;
  • binding and excreting sputum;
  • increases appetite and digestive tract function;
  • removing bile and toxins;
  • improves brain function;
  • anti-aging cells;
  • improves the functioning of the heart muscle;
  • normalizing hormonal background.


Despite the medicinal properties, the product is not entirely safe if the norm and rules of use are not observed.

Important! For a person with individual intolerance, a spoonful of treats can lead to death from anaphylactic shock.

  • The delicacy is contraindicated in such cases:
  • children under 3 years old;
  • with severe diabetes mellitus;
  • with allergies;
  • on an empty stomach.

How to determine the naturalness of a product

When choosing a treat, you need to pay attention to the smell: it should have notes of spicy cilantro. You should also try the honey to taste: it looks like a pharmacy caramel for cough, it is quite difficult to fake it. Nectar has a dense and coarse-grained structure, as well as a rich dark color. In addition, specify in which region it was collected and pumped out: natural coriander product is mass-produced in only two regions - in the Caucasus and Crimea.

When and how to use

Before you begin honey treatment, you should consult your doctor for advice. The dosage should be prescribed taking into account the severity of the condition individually, if the patient has chronic internal diseases.

Internal application

When preparing a medicine, you need to know that it is impossible to add honey to a hot drink (tea or milk), since its useful properties will be lost. The fluid must be warm.

Important! Caution should be taken for women in the medication.

Several recipes for use:

  1. From migraine take a mixture of honey with onion juice. Grated on a fine grater, squeeze through cheesecloth (the right amount - 100 ml). Add 1 tbsp of juice to the juice. l nectar, taken in the morning for 1 tbsp. l
  2. To increase immunity, take tea with lemon and 1.5 tsp once a day. honey.
  3. To treat cough at night, drink a mug of warm milk with the addition of 5 g of butter and 5 g of honey.
  4. From male impotence, they prepare a cocktail of nectar, red wine (natural) and aloe, taken in equal proportions. The mixture is insisted 5-7 days in a dark place. Accepted for a month, 20 g before meals, 3 times a day. After a month you need to take a break.
  5. For the prevention of atherosclerosis, a mixture of garlic, ginger, honey and lemon is prepared. All ingredients are cut into thin plates and layered in a glass dish, each layer is poured with a spoon of nectar. In the morning after eating, eat 1 tsp every day.

Outdoor use

Coriander nectar is used for many diseases as applications or lotions, compresses and inhalations.

A few recipes for home use:

  1. From conjunctivitis, a 30% honey solution is prepared in distilled water, instilled in one drop twice a day.
  2. For the treatment of hemorrhoid cones, 5 g of the product is mixed with 4 garlic (boiled) teeth and ½ tsp. vinegar. Apply the obtained ointment three times a day.
  3. A sugared product can help with gynecological diseases (colpitis, thrush). For this, a sterile swab is impregnated with a mass, inserted into the vagina for 3 hours. It is not recommended to carry out more than 5 procedures.
  4. For gargling from purulent sore throat 2 tsp. nectar is poured with a warm broth of chamomile (3 tbsp. l / 0.5 l of water). Gargle 3-4 times a day.
  5. Honey-sage mixture helps cure acne. To do this, 1 tbsp. l sage pour 200 ml of water and insist for about an hour. In a warm infusion, add 1.5 tsp. product. Lotions are applied 3 times a day to the affected skin.
Did you know? The first woman to discover the cosmetic properties of honey was Cleopatra. Recipes of her masks and lotions are still used in home cosmetology.

Cooking use

A sweet product is a frequent ingredient in various pastries:

  • gingerbread cookies;
  • cakes
  • cakes;
  • Caramel
  • pastille;
  • pancakes and thin pancakes.

Due to its special spicy aroma, coriander nectar is ideally suited as one of the components for salad dressings or sauces for meat, poultry. It also serves as a lubricant for baking meat or poultry to give a caramel crust.

For the treatment of diseases

In the treatment of serious diseases of internal organs, the administration of medicines based on honey is carried out under the supervision of physicians along with the main treatment. It contains a large number of various elements, the uncontrolled use of which can affect the function of hematopoiesis or metabolism, especially together with other medications.

Apply honey therapy in such cases:

  • anemia;
  • avitaminosis;
  • gastrointestinal tract diseases;
  • liver disease
  • anthelmintic therapy;
  • endocrine system diseases;
  • cardiovascular diseases.
Did you know? In 1985, a batch of honey in which cocaine was discovered was detained at the customs of Ecuador. As it turned out later, drug dealers thought of releasing bees on a plantation with erythroxylum (coca) - a plant containing a stupefying substance.

Storage conditions

Store the product in a tightly closed glass jar in a dark and dry place. The ideal temperature for long-term storage is + 18 ° C. Coriander honey is a healthy and tasty product that is desirable to have in your home. But you need to carefully choose a supplier, since the rarity of the product is used by unscrupulous sellers.

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