"Felucen" for cattle: instructions for use

Felucen is a dietary supplement to cattle. It is a carbohydrate-mineral complex enriched with proteins, fats and vitamins. Suitable for feeding both adult cattle - cows, heifers and bulls, and calves. Let us consider in more detail the purpose, composition and features of the use of the drug.

What is it for?

A similar concentrated feed additive is used to make up for the deficiency of nutrient nutrients in animal nutrition, if it is unbalanced. It is used not only to fill the deficiency of vitamins and building materials, but also to increase the productivity of cattle.

Important! “Felucen” will be effective only for pedigree and highly productive animals that are kept in good conditions. Cattle unproductive and non-pedigree, in addition, eating scarce feed, will be immune to the supplement.

So, supplementation is given mainly for such purposes:

  • calves when switching to adult food and for quick weight gain;
  • heifers to meet the increased needs of the pregnant body of the female and the formation of a strong, healthy calf;
  • dairy cows to increase the number of milkings;
  • insemination bulls to improve reproductive functions and produce quality seed;
  • beef cattle for quick and significant weight gain in order to obtain a greater yield of meat from the carcass;
  • as an immunomodulator to improve animal health during seasonal diseases;
  • as a preventive measure to strengthen all systems and organs, including bones and hooves, which is the prevention of fractures, problems with the musculoskeletal system and prevents many diseases of the internal organs.

The drug is suitable for a variety of animals. It can be given constantly - from the first weeks after birth and throughout life, and it is not necessary to take breaks in the reception. The additive is created only from natural ingredients, it is completely safe and harmless. Thanks to the “Felucen”, the milk yield of cows is significantly increased (up to 30% more per individual), calves grow much faster (by 25%), shortening the feeding period, the live weight of meat breeds is gaining more intensively and in a larger volume.

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In addition, livestock is much less likely to get sick, has a good appetite, and behaves actively. Pregnant cows are most in need of additional nutrients. During pregnancy, the female’s body is greatly depleted, since almost 50% of the animal’s total calcium goes to the construction of the fetus. As a result, after calving, the cow's health may deteriorate, especially if her diet is unbalanced and does not compensate for expenses during the period of pregnancy.

No less load on the body in dairy cows, especially if they give large milk yield. If there is not enough resources from food for the production of milk, then the animal's body will begin to expend its own resources for milk production. But even if the cow has enough vitamins, minerals and building materials derived from food, the introduction of a feed additive in any case will positively affect its productivity - both the amount of milk and its fat content will increase.


“Felucen” is produced in several series:

  • energetic;
  • carbohydrate;
  • gold (protein);
  • mineral;
  • preventive.
The differences in the series of the drug are insignificant. The composition is almost the same, except that the amount of a substance in the additive is different. Thus, it is possible to select the cattle that particular feed, which he needs taking into account the individual diet.

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The composition of Felucene includes the following elements:

  • sugars - easily digestible carbohydrates;
  • protein;
  • salt;
  • iodine;
  • copper;
  • calcium;
  • phosphorus;
  • zinc;
  • magnesium;
  • cobalt;
  • sulfur;
  • retinol (vitamin A);
  • tocopherol (vitamin E);
  • vitamin K;
  • Vitamin D3
Minerals (micro and macro elements), salt and vitamins are part of each of the feeding series and are the base of the mineral “Felucene”. The remaining elements in different series are present in different numbers.

So, in the carbohydrate series, preference is given to easily digestible carbohydrates, in protein - to vegetable proteins, in energy - to all the above elements plus phospholipids (fats), in the prophylactic - to carbohydrates and preventive components.

Did you know? Cows are as sensitive to taste as humans. They have about 25 thousand taste buds in their mouths, which is why they distinguish all tastes and always prefer sweet to bitter.

Due to such a rich composition, the bioadditive has such a positive effect on the livestock body:

  • improves the functioning of the thyroid gland;
  • strengthens bones, hooves, teeth and horns;
  • improves the appearance and density of the coat;
  • regulates metabolism;
  • promotes harmonious digestion and the production of enzymes;
  • calms the nervous system, making animals more calm and docile;
  • increases the resistance of the skin and mucous membranes to the penetration of bacteria, viruses and parasites;
  • provides the animal with a large supply of carbohydrates, which increases the energy necessary for active growth, weight gain and milk production.

In addition to its rich composition and a wide range of species, Felucen is also available in various forms:

  • granules;
  • briquettes (lick);
  • powder.

A variety of release forms allows you to give the drug to livestock in the most convenient way:

  • add granules to the main dry food (this will also increase the attractiveness of ordinary food);
  • dilute the powder in a liquid;
  • leave briquettes in an easily accessible place for self-licking by animals.

