How to quickly and properly peel corn at home?

Corn is a fairly popular crop. It is widely used for human consumption, and also goes to livestock feed, so in everyday life one often has to deal with such a problem as cleaning the cob and separating grains from it. How to do it better, we will tell further.

How to clean the corncob: step by step instructions

A corncob is hidden behind tight-fitting leaves and villi - they must be removed before cooking.

Here's how to do it quickly:

  1. Lay the cobs in a place convenient for you, put a trash can nearby. If you have a lot of product, then it is best to spread a tablecloth or fabric in front of you, on which you can fold the leaves, and then transfer them to the bin.
  2. Pick up the ear. Which hand you should hold it in depends on whether you are right-handed or left-handed: you do not need to hold the corn in your working hand so that the second one can easily remove the foliage.
  3. Suppose you are right handed. Then with your left hand you should hold the ears in the middle, and with your right hand push the leaves from the top of the ears so that you can grab onto it with your left hand.
  4. Pull the leaves down sharply, as if turning them inside out. Cut them with a knife at the base.
  5. With the help of water, remove trash and put the product in a container.
Important! If during the cleaning process insects were found that damaged part of the ears, just cut the damaged area with a knife.

How to separate corn kernels from the cob at home

Typically, in cooking, the peeled product is cooked and then consumed, without preliminary separation of the grains. But there are times when you still need to separate them. How to do this, we will describe further.


Hands are most convenient to peel boiled corn.

Here is one way:

  1. Cook the crop and cool it so that you can hold the ear in your hand.
  2. Set a wide tank in front of you.
  3. Take a sharp knife in your working hand, and in the second hold corn.
  4. Gently with the end of a knife, begin to pick out one row of grains.
  5. Go through this method to the end of the row and repeat the action for the rest. You can separate the remaining rows of grains with your hands.

Video: how to clean corn from grains at home

With a husk

It is better to peel raw corn with the use of husks. This device is a container, inside of which there is a metal disk with teeth (tiller), driven by a motor or manually. The blades located just below the disk guide the grain into the output chute.

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All actions when working with this device are very simple:

  1. Prepare the cobs. Free them from the foliage.
  2. Place the product container near the husk.
  3. Place a container under the outlet to collect the finished product.
  4. Load the cobs into the husk, turn on the device.
  5. Open the grain collection flap.

Video: corn scrubbing with a husk

Useful Corn Cooking Tips

Some helpful corn cooking tips:

  1. Do not store long peeled corn, it is better to cook it immediately.
  2. It is also advisable to use the cooked product immediately, and not leave it for later, since its taste is significantly degraded over time.
  3. If you plan to fry or stew the culture, then leave one layer of foliage on it: it will turn out juicier.
  4. Do not salt when boiling. It is better to salt the dish before serving or just before being removed from the heat.
  5. Sort the corn by maturity before cooking, as the duration of the process depends on it. If you mix a product of different maturity, then some ears will become overcooked, while others will be undercooked.
  6. If the corn is overripe, then cut it in half and soak for four hours in a mixture of milk and water (1: 1). This will make the product softer.
  7. For cooking, it is better to use thick-walled utensils (cast-iron), since it retains heat better.
Did you know? Some scientists suggest that corn is the oldest bread crop in the world.

As you can see, all actions are very simple: they do not require special knowledge, skills and abilities. All you need is a knife or a hoe.

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