Tree Crassula: home care

Many lovers of indoor plants grow a tree-like crassula on their windowsills. Since it is quite unpretentious in care, it is perfect for home maintenance.

Botanical description of the plant

The name of this plant is due to the fact that it has a tree trunk. It is covered with branches on which solid round leaves grow. Their shape visually resembles bills. Their length reaches 10 cm in length and 7 cm in width. Other species of this succulent are distinguished by leaves in the form of coins, which is why the fat girl is also called the money tree. They are green and have a glossy surface.

Did you know? Translated from Latin, the name of the money tree ("crassula") means "thick". In England, it is interpreted as a "tree of friendship" or "tree of luck."

The height of the fat woman, as well as the length, can reach 1.5–3 m, but under indoor conditions this figure is unlikely to exceed 2 m. Blossom begins at the age of 10 in the spring. In this case, she has flowers with five white, yellow or red petals. From their cluster, inflorescences of a cluster-shaped form are formed. After they bloom, oval fruits up to 6 mm in size appear, containing seeds.

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Being a succulent plant, this plant adapts well to low humidity. This is due to the fact that in its stem, leaves and root system, fluid is well accumulated and retained.

Prerequisites and proper care

In order for a tree-like fatty woman to please you with its growth and an abundance of green leaves, it is necessary to properly care for it. In this case, attention should be paid to the choice of the pot, lighting, temperature and humidity in the room, watering, pruning and replanting the plant. We describe in more detail each of these processes.


For this indoor flower, bright light is excellent with elements of direct sunlight. To comply with this nuance, you can choose a windowsill located on the south side of your home. But in this case, you will need to organize a shadow at noon in order to prevent burns on the leaves. The north side of the room is also suitable for a fat woman, however, her crown will lose its volume and significantly increase its growth.

In winter, there is a chance that the succulent will stretch from the cold, so it is advisable to organize 10-hour artificial lighting for it.

Temperature and humidity

The best temperature regime for perennials is + 22 ... + 30 ° C in the summer and + 10 ... + 12 ° C in the winter. In this case, it is necessary to avoid the appearance of drafts in the room. Also, do not place the flower pot near the fireplace or battery.

Since the tree plant is resistant to drought, its crown can only occasionally be cleaned of dust with the help of a warm shower. In this case, it is necessary to monitor the safety of the wax coating on the leaves.

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Since the money tree prefers moderate watering, in the summer and spring this water procedure is carried out as the soil dries, namely 2 times a week. In winter, this is done once every 3-4 weeks. At the same time, room temperature water settled for 3-4 days is used. To soften the water, add half a teaspoon of ash to a liter container and let stand for 12 hours.

As for irrigation methods, you can choose one of two: from above or through a pallet. So, in the first case, you will need a watering can with a diffuser of a narrow shape. During watering, direct the watering can to the edges of the pot. This will prevent soil leaching at the roots.

And in the second case, it will be necessary to place the pot with the plant in a pan with water, previously settled and poured into this tank. After 30 minutes, remove the remaining fluid from it and remove the flower in the usual place. Such irrigation will prevent the appearance of fungal diseases. In the future, these methods can be alternated.

Top dressing

Crassula is capable of absorbing fertilizers well. In addition, the effect of this property increases in conditions of its active growth. For this reason, in the winter period of time, the amount of their introduction is halved. In summer, the plant is fed 1 time per month.

Important! If the roots of the succulent are damaged, the application of fertilizer will not bring any benefit. In addition, you should not feed the plant during the rooting period and immediately after transplantation. As a fertilizer, it is recommended to choose those specially designed for succulents (Effekton DC, Gilea, Lignohumat, Gumisol Gumi, etc.). Before starting the procedure, water the plant abundantly, and the day after it - spray it with warm water.

There are several recipes for cooking at home. Let us describe some of them:

  1. To prepare powdered fertilizer, take eggshell, dry and grind. Next, add plants to the soil for a tablespoon 1 time per month.
  2. For the second method of preparing fertilizer, it is necessary to take the shell of 10 eggs and make powder from them. Then you should pour it with 1 liter of boiling water. The resulting fluid should be placed in a dark place and stored for 2 weeks. Such infusion is watered for a flower, replacing it with water.
The most suitable fertilizer would be wood ash. This is due to the content in it of a sufficient amount of potassium, calcium and phosphorus and a minimum dose of nitrogen. It can be used by adding 200 g of the substance to the solution and filling them with water, while letting it brew for a week. You can also sprinkle soil in a pot with it, ramming it to a depth of 2 cm. This procedure is once every 2 weeks.

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In order to give the crown of the money tree an elegant look, it must be periodically trimmed. At a young age, the plant does not need this. This is recommended when more than 12 leaves grow on a branch. So, you need to trim a new kidney, which will lead to the appearance of the other two. As a result, the trunk branches, visually resembling a tree.

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If a young plant grows rapidly upward with one stem and does not branch, and also has more than 8 leaves, its upper part should be removed. Cut over 4 pairs of leaves. Treat the cut site with activated carbon or ash.

If the fat woman has an increased degree of branching, it is recommended to trim its lateral branches at a distance of 10-12 cm from the trunk. This will prevent rupture of the trunk due to the severity of the leaves in two halves.


One of the important points when caring for a money tree is its transplant. So, for the first time for a plant, this procedure is carried out after the first year of life. The best time of the year for this is spring. In the future, it is transplanted as it grows, 1 time in 3 years.

Important! In case of infection of the pulp with a tree-like fungal disease, it must be transplanted immediately. In this case, it is advisable to treat the roots of the plant with Fundazole, diluting 1 g of the drug in a liter container filled with water.

