Is it possible to fry red onions instead of white

Red onions are an integral part of the cuisines of many countries. He was appreciated by both domestic gourmets and culinary specialists. A vegetable with a beautiful purple-violet color is an ornament and an excellent flavoring addition to salads and snacks. Many consider it exclusively salad. Is this true and is this vegetable suitable for frying? This article will answer.

The chemical composition of red onion

Red bulbs owe their shade to plant glycosides (anthocyanins) and quercetin, a flavonoid. These substances have antioxidant and bactericidal properties. The vegetable contains a large amount of vitamins (C, B6), micro and macro elements (sulfur, chromium), which makes it an extremely valuable product for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, the fight against excess weight and diabetes.

Did you know? Red onions, often referred to as "Crimean" in everyday life, include many varieties and varieties. The familiar variety, also known as Yalta, is only one of these varieties, bred by selection of the flat Madera introduced in the Crimea in the 19th century.

It also contributes to:

  • fairly low calorie content (only 40 kcal);
  • lack of fat;
  • low glycemic index (10).

Essential oils and phytoncides in the composition have antimicrobial properties, improve appetite, activate metabolism.

Can I fry red onion

It is quite suitable for frying, although this will be a bit of a waste, since its price is much higher in comparison with yellow onions. It should be remembered that when frying it loses more nutrients than with other types of heat treatment or when consumed raw, and also acquires a not very aesthetic, grayish-brown color. However, this does not affect the taste characteristics; the vegetable remains fragrant and sweet-spicy.

Important! A grill of red varieties is not used for making transparent soups, so as not to spoil the color. At the same time, the vegetable goes well with roasted tomatoes for dark soups and borsch.

In recipes of dishes of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines, it is often subjected to caramelization (slow frying in butter or olive oil with sugar) and then used as an ingredient in sauces, pastries, soups. Sliced ​​in thick rings and slightly sprinkled with oil, the onions can also be grilled quickly, and they will be an excellent side dish for barbecue.

How to fry red onions

In addition to the above cooking methods, this vegetable can also be used when frying meat, potatoes or mushrooms. Consider the nuances of cooking these dishes.

With potatoes

Onions give a side dish of potatoes a special fragrance. It should be remembered that onions, especially red, are fried much faster than potatoes, so it is unacceptable to cook them at the same time. Usually finely chopped onion is added 5 minutes before the end of frying.

Another option for combining these two vegetables:

  1. Boil potatoes until cooked.
  2. Fry the onion slices in butter for 2 minutes (you can add finely chopped garlic).
  3. Add the potatoes, sliced ​​in quarters, and fry over medium heat until cooked.

We recommend that you learn how to cut onions properly and not cry.

With meat

When planning to cook fried meat, you need to know the correct onion bookmark time. If pork is fried, it is put at the beginning of the meat browning (until a crust appears). Thus, it better absorbs onion taste and aroma. If you cook beef (veal), then add onions in the middle of frying. And for the fried liver and chicken, you must first fry the vegetable until half cooked.

With mushrooms

Cultivated mushrooms (champignons, oyster mushrooms) begin to fry simultaneously with onions. Forest, as more dense, it is better to start frying separately, and add the vegetable in the process (after 10 minutes).

Important! When frying mushrooms with onions, spread the ingredients on a skillet in a small layer and salt at the end. Otherwise, you get a stew, not a fried dish.

The differences between fried red and white onions

Like its red counterpart, white onion is most often used for salads and appetizers, although it is also suitable for frying. Unlike red, it looks aesthetically fried, and its soft, sweeter taste, bright aroma and crispness make it an incomparable product for frying onion rings in batter.

Red onion is tasty, healthy and, contrary to popular belief, is suitable for frying just like any other onion. When frying, you only need to consider the features of this vegetable, described in the article.

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