Technology and recipe for cream honey

Cream-honey (honey-souffle) is a healthy dessert that has a delicate texture, does not stick to your hands and retains its qualities for a long time. Today, many stores offer their customers this delicacy. Its useful properties are not much different from the usual bee products. Read about how these two sweets differ, how to make a cream souffle yourself and about other important recommendations read in this article.

What is the difference between honey and cream honey

The presented product is ordinary honey, processed in a special way. To get a dessert, just beat the beekeeping product and insist it. The classic cream product, without any impurities, differs from ordinary honey only in its delicate structure and lighter shade.

Did you know? The technology for obtaining honey treats was developed in 1928 at the Ontario College of Agriculture (today the University of Guelph). The author of the development was the Canadian professor of beekeeping I.J. Dyson.

Since natural honey is sugared some time after pumping out, its enhanced mixing allows the destruction of large crystals and lowering their viscosity. Bee products increase in volume, turning into an airy homogeneous creamy mass (hence the name of the dessert), takes a more convenient consistency for eating. The improved bee product consists of very small crystals (not more than 0.04 mm), which are visually difficult to distinguish.

Honey dessert is similar to thawed butter or thick sour cream, it is easy to spread on bread. The type of goodies does not change over time.

The dessert has a delicate taste and delicate aroma. Often this product is used as an impregnation for cakes and pastries. As for the cream souffle with a variety of ingredients, the appropriate additive (nuts, berries, spices, etc.) is simply added during the mixing process.

The benefits of honey cream for adults and children

During the production process, no chemicals are added to the natural product, it is not subjected to heat treatment (do not heat) or to any other effect, except whipping. The natural qualities of honey are in no way violated. It is still healthy, healthy and tasty.

Did you know? The leader in honey production is China, but the most expensive honey is produced in Israel. For 1 kg of such honey in this country you have to pay more than 155 dollars.

The composition of this sweet includes more than three hundred active ingredients. It contains fatty acids, amino acids, micro, macrocells. Souffle has a nourishing, disinfecting, healing, anti-aging and healing effect. Consumption of natural honey dessert has a positive effect on the state of immunity, heart muscle, digestive tract. With its help, diseases of the respiratory tract and nervous system are treated.

  • The cream is recommended for use with the following ailments in adults and children:
  • damage to the oral mucosa;
  • inflammation of the pharyngeal cavity;
  • inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx;
  • bronchitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • infections of viral origin;
  • food intoxication;
  • high blood pressure.

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How to make honey soufflé: technology

The manufacturing technology of this type of dessert is based on intensive stirring of the liquid bee product before the crystallization process begins. The most popular classical production technology involves pouring fresh bee product from honeycombs into a container and storage for 10 days at a temperature of + 14 ° C.

Then, in order to soften the bee product, it is stored for several days at a temperature of + 28 ° C, after which they begin to mix. For proper creaming, special equipment is used. This can be a dough mixer, a kitchen mixer, various nozzles on a drill.

Video: cream honey preparation technology

According to another recipe, a fresh bee product is mixed with already settled (in the ratio of 9 to 1) at a temperature of +26 ... + 28 ° С. After 10-15 days of infusion at a temperature of + 14 ° C, the product acquires the desired consistency and white color.

Important! It happens that unscrupulous producers use initially poor-quality beekeeping products, violate the technology of preparation, resort to the addition of various reagents or issue an incorrect composition. The only way to protect yourself from fakes and not harm the body is to purchase souffles only from trusted beekeepers that you trust.

There is also a quick method of preparation: in a container in which a certain amount of cream soufflé is left from the previous batches, pour liquid honey and stir intensively for several hours at a temperature of +12 ... + 14 ° С. After 3-4 hours, the mixture is converted into a soft but thick substance.

Features of the preparation of whipped honey at home

To convert beekeeping products into cream at home, you will need a mixer, bowl and nozzles with wide spirals. Use liquid and solid honey in equal proportions. After setting the mixer at a slow speed, beat the mixture for about 20 minutes. Transfer the resulting mass to a cool place for 7-8 days.

Important! Do not whip honey at too high a speed. This is fraught with the fact that the final product will acquire a heterogeneous consistency.

You can make a honey dessert with the addition of fruits, berries, nuts, ginger, propolis and other components. In the finished creamy mass, you just need to add any of these ingredients that enhance the taste and aroma. The benefits of such a home product will be many times more.

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The advantage of a natural honey treat is the fact that it can be stored for a fairly long time. The finished product does not crystallize for a long time, does not delaminate and does not ferment.

The cream product should be stored like any marketable or mature honey. Keep the product in tightly sealed containers. A necessary condition is the temperature regime +6 ... + 20 ° С. Duration of storage is 1 year.

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To summarize, it is worth noting once again that honey dessert is the same natural product, but with an improved texture. Only with strict observance of the temperature regime and the use of natural bee products will it be possible to obtain a tasty and healthy souffle of white color with a delicate structure.

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