For the maintenance of the money tree, a wide capacity of small sizes is perfect. Its diameter should not be less than the circumference of the crown of the plant. In addition, it should not exceed it, since an excess of free space will lead to a slowdown in growth. It is recommended to choose a pot of black, red or green.

It is also necessary to prepare the soil in advance. It can be bought at the store or cooked at home. If you prefer the second option, then take the following ingredients in the indicated proportions and mix them:

  • turf land - 1 part;
  • leaf or peat land - 1 part;
  • sand or zeolite filler - 1 part.

We provide another recipe for soil preparation. To do this, use such fillers in the appropriate proportions:

  • garden land (without impurities of manure) - ¼ part;
  • peat - ¼ part;
  • baking powder (sand or zeolite) - ½ part.

Important! In addition to the soil, drainage should also be taken care of, which can be expanded clay, broken brick or river pebbles. Its layer should be 5-10 cm, depending on the size of the pot.

Let us describe the process itself in more detail. So, for transplanting, you need to remove the tree from the old tank. Then you should get rid of the old soil so as not to violate the integrity of the root system.

After that, put the fat girl in a new pot, with drainage and earth laid in advance at the bottom. To do this, make a depression in the soil and place a flower in it. Fill the remaining space with soil and tamp a little. Remember to water the succulent.

Propagation at home

Many gardeners cultivating a tree-like crassula, propagating it in various ways, such as cuttings, rooting a leaf or cuttings, and sowing seeds. The last of them is used in exceptional cases, the rest are quite common. We describe each of them. Less time consuming are the processes of cuttings and rooting. So, to root the cuttings in the ground, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Choose the tops of shoots 8-10 cm long.
  2. To process it with charcoal.
  3. Place on the street for 24 hours.
  4. In a pre-prepared pot of soil, you need to dig a hole.
  5. Place the cuttings in the pit.
  6. Loosen the soil, sprinkle the plant.
  7. Moisten the soil, leaving the stem dry.
  8. Wait for rooting, which will occur within 1-2 weeks.

To root the stalk in water, it is recommended to perform the following algorithm of actions:
  1. Choose a stalk.
  2. Cut the bottom leaves.
  3. Prepare a half liter jar or other transparent container.
  4. Fill it in ½ part with water with the addition of the drug "Kornevina". This is necessary in order to stimulate further root growth.
  5. Place the handle in a jar so that it takes an exclusively vertical position.
  6. Put the can in partial shade.
  7. Wait for root formation in a few weeks.
  8. Plant a plant in the ground.

Did you know? According to spiritual practice, Feng Shui money tree will become a corresponding symbol for its owner only if he grows it on his own. If the plant bloomed, then this is a harbinger of great luck and wealth.

To root the leaf in the soil, you need peat and sand in equal proportions. After mixing these ingredients, you need to add a little water and a stimulator of the formation of the root system. Then, you can place a leaf in the resulting substrate so that 2/3 of its surface remains on top. Cover it with a glass and air it once a day. Do not forget to spray it with warm water, and then you will see new roots after 3-4 weeks.

If you are a breeder and are very interested in breeding new varieties of plants, then propagation by seeds is the best way. Let us describe in more detail the process itself:

  1. To get started, treat and sanitize the containers in which the seeds will germinate.
  2. Fill them with sheet soil and sand, 1: 0.5, respectively.
  3. Sprinkle the seeds on the surface, sprinkling them with sand.
  4. Moisten the ground and cover with glass.
  5. Provide a high level of humidity and regular ventilation in the room.
  6. Keep the topsoil moistened.
  7. Wait for the first shoots in 2-3 weeks.
  8. Dive them in containers with moist soil.
  9. Place them in a sufficiently lit place, but avoid direct sunlight.
  10. When the sprout reaches 5–7 cm, transplant it into a pot.
  11. During this period, observe the temperature + 15 ... + 18 ° C.

Did you know? In the European part of our continent, the fat girl was cultivated in 1687.

Growing difficulties

Even the most experienced gardener can face some difficulties in growing a fat woman. We describe the causes of the appearance and methods of dealing with them:

  1. If in summer a plant suddenly begins to shed its leaves, then this may be a consequence of cold or insufficient soil moisture. Check the water temperature and resume the irrigation schedule.
  2. If traces of decay appear at the base of the stem, this may be the cause of excess moisture in the soil and a consequence of softening of the root system. In this case, the plant needs immediate disinfection and transplantation. In exceptional cases, only the upper part remains from the plant.
  3. If the plant begins to deform the trunk, bending in one direction, this is direct evidence that it is located in an unfavorable place. The reason for this is one-sided lighting. Change the location of the pot and do not forget to periodically turn it in the direction of the light in different directions.

In addition to the occurrence of diseases, the fat woman may be susceptible to attack by insects, such as:

  1. Shield. It provokes the appearance of yellow and brown spots on the leaves. To kill the pest, treat the affected areas with a solution of drugs such as Fitoverm or Fufanon.
  2. Spider mite. It affects the leaves and stem of the plant, enveloping it with a barely noticeable cobweb. To combat this pest, a medicinal solution is also suitable.
  3. Mealybug. Promotes the formation of a characteristic white coating on the leaves. To get rid of the pest, it is recommended to wipe the plant with a solution of laundry soap and water. Or you can moisten a cotton pad in alcohol and disinfect the affected areas. In an extreme case, you have to use insecticides.

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In general, growing a money tree should not cause much trouble, because with proper care it will have a beautiful green crown and a healthy root system. This plant improves the home atmosphere and symbolizes prosperity and good luck, and therefore will be an excellent decoration for your home.

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