How to properly feed cucumbers with whey

Whey is a liquid that remains after the milk has curdled and filtered. This product is often used for cooking various pastries and some dishes. But few people know that he is also good in the garden. With its help, you can not only nourish the plant, but also get rid of many misfortunes.

Why spray cucumbers with whey?

Whey is obtained from the fermentation of milk in the production of cottage cheese, cheese, casein. The main part of its composition is water, and only 5% of the trace elements necessary for the growth and development of culture.


  • calcium;
  • potassium;
  • phosphorus;
  • magnesium;
  • nitrogen.

It also contains amino acids, vitamins and lactic acid bacteria.

What gives this product to the plant:

  • the root system is actively developing;
  • high growth of green mass;
  • active formation of the ovary;
  • lactic acid bacteria together with an alkaline level of culture create a protective field from diseases and pests;
  • lactic bacteria inhibit pathogenic microflora.
Did you know? If you treat the cucumbers with a whey solution during flowering, then you can reduce the number of empty flowers.

Timing and number of dressings

Experienced gardeners believe that the greatest effect can be achieved by alternating root and foliar top dressings of various kinds. Usually, the first top dressing of a plant is recommended to be carried out with the appearance of 2-3 real leaves. During this period, you need to combine both root and foliar top dressing so that young cucumbers can get stronger, do not stretch much and strengthen their immunity.

Seedlings planted in open ground or a greenhouse need to be fed one and a half weeks after the planting procedure. The next time you need to feed the plants after two weeks. Then, until the flowers open. The last time is recommended to water the plant with a nutrient solution during the formation of fruits and active fruiting.

Foliar top dressing is preferably carried out a week after planting seedlings with an interval of 5-6 days, until the plant grows stronger and gives a couple of fresh leaves. Further spraying is carried out only for therapeutic purposes.

How to prepare a solution of serum

Spraying and feeding cucumbers is not carried out in pure whey, since a dairy product is able to change the pH level of the soil in the wrong direction for the plant, which will affect its development. Therefore, for such purposes, a solution is prepared from serum. Important! Whey can be used either purchased or obtained independently from the fermentation of milk upon receipt of cottage cheese.


Depending on the purpose for which you plan to use the product, its concentration will be different. So, for a root infusion of a solution, a mixture of 1 part of serum with 10 parts of water is suitable. Leaves can be treated with a more concentrated solution (1: 3). Other components, such as iodine, can be added to the pest foliage mixture.

Step by step cooking instructions

The technology for preparing a basic whey solution is very simple:

  1. The necessary amount of a dairy product is taken, bought in a store or prepared independently, and warmed up to room temperature (+ 23 ... + 25 ° С).
  2. The amount of water required by the recipe is also heated to the indicated temperature.
  3. The components are thoroughly mixed.

How to feed cucumbers with whey

Feeding cucumber bushes with whey is absolutely not difficult.

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As fertilizer

It was previously mentioned that cucumbers are fed by the root and extra-root method. The first option is best used for young plants so that they absorb nutrients faster. On the bush, it is advisable to spend a liter of solution. The serum solution must be infused under the bush at a distance of 50 cm from its base. Soil acidity should be closely monitored at this time. Make a nutrient solution into the soil 2-3 times a month.

The second method is more applicable to adult bushes, as they already have lush greenery, through which nutrients are more actively absorbed. To increase the nutritional value of the mixture, you can add sugar: 100 g / 2 l of serum solution. In the same proportions, you can add yeast, iodine, wood ash.

For the treatment of cucumbers

For therapeutic purposes, use a serum solution with the addition of iodine. After processing the plant with such a liquid, a thin film remains on it, which protects the culture from the attack of diseases and pests. Unfortunately, this film does not last forever, so it must be renewed periodically. Important! It is impossible to carry out processing in windy weather, before rainfall or during them, on hot sunny days. It is advisable to start active processing in July, since during this period all misfortunes are usually activated. The procedure is carried out in the morning 2-3 times a month. Also, serum (2 l / 10 l of water) can be used so that the leaves do not start to turn yellow.

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What fertilizers are prepared on the basis of whey?

Based on whey, many nutritional mixtures can be prepared.

Here are some of the recipes:

  1. Recipe number 1 . 1 liter of yogurt is mixed with 9 liters of water at room temperature. 5-6 drops of iodine are dripped into the solution. It is used several times a month to accelerate the growth of culture.
  2. Recipe number 2 . A 50 liter barrel is filled with mowed grass. A bucket of ash is added to it. All is poured with serum. Leave for two to three weeks to roam warm. For plant nutrition, the mixture is diluted with water in equal proportions.
  3. Recipe number 3 . In 2 l of serum, mix 5 tbsp. l honey, 10 drops of iodine, 1 tbsp. ashes. All components are well mixed and insisted for two to three days. Apply as foliar top dressing during the flowering period.

Useful Tips

Finally, a few useful recommendations:

  1. It is better to start processing at the time of the start of the active formation of green mass.
  2. When processing during flowering, you need to try so that the serum does not get on the flowers, since the protective film will interfere with the pollination process.
  3. Spraying is carried out a couple of days before irrigation or precipitation, so that the nutrients have time to absorb.
  4. It is better not to spray it through the spray gun, since its nozzle can be blocked by the particles of cottage cheese present in the product.
  5. To better fix the solution on the green mass, you can mix shampoo into it.
Did you know? To speed up the process of compost fermentation, sour milk must be added to it. Whey is a universal remedy for solving most problems associated with the cultivation of cucumbers. This natural product allows you to cope with various pests and diseases that attack the crop, which is very useful for those who avoid the use of chemicals in the garden. In addition, it saturates the plant with nutrients no worse than complex mineral fertilizers.

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