Topping up currants in spring with potato peelings

Despite the variety of fertilizers available for sale, many gardeners continue to prefer organic fertilizing. They do not contain synthetic substances, and in their properties are often not inferior to purchased drugs.

Moreover, this method of fertilizer is economically viable, because food waste can be used as organics. One example is potato peeling, which is great for feeding berry bushes, such as currants.

Potato peeling for currants as a fertilizer: properties

Feeding with potato peelings carries a lot of useful properties - in addition to quick and complete saturation of the root system, the decomposition of fertilizer leads to soil heating, which is also an important factor in the process of growing plants, especially during the growing season.

The composition of potato peelings contains a whole complex of vitamins and nutrients:

  • vitamin C;
  • B vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin);
  • micro and macro elements (potassium, calcium, manganese, zinc, iron);
  • glucose and starch;
  • fats
  • mineral salts;
  • various organic acids.

The introduction of top dressing in the form of cleanings leads to an increase in the content of fertile humus in the soil, and also makes the soil more loose.

Important! Distinctive features of the use of natural organics - you can not overfeed the plant when applying a large amount of fertilizing, and also that the roots of the fertilized plant cannot be burned with such substances .

How to cook top dressing

There are many recipes for cooking potato waste, and each of them will benefit both currant bushes and soil. Since the preparation of organic fertilizer begins already with the onset of the first cold weather, the methods for its preparation most often depend on the possibility and convenience of storing cleanings for summer residents.

After freezing

If the peel is frozen in the freezer, the first thing to do is to remove it and let it thaw completely, after which you can start preparing fertilizer. In a container prepared in advance, you need to pour out the purifications, pour water brought to a boil and insist for about 6-8 days, during which the peel absorbs all the liquid and swells.

After the allotted time, mix the mixture thoroughly to a pulp consistency, which can be used in the future as a fertilizer. You should also know that re-freezing potato waste after defrosting is unacceptable, since all the useful properties of top dressing are lost.

Did you know? Blackcurrant berries are often used in the preparation of a natural dye of blue-violet color.

After drying

Potato peels are often stored in dried form - in this form, top dressing does not take up much space.

For this cleaning should be prepared:

  • rinse thoroughly under running water;
  • squeeze well and dry a little.

Then the peel must be dried. This can be done both outdoors, and in the microwave or in the oven.

In the future, this ingredient is used in the preparation of dressings in various ways:

  1. In the form of flour - pass the dried potato peel through a meat grinder (you can also use a blender or coffee grinder). Storage of such a product cannot be long, since rotting or pathogens are possible. This top dressing is used as a sprinkling of soil around the currant bushes, or is used as the main ingredient in other recipes for the preparation of organic fertilizers.
  2. In the form of infusion - 1 kg of dried cleanings pour 10 liters of hot water and insist for a day. Then water the currant bushes with such a decoction for 8-10 days.

Potato peel decoction

In order to prepare the broth, in boiled hot water (10 l) you need to add pre-broken gruel to the consistency of the cleaning pulp. After this, mix the solution well and insist for 24 hours.

Only raw peelings are suitable for fertilizing, since practically no useful substances remain in the composition of the potato peel after heat treatment (for example, boiled).

Feeding Technology

The use as a top dressing of potato peel, prepared according to one of the recipes or in raw form, is possible at any time of the year. However, the side effect of such fertilizer should be taken into account - heat generation and soil warming during decomposition. This can cause the plant to wake up in early spring and die in the event of return frosts.

Did you know? Not only blackcurrant berries are used in food, but also its leaves - due to the high content of essential oils, they often act as flavoring additives in the preparation of meat or fish dishes.

Therefore, the best periods to apply potato fertilizer are:

  • beginning of vegetation;
  • fruit formation
  • the autumn period that precedes the hibernation of the bushes.

In the case of the use of infusion or decoction, the recommended feeding time varies between 6-8 days, at the rate of 1 liter of liquid under 1 bush. When using slurry annually in spring, it needs to be buried in the soil under each bush to a depth of about 20 cm.

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Is it possible to cover currants with rotten potatoes

In addition to various ways to use potato peel, tubers themselves are often used. However, raw potatoes can germinate when laid in the ground, so rotten vegetables, in which decomposition processes are already taking place, are suitable as top dressing.

In order to fertilize the soil with such a product, in early spring rotten potatoes should be dug together with the ground in the root circle of currant bushes. You can repeat this procedure annually.

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Fertilizing soil with potato peelings, along with other natural organics, is very popular. Together with savings and the possibility of refusing chemicals, such top dressing will help increase the yield of currants and improve the quality of the berries themselves, adding sweetness and aroma to them.

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