Tomatoes "Idol": description, cultivation agricultural technique

Everyone who loves large-fruited and high-yielding varieties of tomatoes, you need to pay attention to the "Idol". It was bred by domestic breeders, taking into account all the needs of our region. A distinctive feature is that this species can bear fruit until late autumn, when others no longer bring crops.

Grade description

Variety "Idol" is endowed with the following indicators:

  • the tomato belongs to mid-early varieties, the fruits can be harvested 110 days after planting;
  • bushes belong to the determinant standard type, the height reaches 2 m;
  • due to the weakness of the branches, it needs a garter;
  • leaves are small with ragged edges, green;
  • the shape of the fruits is round, they are quite large, average weight up to 450 g;
  • ripe tomatoes are colored red;
  • the skin is dense, not prone to cracking;
  • juicy pulp, with a slight acidity, has a pronounced tomato taste and aroma;
  • fruits easily carry transportation over long distances, do not deteriorate during long-term storage;
  • tomatoes are resistant to fungal diseases;
  • the yield of the variety is high - up to 6 kg from 1 bush;
  • consumed fresh and used in barrel pickles and for making juice.

Important! When planting seedlings, it is recommended to place no more than 5 bushes per 1 m².

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Fans of the Kumir variety distinguish its following positive sides:
  • large-fruited;
  • unpretentiousness;
  • high productivity;
  • disease resistance;
  • fruiting duration.

  • In addition, there are such disadvantages:
  • moodiness at the stage of growth;
  • weak branches;
  • can not be preserved in its entirety.

Self-growing seedlings

It’s easy to grow seedlings of the Kumir variety with your own hands, the main thing is to possess the necessary information.

Optimum timing for sowing

Sowing seeds for seedlings is carried out 60 days before the intended planting in a permanent place. If the seeds are planted earlier, the seedlings will outgrow, and if later, then the plants will not have time to gain the right amount of strength to give a full crop in the future.

The soil

In order for the seeds to sprout, and give full seedlings, it is recommended to prepare a special soil mixture. It should consist of the following components:

  • peat;
  • turf land;
  • sand.

They are taken in the following proportion: 7: 1: 1. In addition, you can purchase ready-made soil, which is sold in gardening stores.

Did you know? To make green tomatoes ripen faster, it is recommended to store them with apples or ripe tomatoes. They emit ethylene, which helps this process.

Before sowing seeds, the earth is cultivated from pests and diseases. To do this, it is calcined in the oven for 20 minutes. At the end, fill with a light solution of potassium permanganate.

Capacity for growing

You can germinate seeds in any containers, the main thing is that they contain holes for drainage. If this is a common box, then after emergence, the plants will have to be planted before a pick.

Seed preparation

To reduce the time spent on the emergence of seedlings, and get good seedlings, the seeds need some preparation:

  1. To increase the percentage of germination, the seeds are sorted, then placed in a 1.5% saline solution. For planting, use only those that have settled on the bottom. Before further processing, they are washed in clean water.
  2. Seeds are placed in warm water, held for several hours, and then transferred between layers of wet tissue. Leave for some time, while making sure that the fabric remains moist.
  3. Disinfecting is carried out by soaking the seeds in a 5% solution of potassium permanganate. You need to keep them in it for at least 12 hours.

Also, determinant tomatoes include such varieties as:

Sowing seeds

Sowing seeds is carried out no earlier than the 3rd decade of March. To obtain full seedlings, you can plant both dry and previously germinated seeds. In the second case, the process of appearance of inputs will be significantly reduced. Proper planting of seeds requires compliance with some rules:

  1. Take the tank and fill it with soil. The earth is being compacted a little.
  2. Seeds are planted in pre-prepared soil, the distance between them should be about 2 cm. The depth of the recess should not be more than 1.5 cm.
  3. The earth is well moistened, the tank is covered with polyethylene from above.
  4. They put in a warm time.

Seedling Care

After emergence, the sprouts need access to the sun. It is recommended to put them in a well-lit place. Daylight hours should be at least 16 hours. In addition, at this time it is recommended to keep seedlings in extreme conditions of high humidity. For full growth, it is important not to allow the soil to dry out, for this it is sprayed with a spray gun. Do this the first 10-15 days, and then proceed to normal watering. At this time, it is important not to flood the plants, as the leaves may wither and lose elasticity.

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Fresh air is no less important for seedlings. In warm, calm weather, you can take containers to the balcony for a while. Seedlings need fertilizer after 2 weeks after emergence. At first, you can use organic matter (manure or herbs). Then plants are recommended to be fertilized weekly.

Seedling hardening

14 days before transplanting to a permanent place, the seedlings are quenched. They do this in order to make it easier to take root and grow. To do this, the containers are placed on a balcony or in another place where the temperature is kept within +10 ° С. It is necessary to keep seedlings there for no more than 2 hours. Such manipulations are repeated for several days in a row, gradually increasing the time.

