Sprouted beans: benefits and harms

Fans of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition attach great importance to the benefits of bean sprouts, which are the most valuable product for human health. They contain a spectrum of biologically active substances and mineral components, thanks to which it is easy to maintain youth, beauty and well-being for many years.

Calorie content and chemical composition

Artificial stimulation of natural growth processes affects the chemical composition of legumes. In sprouted grains, the content of biologically active substances, organic and amino acids, micro and macro elements is several times increased. Did you know? 50 g of sprouts can replace 6 glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice. They contain 3 times more vitamin E and 5 times more vitamin C than regular beans. The chemical composition of the product is represented by a complex of valuable substances that are in a form suitable for absorption by the human body. Another key advantage of seedlings is their low calorie content, due to which beans are used in dietary nutrition, as well as the diet of those who want to lose extra pounds.

The composition of bean sprouts and their BZHU are presented in the table:

Calories (per 100 g)30 kcal
BZHU (in 100 g)
  • Proteins - 1.5 g;
  • Fats - 0.1 g;
  • Carbohydrates - 1.8 g;
Water12 g
CelluloseUp to 15%
  • FROM,
  • E
  • BUT,
  • PP
  • group B
Trace elements
  • Iron,
  • zinc,
  • copper,
  • manganese
  • Potassium,
  • magnesium,
  • calcium,
  • phosphorus,
  • sodium
Amino acids
  • Leucine
  • valine
  • lysine,
  • arginine
  • methionine
  • threonine
  • alanine (more than 15 acids)

With the daily use of sprouts, the body will receive the substances necessary for life.

Beneficial features

The harmoniously balanced, rich chemical composition of the sprouts determines a wide range of their beneficial qualities.

  • Bean sprouts, due to their medicinal properties, are often called live food, because they:
  • due to the presence of ascorbic acid, they strengthen the immune system, increase the protective properties of the body, help fight viruses and infections, and block inflammatory processes;
  • thanks to potassium, they normalize the functioning of the cardiovascular system, improve brain activity;
  • cleanse the body of harmful substances, toxins and stagnant components;
  • due to the content of vitamins A and E they rejuvenate, slow down the aging process, accelerate the regeneration and renewal of skin cells;
  • help strengthen the walls of blood vessels, prevent the development of strokes and heart attacks;
  • serve as a prophylaxis of vitamin deficiency;
  • significantly improve the general condition of the body, in particular, skin, hair and nails;
  • They allow you to quickly restore strength and restore vitality after exhausting physical training or injuries.

Important! Sprouted beans have a positive effect in the treatment of cancer. It inhibits the rate of development of cancer cells and prevents the formation of new ones.

Contraindications and harm

Surprisingly, sprouts have virtually no contraindications for use. An exception may be only individual intolerance to the product. Also, there were no cases when they would cause serious harm to the human body.

When eating large portions of sprouts, bloating, increased gas formation, and in rare cases, constipation, can be observed. Due to the specifics of the product, experts advise introducing sprouts into the diet, starting with very small portions. In the absence of a negative reaction from the body, the volume of consumption can be increased. Did you know? Not all types of legumes are suitable for sprouts. The best option would be a variety of adzuki or golden beans. The remaining species may contain an increased amount of toxins, which is why such a product is allowed to be eaten only after prolonged cooking.

How to sprout beans at home?

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that it will be possible to find germinated bean sprouts on a wide sale, so you need to master the technology yourself.

The process of sprouting beans is simple and consists of the following steps:

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  1. Carefully sort the fruits, remove dry, spoiled, with the presence of damage.
  2. Prepare the container. Experts advise taking a large, shallow, but wide dish with a flat bottom, in which, if necessary, you can make holes for drainage.
  3. Prepare another container, in diameter larger than the main one, which will serve as a tray for collecting liquid.
  4. At the bottom of the main dishes, spread gauze in several layers.
  5. On top of the gauze layer, pour the beans in one layer.
  6. Pour the beans with water, leaving uncovered.
  7. Cover the bean layer with gauze, which will save moisture.

Place the bean container in a warm place, periodically moisten throughout the day to maintain moisture. Fluid that will accumulate in the pan should be cleaned regularly. With proper care, seedlings will appear after 1-2 days. At this time, they must be systematically moistened. After 3-4 days, when the sprouts grow up and gain strength, they can be used as food.

What can I cook?

Becoming the main component of salads, bean sprouts give the dish lightness, tenderness, juiciness and an unconventional taste. In addition, the product can be used in baking, first courses, dressings and sauces. Sprouts serve as an excellent side dish for meat, fish and vegetables.

They are served as an individual dish, after blanching or succumbing to a passer. Sprouts can be sprinkled with sandwiches, add to pancakes and pancakes. From sprouted beans, you can make fresh and enrich it with fruit or vegetable smoothies.

Important! Bean sprouts are combined with all products, and in this regard there are no restrictions. It is useful to consume them in parallel with berries and fruits.

Bean sprouts are a healthy, tasty, versatile product that can not only give the dish a unique, completely new taste, but also enrich it with a complex of components that are valuable to health. However, the product has the greatest value in its raw form, so it is better to refrain from heat treatment.

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