How to take onions with honey for children from coughing?

Onion is a product, unique in composition and medicinal properties, that helps in many diseases, thanks to which it has been successfully used in folk healing for many centuries. The vegetable is particularly effective in the treatment of various colds: sore throats, acute respiratory viral infections, cough, bronchitis. Is it possible to use onions in combination with honey for treating cough in children and in what dosages it should be taken correctly - more on this later in the article.

Can a child take onions with cough honey?

Onion is considered a natural antiseptic that instantly destroys pathogenic bacteria, increases the body's protective functions and its resistance to harmful external factors. Particularly effective as a therapeutic agent is a vegetable paired with honey. The beekeeping product is characterized by high anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, restorative properties, due to which it is able to reduce inflammation and swelling, increase immune forces, and actively fight viruses and bacteria.

A mixture of onions and honey is a full-fledged source of B vitamins, ascorbic acid, vitamins A, E, PP, K, as well as a whole complex of micro and macro elements. Each of the products has its own unique healing components, which in combination have a beneficial effect on the body, with virtually no side effects. Onions and honey - a successful symbiosis, which serves as an excellent natural and safe expectorant for cough therapy in children. For the treatment of cough in children, it is recommended to use specially developed traditional medicine recipes and strictly observe the required dosage of the medicine.

Important! When preparing a homemade cough medicine, only a natural beekeeping product should be used. Artificial honey is not only unable to provide the desired therapeutic effect, but also can harm the health of the child.

Recipe for children

Folk healing offers a lot of different cough recipes based on a beekeeping product and onions. During treatment, you can consume products separately or combine them.

Onion honey

The classic cough recipe looks like this:

  • a small onion is peeled and ground to a pulp state;
  • the resulting slurry is mixed with 3 tbsp. l honey;
  • the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and left to brew for several hours.

After 4–5 hours, medicinal onion-honey gruel can be used to treat cough. For this, children are given 1 tbsp. l up to 4 times a day. Such a slurry allows you to quickly get rid of harmful bacteria, increase the protective properties of the body, serves as an effective expectorant. Experts do not recommend preparing the medicine for the future, since chopped onions quickly lose their healing qualities and effectiveness. A fresh portion of the product should be prepared daily.

Did you know? According to world statistics, Libya is the leader in onion consumption, in which each inhabitant eats more than 33 kg of vegetables annually.

Honey with Onion Juice

Not all children can swallow gruel from onions, so it can be replaced with onion juice:

  • several onions are peeled, crushed with a blender or grater to a pulp consistency;
  • squeeze the juice from the pulp;
  • the resulting onion fresh is mixed with honey in a ratio of 1: 1.

Video: how to make honey with onion juice

The prepared medicinal mixture quickly copes with coughing. She is prescribed to children for 1 tbsp. l 3-4 times a day. At the same time, it is not recommended to swallow the mixture immediately - it needs to be held in the oral cavity for several seconds so that all therapeutic components are absorbed faster.

Important! After taking the onion-honey remedy for 30 minutes, it is better not to drink or eat anything.

Honey with onions and sugar

To cope with a strong cough, a special syrup made from honey, onions and sugar helps. Required Products:

  • honey - 30 ml;
  • onions - 1 medium-sized head;
  • sugar - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • filtered water.

The prepared syrup is given to the child for 1-2 tbsp. l up to 4 times a day

The algorithm for preparing honey onion syrup is as follows:

  • onions are peeled, finely chopped;
  • chopped vegetable is poured into the container, honey and sugar are added;
  • all ingredients are poured with a small amount of water so that it is 2 cm above the level of products;
  • the mixture is boiled for 30-40 minutes on low heat;
  • when the broth cools, it is filtered, poured into a clean sterilized container, stored in a dark and cold place.

Did you know? High temperatures are fatal to honey: at temperatures above +50 ° C, all the beneficial properties of the product are destroyed. That is why it is advised either to heat it in a water bath at a temperature of no more than +30 ° C, or to dissolve it in warm water.

How to take it for children

Do not forget that onions have an irritating effect on the mucous membrane, so it is not recommended to give a mixture of its gruel and honey to children under the age of one year. Starting from 1-2 years of age, the therapeutic agent is given in small portions, carefully monitoring the reaction of the body. If any side effects occur - rashes, redness of the skin, itching, etc., you must immediately stop taking the product.

Children are given a remedy in such dosages:

  • babies in 1-2 g: 1 teaspoon three times a day;
  • children from 3 to 11 years: 1 dessert spoon 3 times a day;
  • children from 12 years: 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day.
Onion-honey gruel has a specific taste that the child may not like, therefore, if necessary, you can allow the medicine to be washed down with water or juice, eat a small piece of carrot or apple.

Important! Honey-onion mixture allows you to cope with a productive or dry cough in just a few days. However, if the condition of the baby does not improve, you need to immediately seek help from a professional.

Contraindications for use and possible harm

Onion with honey is an excellent highly effective therapeutic agent that can eliminate even a strong cough and quickly overcome colds. However, the beekeeping product is highly allergenic and can harm the children's body.

  • With great caution, you should take a natural medicine for:
  • gastrointestinal diseases;
  • kidney and liver ailments;
  • diabetes mellitus.

At the same time taking pharmacy drugs with this tool, you should first consult with a pediatrician

  • It is recommended to completely eliminate the consumption of the described products when:
  • the age of the child is up to one year;
  • tendency to allergic reactions;
  • individual intolerance.

It is not recommended to combine the reception of the described product with the use of other products containing honey. And you need to remember that a honey-onion remedy can bring benefits only when it is consumed fresh. The shelf life of such a medicine is no more than one day.

Did you know? Traditional healers say that with the daily use of 100 g of onion, a person will be able to protect himself from any ailments.

Honey paired with onions is an effective and natural remedy tested over the years for many ailments, including a strong cough in children. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, expectorant effect, allows you to quickly cope with diseases. There are many options for preparing a therapeutic drug, but before giving it to a child, you should consult a pediatrician and conduct a test for sensitivity to the products used.

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