Is it possible to freeze grapes for the winter in the freezer?

Considering the topic of harvesting for the winter, you can not ignore the freezing of fruits and berries, in particular grapes. After all, it is precisely this type of storage that allows you to preserve the original taste and nutritional value of the product. From the article you will learn how to do it right, because the final result depends on the technique of freezing.

Pros and cons of freezing grapes

  • The advantages of this technique include:
  • the safety of nutrients up to 90%;
  • the appearance and taste of the product does not change;
  • the availability of berries at any time of the year;
  • grapes are suitable for use both in fresh and in heat-treated form.

Did you know? The composition of grapes includes about 150 biologically active substances and more than 10 vitamins; they attribute the berry to the record holders for nickel content.

  • The disadvantages are:
  • absorption of extraneous odors with the wrong choice of containers;
  • loss of elasticity and taste in violation of the defrosting technique.

How to freeze grapes?

Let's move on to a method that allows you to maximally preserve the primacy of the fruit, regarding taste and nutritional properties.

Selection and preparation of grapes

When choosing a variety for freezing, you should pay attention to its ripening period, since late-ripening varieties have a thicker skin and dense texture, which allows you to preserve the structure of berries.

The varieties that tolerate frost well include: Moldova, Neptune, Kutuzovsky. The clusters must be washed and allowed to dry. Then separate the berries, selecting only whole and intact. Dry again by spreading it on a paper towel.

Important! Moisture should be completely removed from the surface of the berries to prevent them from sticking together.


It is recommended to give preference to plastic boxes, which are tightly closed, preventing the penetration of extraneous odors and air, which significantly prolongs the shelf life, and also affects the quality of the frozen product.


After preparatory work and selecting a dry container for storage, place the berries in it. Cover tightly and send to the freezer.

Video: preparation and freezing of grapes

How much can you store?

The shelf life of frozen fruits is up to 9 months, after which they freeze and lose their original properties.

Do I need to pre-defrost?

The condition and taste of the fruit directly depend on the stage of defrosting. The process should be carried out in stages: from the freezer to move for 10-18 hours in the refrigerator. Pour thawed berries with water at room temperature, and within an hour the product is suitable for consumption.

Thawing in the microwave is not recommended, as this will destroy most of the vitamins. If the product is used for culinary purposes, it is not necessary to defrost it.

What can be done from frozen grapes?

The prepared product is used both fresh: decorating desserts and adding to drinks instead of ice, they also prepare a variety of dishes: compotes, pies, jam.

You can learn more about how to make compote from white grapes, or grape jam with pits.

Despite the season, do not deny yourself your favorite treats and vitamins, using the simple method of storing grapes. Freezing is considered to be the most gentle way in relation to valuable fruit substances, which preserves all vitamins and minerals of fruits to the maximum.

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