Methods of controlling pests and diseases of peaches

Peach orchards occupy the third place in the world in area after pear and apple. Peach agricultural technology is troublesome, it requires increased attention to itself. And with improper planting or poor-quality care, the tree can hurt. In order to prevent diseases and harmful insects from entering the garden, preventive measures should be taken in spring, summer and autumn.

What is the purpose of processing?

One of the methods of prevention is spraying in early spring with folk remedies, bio- and chemical preparations, which helps to prevent the development of diseases and scare off insect parasites. After all, it is in the spring that pests awaken and become active, which can cause significant harm to trees, up to a complete damage to the crop.

Peaches should be protected from such ailments:

  • kleasterosporiosis ;

  • curly foliage ;

  • powdery mildew ;

  • cytosporosis ;

  • moniliosis .

Of the insects for peach trees, the most dangerous are:

  • aphids ;

  • weevil ;

  • spider mite ;

  • fruit moth ;

  • eastern codling moth ;

  • scale shield ;

  • worm;

  • a tinker

The main stages and terms of processing peaches

It is important to carry out preventive spraying at the right time. If they are carried out too soon, when the snow cover is still preserved and unstable weather is observed with frequent precipitation and fog, then they will be useless.

You should wait until the daytime temperature is set at + 4 ... + 5 ° С, and the night temperature is not lower than 0 ° С, in order to carry out the first spraying. In this case, the weather should be dry. In most regions, such conditions are observed in early March. In areas with a mild climate, a suitable period may occur in February.

Also learn about the features of proper peach pruning in spring.

Since different pathogens and harmful insects are active in different periods, to obtain the effect and stable protection of plants, not one treatment will be required, but several - up to 4 times.

Peach spraying in spring

It is recommended to process the trees in the spring in the following periods:

  1. Before the buds bloom. It is used to destroy harmful insects overwintered in the bark and soil and against kinkiness.
  2. On a green cone - after the kidneys opened, but the leaves did not appear.
  3. In the phase of the extension of the buds. Processing trees is necessary to strengthen the immunity of plants and the prevention of powdery mildew, scab, fruit rot.
  4. After flowering - at the beginning of the formation of ovaries. Processing is necessary to saturate with nitrogen and prevent the development of dangerous ailments.

How to spray a peach before budding?

Before the start of the growing season, the first spraying is carried out. It is also called early spring, bare plant. It allows you to prevent the development of many fungal diseases and the attack of most of the harmful insects. Manipulation should only be at positive temperatures.

During the first treatment after winter, simple agents are usually used that have a wide range of effects: bordeaux liquid, a solution of copper, iron sulfate in combination with urea (urea) and liquid soap.

Important! Not only the tree itself, but also the trunk area is subject to spraying.

Against wintering parasites, the drugs "Profilactin", "Drug ZO plus" are effective. Means “Delan”, “Chorus” allow not to allow kinkiness.

Spraying plants should be on a day when there is no rain and wind, cloudy weather. It is advisable to plan it for early morning time or late evening hours. A person who sprays trees must adhere to personal safety measures: protect the body with a special suit, eyes with glasses, hands with gloves, nose and mouth with a mask.

Video: peach curl preparations

Reagent for spring spraying

The most common version of the mixture for mandatory spraying before budding: Bordeaux liquid (3%), after 2 weeks, Tsineba solution (40 g / 10 l). According to the green cone, trees are treated with “Horus” (if the temperature is up to + 15 ° С) or “Skor” (at a temperature above + 15 ° С). Also use "Hom", "Abiga Peak."

When there are pink buds on the trees, they resort to spraying with diseases “Horus”, “Skor”, “Delan”, “Topaz” against diseases, and “Aktara”, “Karate Zeon”, “Insegar” against pests. After flowering, treatment for the prevention of ailments is carried out by "Horus", "Skor", "Topaz". To prevent pests, the same drugs are suitable as the last time.

The fight against diseases and pests of peach folk remedies

Most often, peach is annoyed by curly leaves. When infected in trees, the leaves turn red spots, a gray coating appears on the lower leaf plate, then the leaves curl and fall off. As a result, bare shoots suffer, and, consequently, productivity, as they cease to bear fruit.

The fight against kinkiness begins with folk remedies. When the disease is in its infancy, tobacco infusion is used. It is prepared from tobacco (1 kg), poured with boiling water (5 l). The mixture is insisted for 3 days. Before use, dilute with water in a ratio of 1 to 2. Spraying is performed twice with an interval of 14 days.

Video: peach processing in spring

Also, an emulsion prepared from slaked lime (90 g), soft clay (350 g), water (10 l) gives a positive effect. Many gardeners prefer to use wood ash. A quarter of a bucket is filled with it, water is added, the solution is boiled for an hour, cooled and filtered. For processing, 0.5 solution is diluted in 10 l of water.

The following remedies are suitable for the prevention of harmful insects:

  1. A decoction of black bleached. Recipe: 1 kg of plant / 3 l of water, boil, cool, strain, dilute to 10 l with water. Used against aphids, copper flakes.
  2. Infusion of dissected hogweed. Recipe: 1 kg of ground and underground organs of a plant placed in 10 liters of water, insist 1 day, drain. Effective against aphids.
  3. Infusion of calendula. Recipe: place 0.1 kg of flowers in 1 liter of water, boil for half an hour, insist in cool conditions for 2 days, combine with water in a ratio of 1 to 1. Applicable against aphids and ticks.
  4. Infusion of mustard powder. Recipe: 0.1 kg pour 10 liters of boiling water, leave for 48 hours. Used against aphids, moths, sucking and leaf-eating parasites.

Important! In order not to resort to the treatment of peaches for kinkiness, you should plant varieties resistant to this disease Redhaveng, Saturn, Yellow, Morettini, Bagrinovsky, early Simferopol.

Preventative measures

In addition to spraying, it is possible to prevent the appearance of diseases and harmful insects in peach orchards with the help of such measures:

  1. Careful cleaning of the site from plant debris in the autumn.
  2. Deep digging of the soil.
  3. Timely removal of weeds from the site.
  4. Regular fertilizing of trees in order to strengthen their immunity.
  5. Annual sanitary scraps.
  6. Planting varieties resistant to diseases and harmful insects.

So, one of the important procedures for peach care is preventive treatment to prevent the development of diseases and attacks of harmful insects. If they are carried out on time, using effective preparations, as well as adhering to the recommended agricultural technology, then peach trees will please with stable and high-quality crops.

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