The main causes of yellowing onions

Most gardeners grow onions. Quite often they encounter such a problem as yellowing onions. Before treating the plant, it is worthwhile to determine the cause of this phenomenon - it can be an attack of insects, the occurrence of a disease or improper care. We will discuss the solution to this problem in the article.

Why onions in the garden turn yellow: the main reasons

The problem under consideration can be solved if you know the reasons that will be described below. If the feathers of the plant turn yellow in June, then this factor may indicate abnormal development of onions. Accordingly, it is worth excluding the following points:

  • lack of moisture and nutrients;
  • the effect on the plant of insects and diseases;
  • temperature changes.


Prolonged downpours, prolonged drought, very hot or cool summers adversely affect the crop, so any varieties of the described culture may turn yellow. Feathers can change color both in leek and in family and onions. It remains only to rely on the favor of nature, to irrigate the plant in the heat in a timely manner, to hide it from frost.

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Diseases and Pests

First you need to make sure that yellowing is not associated with diseases or insect attacks. To control this, vegetables are carefully examined. Most diseases are formed when the earth is watered abundantly or seedlings are planted too thickly. Means for combating plant diseases give a result only when therapy is started at the first manifestations, or it will be necessary to eliminate the entire crop.

There are several known onion diseases:

  1. Fusarium Signs - drying of the tops, active yellowing and disappearance of leaves, decomposition of roots, softening of the bulb. Effective in this case, the drug "Actara".

  2. Peronosporosis. It is expressed 21 days after planting the seed material - pale yellow spots with lilac bloom are visible in the leaves. Treatment is carbamide, fermented milk products diluted with cool water 1:10. Ash can be used - 50 g per 1 m².

  3. Rust. Manifestations are yellow spots on the leaves, later they change color to bright orange; then the leaves die off. In this case, help - landing every year at a new site; heating of planting material at + 40 ° C; double treatment with copper chloride.

Improper care

The key to ripening a large crop is considered excellent crop care. Failure to comply with basic service criteria is a common cause of yellowing and subsequent death of the described plants. In order for a culture to grow with the least loss, it should:

  • clean the soil from plant fragments cultivated last season;
  • with prolonged dry weather, irrigate and feed seedlings;
  • Do not plant the crop a second time in one area for several years;
  • choose an area for beds with constant natural light and the absence of through winds;
  • Before preserving the harvest, disinfect the premises so that there is no mold on the walls and the bulbs do not begin to scatter.

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Lack of nitrogen in the soil

If the plant lacks the indicated nutrient, then not only feathers, but the whole vegetable can turn yellow. In this case, you can correct the situation using top dressing with nitrogen. It is not recommended to use clean manure: this can cause fungal infections. However, rotten manure is suitable in this situation.

What to do if the onion begins to turn yellow

The yellow color of onion crops is a sign for immediate action to preserve the crop. In this case, funds from traditional medicine can help, and in addition - the use of chemicals.

Important! Folk methods are effective until the first rain. After a shower, manipulation will need to be done again.

Folk remedies

Here are the recipes for such funds:

  1. Salt-based solution. Helps with onion fly attacks. It is easy to prepare it - just take a glass of ordinary salt and dissolve it in water (10 liter bucket). Under the onion, you can pour up to 200 g of the prepared solution. Avoid the area near the leaves.

  2. Ash solution. You can buy the substance in a specialized store. To make the product, you need to take a bucket of water (10 l) and 200 g of ash. The resulting liquid is left overnight, and in the morning it is necessary to water the bed.

  3. Infusion based on herbs. Suitable for manufacturing are dandelion, marigolds, hot peppers, needles. The starting material is crushed, 200 g are taken and 10 l of water is poured. After insisting (for half a day), the plants are watered.

  4. Watering with ammonia. A bottle of funds will be required for 10 liters of water, with it you need to process plants up to 3 times per season. Ammonia drives off flies.

  5. Garlic infusion is effective against pests, except for flies. Grind 200 g of cloves, pour 1 liter of water at room temperature. The liquid should stand for 5 days, after which it must be filtered. Then you should prepare a solution based on a glass per bucket of water. The tool can be used by spraying the feathers of the plant.


If this problem occurs, you can use drugs purchased in the store. You do not need to mix them with other substances. Diseases of an onion plant are easier to prevent using, for example, potassium permanganate. However, if we are talking about ready-made drugs, then the drug "Maxim" is better. Live bacteria can be used. Onions should be kept in the solution for about 25 minutes. It is not necessary to disinfect the material for sowing - you can disinfect the ground. To strengthen the immunity of bulb plants, the Epin preparation should be used.

Important! Before using drugs, you must read the instructions for them. It is forbidden to exceed a dosage of medicine.

Agrotechnical rules and prevention

The main method of prevention is considered to be a careful selection of healthy sevka, and then soaking it in hot or salt water. It is forbidden to allow excessive moisture of the earth, in addition, you should fight pests that often carry diseases. Instead of determining the cause of yellowing of the onion, selecting the optimal substances and eliminating the problem, it is better to prevent yellowing of the feathers of the onion.

One of the important places in disease prevention is crop rotation.

For the purpose of prevention, the following rules should be followed:

  • annually in the autumn, harvesting the whole, it is necessary to dig the site. The depth of processing must be not less than the length of the bayonet of a shovel;
  • observe crop rotation - do not plant crops in the same place for 4 years;
  • for landing use high-quality planting material;
  • Before planting, the material must be properly prepared;
  • To exclude diseases, disinfect the soil with copper sulfate before sowing (st. l. per 10 l of water);
  • apply fertilizer, taking into account the dosage in the instructions;
  • guarantee moderate watering;
  • Sick instances of culture to eliminate and burn.

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Tips from experienced gardeners

So that the onion does not turn yellow, read the recommendations of gardeners with experience. The following items can be classified as tips:

  • You can plant a vegetable earlier so that it accumulates the strength in itself to fight insects;
  • plant in a garden with carrots or place them side by side, because the onion fly is afraid of the aroma of an orange vegetable;
  • change the landing zone annually;
  • when loosening the ground, add black or red pepper, wood ash;
  • regularly weed.

In plants, as in humans, diseases are easier to prevent than to treat. In this regard, preventive measures must be ongoing. It is important not to forget that insects and their larvae, and in addition, infections, will remain in the fruit, multiplying and affecting the crop and land, if no measures are taken to combat pests and diseases.

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