Pickled cabbage according to the lunar calendar in December 2019

Salted cabbage is one of the most favorite dishes both on holiday tables and on the ordinary menu of many peoples. It is believed that the taste and quality of this workpiece is largely dependent on the lunar cycle. Using the recommendations from our article, you can choose a suitable day in December 2019 for pickling a popular garden vegetable.

Why and why do harvesting cabbage on the lunar calendar?

From time immemorial, Christians prepared pickles and pickles after the celebration of the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos. Mistresses harvested vegetables, focusing on the phases of the moon. This practice did lead to significantly better results. This is evidenced by the experience of more than one generation of housewives.

Did you know? According to Captain James Cook, the discovery of the Hawaiian Islands would not have happened without sauerkraut. Daily use of the dish saved the crew from scurvy.

It was found that in the days of the full moon or on the waning moon, the vegetable turns out to be too soft and sour. During these periods, the fermentation process is significantly inhibited, so the finished product may not be as good as we would like. It looks more like a clot of mucus than a wholesome treat.

The optimal time for this culinary process is the new moon. The phase of the growing moon is also suitable. During these periods, fermentation proceeds as actively as possible, the cabbage is quickly fermented and comes out incredibly tasty, spicy and crispy. In addition, the dish is stored longer. After proper pickling, the vegetable retains all its valuable properties. The dish strengthens the immune system, helps the body resist viruses and bacteria.

When to salt cabbage?

So that the vegetable salted in December 2019 is stored for a long time and it turns out to be really tasty and healthy, it is important to choose the right time. The phase of the moon should be growing. As for the specific calendar date, the fifth and sixth days of December are suitable for salting according to the lunar calendar .

Important! In the process of pickling cabbage, it is important that the day of the week be female: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Salted on these days of the week, the vegetable surprises with its amazing taste and excellent preservation.

Getting to salting, it is equally important to know under the auspices of which zodiac sign the natural satellite of the Earth is. If it is Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aries, Taurus, you can safely venture the leaven . When the moon passes the constellations of Cancer, Pisces, and especially Virgo, it is better to abandon the ambassador.

Of course, a combination of these three conditions is not always possible, it is rare, so, first of all, you need to focus on the growing lunar cycle.

Favorable and unfavorable days in December

Lovers of pickled foods salt vegetables all year round. In December 2019, the favorable days for pickling cabbage begin on the 6th and end on the 10th.

Did you know? The moon moves away from the Earth at a speed of approximately 3.8 cm per year. According to rough estimates, after 600 million years, it will be removed so much that contemplation of a total solar eclipse from our planet will become impossible.

Ideal days for this process are:

  • December 5, the growing moon, Aries, Thursday;
  • December 9, the growing moon, Taurus, Monday.
Unfavorable, respectively, are all the other days in the month.

In addition, it is important to produce cabbage pickling on the day of the male week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Good Salting Tips

In addition to a properly selected day, you should not forget about the basic rules of successful harvesting:

  1. Choose late, hard varieties of vegetables.
  2. Carefully inspect the heads of cabbage - they should not be frozen, otherwise the dish will turn out to be soft, tasteless, with a beige hue. The benefits and long shelf life of such a workpiece is also not worth the wait. In addition, heads of cabbage should be strong, white, without bitterness in taste.
  3. Before cooking, get rid of dried, sodden and upper green leaves.
  4. Shred the cabbage as small as possible. The taste and quality of the finished dish depends on this.
  5. Regarding the recipe, the main rule is that the amount of salt should not exceed 2% by weight of the head of cabbage. The ideal proportion is 1 tbsp. l salt per 1 kg of vegetable.
  6. You can add carrots, cranberries, halves of apples to chopped cabbage - these ingredients will give the dish a unique taste.
  7. Cabbage must be kept constantly in brine. In the process of salting, the chopped vegetable should be under oppression - granite cobblestone or a jar of water.
  8. The real classic taste of sauerkraut appears after a week of being in saline. The finished dish should be stored at a temperature of 0 ... + 2 ° C. It should always be covered with brine.

Important! As a container for salting, a glass jar, an enameled pan or a barrel of wood is suitable. Metal or plastic is not recommended.

Following the rules of lunar astrology and the advice of experienced housewives on the preparation of salted cabbage, you can get an excellent, healthy dish for any festive occasion.

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