Kandyk honey: benefits, harms and contraindications, especially

Kandyk honey is a rare bee variety that is rarely found on store shelves. But this is a very valuable product for human health, which is used for the prevention and treatment of diseases. About what properties of this beekeeping product, how to take it correctly and how to determine naturalness, read on.

Did you know? For the first time, the erythronium in its writings mentioned the ancient Greek scientist Pedanius Dioscorides.

Description and characteristic

On the territory of the Krasnodar Territory, Siberia and the Caucasus, a flower of kandyk, or erythronium, grows. This is a medicinal plant listed in the Red Book. Since the flower is on the verge of extinction, it is impossible to pluck it. However, local beekeepers use it to make honey products.

As a result of pollination, honey kandyk is obtained - a delicious and extremely healthy product. Depending on the territory of erythronium growth, three types of honey product are distinguished. The color also depends on the area. The smell is similar to floral. The taste is sweet, but not too sugary, leaves an unusual aftertaste.

CaucasianCaucasusCloser to White
SayanKrasnodar regionCloser to lilac
SiberianSiberia (Altai)Closer to light pink

Chemical composition

As part of honey kandyk:

  • fructose;
  • glucose;
  • calcium;
  • iron;
  • zinc;
  • manganese;
  • iodine;
  • copper;
  • vitamins of group B, C, H, E.

Did you know? Erythronium is a scientific name derived from Latin. The name “kandyk” has Turkic roots and translates as “dog tooth”.

The properties

Bee products are famous for their beneficial properties. Kandyk is no exception. The product also has contraindications, which should be paid attention to before eating.


  • Nutritionists have included the erythronium honey product in the list of the most useful beekeeping products, and this is not surprising, because he:
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • cleanses the body;
  • normalizes the nervous system;
  • positively affects the condition of the heart and blood vessels;
  • contributes to weight loss;
  • useful for liver diseases;
  • cleanses and rejuvenates the body;
  • improves the functioning of the genitourinary system;
  • benefits the organs of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • helps to recover faster with respiratory viral and bacterial infections;
  • improves skin condition as a cosmetic preparation;
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties.

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Contraindications and possible harm

  • Among the contraindications for use:
  • age up to 3 years;
  • allergy to pollen;
  • allergy to bee products.
Uncontrolled use can also cause harm. It is better to use the product as an additive or sweetener.

Methods and rules for use

The healing properties of the erythronium honey product are undeniable. It is used to treat:

  • ARI and ARVI;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • acne;
  • anemia
  • atherosclerosis;
  • hepatitis A;
  • epilepsy;
  • gastritis;
  • sores;
  • tachycardia;
  • cystitis.

Important! In the acute or chronic form of any disease, consult a doctor before eating kandyk honey.

You can take it in different ways:

  • in pure form;
  • dilute 1 teaspoon in a glass of warm water;
  • add to tea as a sweetener;
  • stir 1 teaspoon in 200 ml of warmed milk.

Kandyk honey is useful in any method of application. However, remember that the maximum dose is 100 g per day. The exact amount allowed depends on the individual characteristics. So, at a young age or during pregnancy, the maximum dose should not exceed 30 g.

How to determine the naturalness of honey?

Since honey from kandyka is very rare, I want to get a real product when buying, not a fake. Naturalness can be determined by the following criteria:

  • fresh, it is liquid, after crystallization it turns white and looks like oil;
  • real products will be sold in the regions where the plants are grown - in the Caucasus, Siberia and the Krasnodar Territory;
  • the seller must have a license to manufacture and sell, or at least a good reputation.

Important! Do not be afraid to use it in a crystallized form - useful properties are not lost.

Storage rules

Storage rules for kandyk honey:

  • in a liquid state, store at a temperature of +14 ... + 18 ° С;
  • after crystallization place in conditions +4 ... + 7 ° С.

Kandyk honey is an extremely useful beekeeping product. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find it, however if you find it on the counter, do not miss the chance. The product is valuable not only as a medicine, but also as a prophylactic, which is why it can prevent many diseases.

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