Proper drying of bell pepper in an electric dryer

Unfortunately, the storage of fresh bell pepper is fraught with considerable difficulties (maintaining the correct temperature and humidity, selecting the appropriate containers, constant monitoring). And if the vegetable was picked in a mature state, then it is not possible to store it for more than 10 days. That is why it is most convenient to expose peppers to the most ancient method of storage - drying.

Is it possible to dry bell pepper in the dryer

Sweet peppers can be dried in an electric dryer. This is the fastest and most reliable way compared to drying in the sun or in the oven. In modern models, there is a mode of smooth adjustment, ventilation and auto power off, which avoids overheating and get quality products with maximum preservation of nutrients (up to 90%) in a short time.

Important! It is best to choose models of electric dryers with metal pallets. Plastic in budget models often gives the finished product an unpleasant odor and taste.

Preparation of fruits for drying

Getting to drying, special attention should be paid to the condition of the fruit.

They should be:

  • ripe;
  • fleshy;
  • thick-walled;
  • without damage and defects (dots, spots);
  • with saturated color;
  • with a pronounced pleasant taste and aroma (to preserve these properties after processing).

The following varieties are best suited:

  • Asti

  • Miracle Paprika;

  • The horn is red;

  • Apricot favorite;

  • Saber;

  • Anastasia

  • Big Boy

  • Ideal.

The fruits are prepared for drying as follows:

  1. Wash thoroughly under running water.
  2. Spread on a towel and dried, gently blotting.
  3. Cut the stalk and remove the seeds. Many chefs peel the fruits with their hands, pressing on the stem, thus destroying the membrane with which it is attached to the pulp, and then pulling on the tail and pulling out the seeds.
  4. To get rid of the remaining seeds, you can either rinse the fruit again, or tap the wide edge of the pepper on the palm or edge of the table. But it is most convenient to use a special knife with a silicone frame or a device in the form of a plastic or metal cylinder with a long arcuate handle. The cylinder is inserted into the vegetable so that the stem is in the center of the device. Then the device is scrolled and the core remains inside it.
  5. The peel is usually not removed.
  6. Fruits are cut, choosing a shape depending on further use. If stuffing is planned, the vegetables are dried whole or in half. As a flavoring agent, cut into rings, cubes, strips (4-5 mm thick).
  7. Sliced ​​fruits are blanched in boiling 1% saline solution (1 liter of water is taken per 0.5 kg of raw material) for 1-2 minutes, cooled and dried thoroughly. Blanching is used to reduce the activity of enzymes, improve the taste of the product and preserve color and elasticity.

Did you know? Seeds can not be thrown away, but washed and also dried and grinded in a coffee grinder / blender to add later as seasoning in soups and meat dishes. Seeds contain even more vitamins than pepper itself.

How to dry bell peppers in an electric dryer?

The drying algorithm in the electric dryer includes the following steps:

  1. Cooked fruits are laid out in a thin layer on pallets (shiny side up). Do not overload the tray, as this will result in a poor-quality product and increase drying time.
  2. The dryer must be placed in a well-ventilated place to allow humid air to escape.
  3. The device should not be exposed to direct sunlight.
  4. Before use, the dryer is advised to warm up for several minutes.
  5. Pallets are put in the dryer.
  6. The temperature mode is selected (recommended temperature 50 ° C).
  7. The device turns on.
  8. The dryer should not be left without a cover for a long time.
  9. Depending on the type of dryer, it may be necessary to manually rotate the pallets to dry evenly.

The fruits are dried for 12-24 hours, depending on the variety, the width of the slices and the brand of the electric dryer. During drying, the pepper dries up about 11 times. Of 10 kg of unrefined fruit, the yield of dry products is about 670 g.

Features of dried pepper storage

Before packing dried fruit in a container, you need to make sure that they have cooled down.

Important! Well-dried peppers should crunch and break easily. Some cooks prefer not to dry slightly, but this can lead to storage problems due to moisture remaining in the fruit. Such dried peppers should be stored only in a refrigerator in a jar, filled with oil.

You can store products in:

  • tied linen bags;
  • glass, ceramic, metal (stainless steel) jars with holes in the lids for air access;
  • vacuum bags with zippers.

All storage containers should be closed tightly enough so as not to miss insects who like to enjoy not only dried fruits, but also vegetables. Dried peppers can be ground into powder by preparing the so-called paprika - seasoning for various dishes.

Paprika can also be stored in a glass jar, making sure that moisture does not get on the spice. Subject to proper storage (in a dark, dry place, at a temperature not exceeding + 20 ° C), dried pepper remains edible for more than a year, paprika - up to 2 years.

Recommendations for use

Dried pepper not only improves the taste of the finished dish, but also helps digestion and speeds up the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Did you know? Bell pepper is very popular in Japan. In the Japanese version of the "Puzzle" cartoon, the broccoli in the dinner scene of the main character was replaced with green pepper, which Japanese parents put into their children's diet, considering it the most useful vegetable. It is also used for making sushi and other national dishes.

It is widely used in cooking:

  • as an additive to soups and sauces;
  • in meat and fish dishes (for example, for stuffing, sauce, roast)
  • as an ingredient in home baking.

Pepper is especially well combined with tomatoes and cabbage. Dried fruits are added to soup, stew or sauce without preliminary soaking, directly in boiling water. For other dishes, it is restored by pouring water at room temperature at the rate of 1 glass of pepper in half a glass of water and leaving for 15-25 minutes.

If necessary, you can add a little more water (depending on the degree of product dryness), but without overdoing it so that the product does not lose its taste and healthy qualities. Paprika gives meat, vegetable and fish dishes a characteristic piquant aroma and a pleasant reddish tint.

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It can be used both on its own and in a mixture with:

  • coriander;
  • basil;
  • Chile;
  • nutmeg.

To be able to enjoy the taste of bell pepper at any time of the year, you can resort to a storage method such as drying. The most simple and quick way to dry vegetables is to help a special device - an electric dryer. The article examined the main recommendations for its use, as well as the features of storage and cooking of dried pepper.

Video: drying bell peppers

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