How to store potatoes on the balcony and what is the best way

Storage of large volumes of potatoes on the balcony is a common practice in our area. The reason is the popularity of growing products in a summer cottage, where gardeners devote most of their space to potatoes. Those who do not have a garden often buy potatoes for the winter in bulk. In order for the crop to lie for a long time at home and not deteriorate, it is necessary to ensure the right conditions for it.

Basic rules for storing potatoes

The list of basic rules for storing potatoes on the balcony consists of the following items:

  1. Before placing in a container, rotten, deformed and damaged potatoes should be removed.
  2. Wet tubers quickly deteriorate or sprout prematurely, so the owners wipe and dry the fruits during preparation.
  3. Unwashed fruits will be stored longer. It is advisable to peel potatoes, which are to be cooked quickly, under running water.

Did you know? Potatoes were introduced into the culture by the inhabitants of the territory of modern Bolivia about 8 thousand years ago.

Optimal conditions for storing potatoes

The optimal conditions for potatoes are as follows:

  • lack of drafts that provides a glazed balcony;
  • access to fresh air through ventilation;
  • humidity 80–85%;
  • air temperature +2 ... + 4 ° С;
  • lack of bright light.

What and how to store potatoes on the balcony in winter: the main ways

The choice of container is an important factor in storing potatoes. The type of capacity depends on how long the fruit remains fresh. It is advisable to use boxes (wooden or plastic), factory thermal boxes and temporary containers.

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In wooden crates

Wooden boxes are the best option for placing potatoes. Wood is a natural, eco-friendly material that promotes normal air circulation. For better safety, containers with side vents are suitable. It is advisable to place boxes on racks so that they do not stand on a cold floor - hypothermia adversely affects the condition of vegetables.

In plastic boxes

Many gardeners are skeptical of storing potatoes in synthetic crates. However, modern plastic containers are for the most part made of eco-friendly plastic. Ventilation openings will help to keep vegetables in good condition - in containers of this type they should be in the walls and at the bottom.

Important! Crates must be cleaned and washed before loading vegetables.

For a compact arrangement, it is better to choose models that can be stacked and fastened, creating a kind of shelving.

In prefabricated thermal box

Factory thermoboxes in urban conditions replace cellars and cellars, for which they are called "balcony winter cellars." A thermal box, or a heating cabinet, is a fully automated container for storing vegetables. Visually, it resembles a horizontal refrigerator with a lid on top with a hollow internal structure. The advantage of this method is that the temperature is determined by the owner of the device. Manufacturers also provide for forced ventilation, because of which the fruits do not stain or rot.

In a temporary container

Temporary containers are suitable for storing small quantities of potatoes.

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Among them:

  • carton boxes;
  • rag bags;
  • mesh bags.
It is advisable to use containers of this type during the construction of permanent containers with their own hands or before purchase.

Shelf life of potatoes on the balcony

Adhering to the correct conditions, the owners manage to store vegetables on the balcony for 6-10 months. This time is enough to consume the entire supply of potatoes until the next harvest.

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How to make a potato storage box on a balcony in winter

If desired, the owner can build a balcony box for potatoes with his own hands. The size of the bars for the frame and the materials for the lining is determined by the owner. First you need to determine the shape (horizontal or vertical) and the size of the box, drawing a drawing.

Video: how to make a potato box on the balcony

Tools and materials for work

For the manufacture you will need the following materials:

  • bars 50 × 50 (12 pcs.);
  • boards, plywood or chipboard (6 pcs.);
  • nails
  • hinges for a cover;
  • wood screws.

Of the tools needed:

  • hammer;
  • screwdriver.

Step-by-step manufacturing instructions

Instructions for making a box with a lid are as follows:

  1. Using the hammer and nails, create a box frame from the bars.
  2. Sheathe the frame with plywood, boards or chipboard.
  3. On the back wall and the cover of plywood, boards or chipboard, attach the hinges using screws and a screwdriver.

Important! For thermal insulation, craftsmen advise using the lower parts on vertical bars as legs. In this case, the bottom should be designed 5 to 10 cm above the floor.

Common mistakes

Even experienced gardeners are not safe from making mistakes.

Among the most common are the following:

  1. Temperature is below 0 ° С. Mistakenly believing that frost contributes to long-term storage, owners do not control the lower temperature limit. As a result, vegetables freeze, and most of them become unusable.
  2. Accommodation on an open balcony . As in the previous paragraph, the problem is the overcooling of tubers. Non-glazed rooms are best avoided.
  3. Rinse tubers . Washed potatoes will not keep a fresh look for a long time. Such processing is necessary immediately before ingestion.
  4. Storage of spoiled fruits . Dispose of damaged and rotting specimens at the preparation stage. It is advisable to check the vegetables for rot, drying out or other damage throughout the entire period - it is highly recommended not to store such fruits with other vegetables.

Did you know? One of the deities of the pantheon of the ancient Incas was Akso-mama - the goddess of potatoes.

Keeping potatoes on the balcony is not at all difficult if you select the right packaging and maintain the necessary conditions. With properly organized storage, vegetables will retain their freshness and pleasant taste for a long time.

Video: storing potatoes in the winter on the balcony

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