Did you know? It is proved that milk yields in cows are associated not only with nutrition, but also with emotions. There are farms where animals are actively entertained: they make massages, arrange spa treatments, include classical music.

Introduction to Diet

You can start introducing a nutritional supplement into the cattle diet both in childhood and in adulthood. It is possible to give the considered food concentrate to calves, regardless of the target calf rearing. If this is a representative of the meat sector, he will grow faster and gain more live weight. If the direction is dairy, then the quantity and quality of milk yield immediately after the first calving will be higher than other heifers of the breed who did not feed.

It is possible to administer “Felucen” for calves immediately after the calf begins to switch to adult food - 2-3 weeks after birth. The introduction of complementary foods is carried out in accordance with the following recommendations:

  1. It is necessary to introduce top dressing gradually - this will allow the baby's body to adapt to new food.
  2. Each age group has its own daily dietary intake: 55–75 g for calves from 1 month to six months old; 150 g - from six months to a year; 250–270 g - from a year to a year and a half.
  3. The transition on reaching a certain age to a new dosage should also be carried out gradually.
  4. 5 days - the period of adaptation of the body to new food or to increase the dosage. During this time, gradually increase the amount of concentrate until you reach the maximum dosage.
  5. The daily norm must be fed to animals during the day, dividing it by the number of feedings. For calves, this is at least 2-3 times a day.
  6. Calves are best suited for energy, carbohydrate or protein complexes: they are most rich in all nutrients.

Important! When transferring calves to roughage, they often have dyspepsia. Felucen will help to avoid the disorder, as it normalizes the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

The introduction of a dietary supplement for cows is based on almost the same principles as for calves:

  1. An adult animal that has not previously used “Felucen”, is fed gradually. The same applies to changing the series of the drug.
  2. If the cows have full nutrition, and the body is not exposed to stresses and transitional periods (pregnancy, childbirth, active lactation), then it may be enough to use the simplest mineral supplement in the form of a lick.
  3. In the first two months after calving and during intensive lactation, pregnant cows need a more saturated lure - the golden or energetic Felucen are best suited.
  4. A cow can receive complementary foods throughout her life from the first month after birth. In this case, it is simply necessary to change the supplement to a more suitable one for each age and body needs.
  5. For insemination bulls and bulls raised for meat, the carbohydrate and protein series are best suited.

The daily rate of “Felucene”, which must be given to cows, is calculated depending on their productivity:

  • 500 g with milk yield in the amount of 10-15 l;
  • 600 g with milk yield of 15–25 l;
  • 850 g with milk yield of 25-30 l;
  • 500-600 g heifers and bulls.
It is possible to give a food supplement to animals at any time of the year - both in winter and even in summer, because useful substances obtained from fresh grass may not be enough for the cattle to function properly.

Important! Cows that used bait in the summer are much less susceptible to seasonal diseases, tolerate colds more easily, rarely get sick in winter, and are not often infected with parasites.

Contraindications and Precautions

Felucen is a natural product that does not contain synthetic substances, GMOs, hormones, palm oil and antibiotics, therefore it is completely harmless. The meat and milk of animals receiving this dietary supplement can be eaten and not worry about the negative consequences for their body. There are not many contraindications for dietary supplementation:

  1. Expired drug. Shelf life of Felucene is 12 months from the date of manufacture. After this period, the mixture becomes unusable.
  2. Spoiled supplement. If traces of mold, bugs, parasites, rotting processes are observed in granules, powder or briquette, then this product should not be given to livestock.

However, as with any drug, there are precautions :

  1. It is not necessary to give complementary foods to low-breed animals. If a cow genetically cannot give a lot of milk and meat, then concentrated feeding will not increase their quantity.
  2. If livestock is not kept in the best conditions, with poor nutrition and insufficient care, then it gets used to this regimen and becomes immune to the introduction of complementary foods.
  3. Observe the age dosage exactly. Do not increase the dose, since an overabundance of vitamins, minerals and other components can be fraught with the onset of diseases.
  4. It is necessary to exclude all other additives from the diet of livestock - salt, phosphates, chalk, etc. All these substances are already part of Felucene, so an overdose will occur when combined.

Did you know? Cows became ruminants in the process of evolution: not being able to defend themselves, they learned to quickly swallow food and run away. And only then, in a calm atmosphere, they burp and chew on swallowed food.

Felucen is a concentrated dietary supplement with a rich vitamin and mineral composition. Since it is available in various forms and types, it is possible to select a product individually for the needs of each animal. The drug is inexpensive, and the increased yield of milk and meat covers economic waste for complementary foods.

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