Planting seedlings in a permanent place

Do this only after the seedlings have reached the age of 2 months. By this time, the root system is quite powerful, and more than 6 full leaves are formed on top. It is necessary to determine the future landing site a year before this event. Since for tomatoes it is very important who is the predecessor.

  • Ideally, you can choose such predecessors as:
  • cucumbers
  • onion;
  • carrot;
  • legumes.

Tomatoes "Idol" are transferred to a new place with a lump of land on the roots. In order to prevent its shedding, it is recommended to water the ground so that it clings to the roots in a tight lump. Planting pattern 40 × 60 cm, where the first indicator is the distance between the tomatoes, and the second is between the rows.

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Outdoor Care

Care for the “Idol” variety is the same as for other tomatoes:

  • periodic loosening of soil;
  • getting rid of weeds;
  • timely watering;
  • formation of a bush and its garter.
Consider each action in more detail.


Watering is carried out only with standing water, which should also be warm. Depending on the type of irrigation chosen, it is important that the water gets to the plant directly under the root. The intensity directly depends on the stage of development. Before the appearance of flowers, you need to take 4 liters of water, after the amount is reduced by half. Carry out such actions every 3 days. Overmoistening can lead to cracking of the fruit.

Top dressing

Idol tomatoes are recommended to be fed 4 times per season. It is important that 2 weeks elapse between treatments. The first time fertilizer is applied a week after planting in a permanent place. To do this, use a mixture of organic and mineral fertilizers. Take 1 portion of mullein and 10 portions of water, mix the components and add 20 g of superphosphate to them. The second top dressing is carried out using 20 g of superphosphate and potassium salt.

Important! Fertilizers need to be selected depending on the type of tomato. Missing elements must be added to the ground to make it as suitable as possible for tomatoes.

During flowering, the fertilizer is carried out with a solution of boric acid. Prepare it from 2 liters of water and 2 g of substance. The resulting composition is sprayed with a plant. They do this to stimulate the appearance of ovaries and improve the taste of fruits in the future. After 3 weeks, repeat the phosphorus-potassium top dressing.


One of the important conditions is the formation of a bush. They do this by pinching the plants, namely removing new stepsons, which take on part of the nutrients and at the same time slow down the growth of the stems. Among other things, it is important at an early stage to monitor the growth point, so as not to accidentally pinch the bush and at the same time not receive part of the fruit. In regions with a cool climate, it is recommended to remove all the lower leaves, and in the southern regions, on the contrary, keep them so that they protect the fruits from the sun.

Soil care

The earth needs care, which includes getting rid of weeds that absorb moisture and nutrients from the soil. After watering to reduce moisture loss, the soil must be loosened. In addition, such actions will increase the penetration of oxygen into it. Another way to preserve moisture is mulching, you can do this using dry grass or compost, which is laid around bushes and between rows.

Did you know? Due to the high content of serotonin (the “hormone of happiness”) in fruits, tomatoes can cheer up no worse than chocolate.

Bush tying

Since the plant has very high stems so that they do not break under the weight of the fruit, it is recommended to tie them up already at the stage of bush formation. If there are a small number of plants, then you can use rods, each is inserted near the trunk, and using a rope to connect together. For a large number, trellis can be made, their height should be somewhere around 3 m. The bushes are tied with a nylon rope, so as not to damage them, but they are firmly fixed.

Preventative treatment

In order to get the maximum yield, it is important to do everything so that the plants do not get sick or do not succumb to the attack of pests:

  1. Vertex rot. To avoid problems, regulate watering and lower the level of nitrogen, while adding potassium.
  2. Phytophthora. To fight use the "Barrier". When running, use the "Hall".
  3. Colorado beetle. They fight this insect with the help of the Prestige drug.
  4. Belyanki, stalks and sawflies. Use Lepidocide.
  5. In addition, the soil is loosened and plants with a strong odor are planted nearby (garlic, calendula, etc.).

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Harvesting is carried out by dividing the fruits by the degree of ripeness. Most poured are used for the preparation of salads, as well as the preparation of juice or mashed potatoes. Unripe tomatoes are ripened. To do this, they are placed in containers with their spouts down and left in a warm room. To reduce this period, it is recommended to put a few ripe tomatoes, which will produce ethylene, which contributes to the maturation of the rest.

Despite the apparent difficulties of growing, all the efforts made will be worth it. The above information will help to avoid problems and enjoy delicious tomatoes grown in your garden for a long time.

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In the season of 2014, I also grew Idol (I wrote out the seeds from Medvedev -Vladimir region, this tomato is in his favorites). I liked the tomato as a whole, the tomatoes are even, the same, the taste is decent tomato. Be sure to follow the stepsons and always leave it under the brush, remove if necessary, and if the tomato is completed - there is already a continuation to replace the main stem and fruiting continues again! Healthy, worthy variety in all respects!

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