How to properly preserve peeled onions

The shelf life of onions in the husk can be quite long under the right temperature conditions and humidity; there are many traditional ways to create bundles or lay in boxes, which allows you to keep the product in a dry state and extend its shelf life. However, in this article we will talk about how to store peeled root crops, whether there are differences from the traditional method, and in what ways you can save it longer before eating.

Is it possible to store peeled onions

A peeled onion can remain in the cooking process in the kitchen, and this situation is not uncommon. Without a peel, it cannot be stored for a long time without a container or special treatment, since it can quickly wither and lose its useful properties. However, you can extend the life of a refined product by following certain rules and the advice of experienced housewives.

We recommend that you find out how and where to store onions in the apartment.

How to properly prepare peeled onions for storage

In order to preserve all the benefits of the vegetable, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Wash all peeled onion heads under running water, and then fold them into a container of cold water.
  2. Put the container with water and onions in the refrigerator and change the liquid for fresh every 2 days.
  3. As a container, you can use a plastic bag, which is also filled every 2 days with fresh water.

Methods for storing peeled onions

There are many ways to keep the onion-free bulb in the refrigerator without losing its benefit.

To do this, you can use:

  • a refrigerator;
  • freezer;
  • dryer.

Important! The reason why you can’t leave the peeled bulb at room temperature is the product’s ability to accumulate harmful substances from the air and other vegetables stored in the neighborhood. At the same time, onion loses vitamins, aroma and changes its structure.

In the fridge

You can store peeled onions in the refrigerator in several ways:

  1. If you plan short-term storage, you can send it in a tightly closed plastic container.
  2. Bulbs can be stored in a container with water provided that the fluid is regularly changed every few days if the storage period is planned to be longer, for example, several weeks.
  3. The remnants of a small amount of the product can be wrapped with cling film and also sent to the refrigerator. In this form, it will not lose its properties within 3-5 days.
  4. You can grease the cut half of the onion with fat or oil, and then send it to a cool place.
  5. The onion can be put cut on a plate with salt, but it must be stored in this case for no more than a week.
  6. Onions can be pickled. For the marinade, you need to take a little salt, sugar and apple cider vinegar, and cut the product into rings. The marinade must be poured onto the bottom of the container, and after laying the chopped onion, it is hermetically sealed and sent to the shelf in the refrigerator, where it can be stored for up to 1 month.

In the freezer

For storage in the freezer, it is recommended to finely chop the onion, after which the product is laid out on the boards in a thin layer. In this form, it is sent to the freezer, and after the onions are completely frozen, they are packaged in zip bags, removing air from polyethylene containers.

Important! You can not freeze the onion again, because then it will lose its taste and most of the useful ingredients. For convenience, the product in the freezer is packaged in small portions.

To use the frozen workpiece, you do not need to spend time defrosting it; you can immediately use the vegetable for cooking. Not only fresh food can be frozen. The peeled root crop, subjected to passivation, is also sent to the freezer as the original workpiece.

In dried form

This method allows you to save maximum benefits, as well as its advantage is the convenience of storage. Dried onions can be stored for a long time, in addition, the volume of the product is reduced by 10-15 times, which allows it to be folded into a fairly compact container.

Did you know? Onions are sweeter than apples and pears, that’s exactly what scientists say, according to which the natural sugar content in the bulb exceeds 6%. You can feel this taste after passivation, when caustic substances evaporate from the product.

For drying, you can use:

  • electric dryer;
  • oven in the stove.

In the process of preparing the product in this way, one should take into account the fact that the onion emits a sufficiently strong, unpleasant odor that children or people with sensitive mucous membranes may not like. So, the electric dryer can be moved to a balcony or placed on the street, or you can turn on the hood in the kitchen to improve ventilation and remove pungent odor.

Preliminary preparation before drying involves:

  1. Cutting into small pieces.
  2. Layout of slices in a thin layer on the trays of the dryer or baking sheet of the oven.
  3. Drying at temperature conditions +40 ... + 50 ° C.
Learn how to dry onions at home.

During the drying process, the product must be mixed so that it does not stick to the surface of the tray. It will turn out to dry completely onions after 3-4 hours, after which it must be sent to containers where it will be protected from moisture.

For these purposes, you can use glass jars, canvas bags, polyethylene with a zip lock. In order to speed up the drying process, you can pre-rinse the onion with boiling water, then dry it in the oven at a temperature of +60 ... + 70 ° C, and then lower the heating level of the oven and continue to dry the product until the moisture evaporates completely.

Storage time of peeled onions

A peeled vegetable, if it has been cut and not used, can be stored at room temperature for no more than a day. If the onion has been chopped and has not undergone any heat treatment, then it will be useful no longer than 12 hours.

If the onion peel has been removed and the product is left without its natural, protective shell, it should be used as soon as possible to get all the benefits, or properly stored, following the instructions above.

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