"Felucen" for chickens: instructions for use of vitamin and mineral supplements

It is impossible to imagine a single farm or agriculture without chickens - this is the most common poultry. Each owner wants his layers to grow healthy, fleshy and give a lot of eggs. To achieve this, the vitamin-mineral supplement “Felucen” will help, about the features of the use of which we will discuss today in the article.

Chemical composition and form of release

“Felucen” is a balanced combination of many substances useful for chickens that regulate the processes of their development and vital activity. The supplement contains the following vitamins:

BUTIt protects the mucous membranes of the eyes and intestines from the negative effects of the environment, laying hens grow faster, metabolic processes in their body are activated.
NIncreases the immunity of chickens, stabilizes the sugar level in their blood.
DPromotes bone formation.
EBeneficial effect on the functioning of the genital glands.
TOImproves blood coagulation, prevents the development of anemia.
IN 1Protects the embryos from death, thanks to it the legs and wings are formed without deformation.
AT 4It protects layers from perosis, a disease in which the elasticity and strength of the ligaments, tendons and joints are deformed.
IN 3Egg production significantly increases, the condition of their feathers improves, and laying hens gain weight.
AT 5It has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, liver and gastrointestinal tract, and helps speed up metabolic processes.
B6 and B12With their participation, protein metabolism occurs, minerals and amino acids from feed are absorbed faster.
Folic acidPrevention of rickets and anemia, has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, liver, activates hematopoiesis.

Also, “Felucen” is composed of iron, phosphorus, calcium, iodine, zinc. All these substances strengthen the body of chickens and make it resistant to various diseases. Supplement for sale in convenient packages weighing 1 kg at a very affordable price.

Indications for use

Be sure to include “Felucen” in the diet of your laying hens if they:

  • decreased immunity;
  • plumage condition has worsened;
  • egg production decreased;
  • the quality of the eggs has fallen; the shell has become weak;
  • the first signs of anemia appeared.

Did you know? The first domesticated chicken is considered to be the Red Banking Jungle Chicken, which was tamed in Southeast Asia more than 7 thousand years ago. They didn’t catch it at all for eating, but for the then common cockfights. Over time, this species developed in modern laying hens.

Biological functions of Felucene

The described additive brings the following benefits to layers:

  1. Replenishes an insufficient amount of vitamins and minerals in their body.
  2. Beneficial effect on the formation and development of the embryo.
  3. Promotes active bird growth.
  4. Chickens begin to lay much more eggs (their shell hardens);
  5. Eggs can be stored longer.
  6. The reproductive system of layers is being strengthened.
  7. Their immunity increases.
  8. Feather cover improves.
  9. Poultry meat becomes better, acquires a pleasant smell and soft taste after cooking.

Dosage and instructions for use

So that the supplement does not bring harm to the body of poultry, its dosage must be observed. We will talk about it further.

Important! This supplement should not be given to chickens under the age of 1.5 months.

“Felucen P2 Mineral”

Target groupDaily amount per ton of the main product
Laying hens55-60 kg
Breeding hens65–70 kg
Young chickens, broilers65–70 kg
Broilers after 4 weeks, young chickens55-60 kg.

“Felucen P1 Energy”

Target groupDaily amount per ton of the main product
Laying hens200 kg
Breeding hens200 kg
Young chickens, broilers200 kg
Broilers after 4 weeks, young chickens200 kg

Storage conditions

Felucen should be stored at temperatures up to +25 ° C in a dry place. Humidity should be no more than 75%. It is necessary to use the additive within 6 months from the date of its manufacture.

Find out why you need premixes for chickens. “Felucen” is the key to the health of laying hens. When using this supplement, the body of chickens will get stronger, their plumage will become better, the birds will carry many eggs, and their meat will delight you with a delicate taste and aroma during cooking.

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