Is it possible to freeze fresh pepper for the winter for stuffing

Freezing fresh vegetables for the winter is a common practice among housewives. This allows you to save more vitamins than during preservation, and eat your favorite dishes during the off-season, for example, stuffed peppers. Its correct freezing will be discussed in the article.

Did you know? Pepper was in the Guinness Book of Records: a Canadian farmer raised a giant fruit, weighing 695 g.

Selection and preparation of pepper for freezing

The choice should be taken carefully: bright green, dense pepper, for example, after hot processing is a little bit bitter. Therefore, it is better to choose the fruits of yellow and red shades. Vegetables should be whole, without damage and dents, without signs of decay. Before sending to the freezer, the fruits are washed and cleaned. Be sure to remove the internal partitions, as well as seeds - they may contain bitterness or pungency.

How to prepare pepper for stuffing

With proper freezing vegetables cannot be dispensed with without blanching (scalding with boiling water). It will make the fruits more flexible, which will allow them to be folded neatly and not broken at the same time.

Kitchen tools

To prepare vegetables for the winter, you will need the following kitchen accessories:

  • knife;
  • culinary packages;
  • pan with a suitable volume;
  • skimmer;
  • colander.

Important! A bag with a clip allows you to accommodate a larger number of fruits, thanks to the fastener it does not need to be knotted.


Fruits are frozen in portions, counting one packet for one meal. The approximate amount is 12–16 pcs. on one package.

Step-by-step instruction

The sequence of actions during freezing:

  1. Boil water in a pan.

  2. Peppers to blanch in boiling water for 3-4 minutes.

  3. Take out the fruit and drop it in a colander to make the glass water.

  4. Before placing in the freezer, it is better to stack them one in another with a pyramid, approximately 4-6 pieces (per bag width). So it will be possible to freeze vegetables compactly and in large quantities.

  5. Pack in a portion and place in the freezer.

Video: winter pepper freezing for stuffing

Terms and features of storage

The product is stored in freezers: at a temperature of -12 ° C, the shelf life will be 3-4 months, at -18 ° C it can be stored for about a year. The convenience of such a home-cooked product is that it does not need to be defrosted before filling. If vegetables are broken during storage or extraction, you can prepare another dish without filling from them.

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Pepper in the winter period not only diversifies the winter diet with various salads or stuffed delights. This vegetable is a source of ascorbic acid, which strengthens the immune system against viruses and infections, especially in the off-season. And harvesting it for the future, as you can see, is not at all difficult.

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