How to preserve cherry tomatoes for the winter: the best recipes with step-by-step cooking

In the last month of summer, the housewives begin a “hot" period of conservation. At this time, the main varieties of tomatoes ripen, harvesting of which account for the lion's share of all stocks for the winter. Cherry tomato canning is popular because of the small size of the vegetable and its pleasant taste.

Selection and preparation of cherry tomatoes for preservation

There are many benefits to preserving cherry tomatoes. They are placed in any small, for example, a half-liter jar in sufficient quantity to eat at a time. Little tomatoes are very fond of kids because of the great taste and size.

Before harvesting tomatoes need to be selected and prepared. Only ripe fruits should be preserved. Each vegetable must be salable, namely, whole, without stains, rot. Before the process itself, the stems from the tomato must be removed.

Rinse the tomatoes before folding them into jars. If they are clean, without traces of earth, then it will be enough to rinse them once with water. If they are dirty with earth, it is necessary for some time to soak them in water, which after draining. Thus the main dirt will go away. Next is a control rinse.

How to preserve cherry tomatoes for the winter

There are many ways to close the cherry, to eat them in winter and spring. They differ in the method of seaming and its actual components. Over time, each mistress leaves herself a few favorite recipes and then uses them. Among the recipes that will be offered below, you are sure to find the right one for yourself.

We advise you to read how to pickle cherry tomatoes.

Classic way

In order to roll up two liters of cherry in the classic way, you will need:

  • a kilogram or a little more vegetables;
  • 20 peas of black pepper;
  • four leaves of laurel tree;
  • medium onion;
  • four garlic prongs;
  • approximately 1400 ml of water;
  • three tablespoons of vinegar;
  • salt about 40 g;
  • sugar - 60 g.

At the beginning of the process, the vegetables are washed well. Sealing containers, lids should be sterilized. The first is processed in an oven, a double boiler, a microwave. The lids are boiled in boiling water for a couple of minutes. Wash the vegetables, drain the remaining water.

The conservation process will not take much time.

We start like this:

  1. Put the water to boil.

  2. In each container, put a quarter of all spices on the bottom.
  3. Place the tomatoes in a container, piercing them a couple of times with a toothpick at the place of attachment to the stem.

  4. Place a quarter of the onion in each container.

  5. At the end of this process, the cherry is covered to the brim with boiling water, covered with a lid for about fifteen minutes. After waiting for the specified time, the water from the jars is drained into the pan.

    This will be the basis of the marinade, which ends like this:

  • sugar, salt dissolved in a liquid;
  • boil for up to five minutes;
  • pour vinegar at the end.
Important! As a rule, a liter capacity holds no more than half a kilogram of cherry tomatoes. Ready marinade is bottled in jars, which should be tightly tightened with lids. Inverted blanks are covered with any warm cloth and left for a day. During this time, the workpiece is completely cooled.

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No sterilization

The method of preservation without sterilization is quite simple.

The following ingredients will be left for a 1 liter jar:

  • a pound of cherry;
  • dill inflorescence;
  • clove of garlic;
  • part of the leaf and horseradish root;
  • a sprig of parsley;
  • laurel leaf;
  • two or three peas of pepper;
  • dried juniper berry;
  • a pinch of dried mustard seeds.

Important! The standard filling of a liter can is about 800 ml of marinade. The amount of ingredients should be proportionally increased in accordance with the volume of the jar.

Put boiling water.

First, the conservation process looks like this:

  1. In the place of attachment of the stem with a toothpick, pierce well-washed vegetables.

  2. Sterilize containers for preservation.
  3. Cover the bottom with spices and herbs.
  4. Put the cherry in the container.

  5. Sprinkle the tomatoes with mustard seeds, peppercorns and add juniper berries.

  6. Pour boiling water over each container to the brim.

While for twenty minutes the workpiece is in this state, we use this time to prepare the marinade from:

  • liter of water;
  • a tablespoon of salt;
  • two tablespoons of sugar;
  • 150 ml of apple or ordinary vinegar of five percent concentration.
Marinade is cooked in the classical way - it boils with salt and sugar, and then vinegar is poured. We don’t need water in the banks anymore, it merges. We replace it with a marinade and seal containers with lids. Leave the workpiece to cool for a day in a convenient place, after turning it over. After moving to a permanent place of storage.

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“You’ll lick your fingers” - this is often called the method of preserving sweet cherry. Children are delighted with these tomatoes, and, according to many reviews, they are the most delicious. Read also

The best recipes for pickled and canned sweet tomatoes Ingredients per liter jar:

  • 500-600 g of cherry;
  • a third of onion;
  • parsley - a twig or two;
  • half of garlic clove;
  • half a leaf of laurel;
  • pepper - two or three peas.

At the beginning of canning, we prepare cherry as standard, washing and piercing with a sharp object the junction with the stem. We sterilize jars with lids.

The step-by-step process looks like this:

  1. Parsley with garlic, laurel are placed on the bottom of the bowl.
  2. Next, add the cherry mixed with the onion.
  3. Add pepper peas.
  4. Pour tomatoes with boiling water.

Did you know? Wild tomato berry weighs about one gram.

The workpiece cools while the marinade is being prepared.

For him, take:

  • water - 1.5 liters;
  • salt - 3 tbsp. l .;
  • granulated sugar - 9 tbsp. l .;
  • vinegar 9% - 12 tbsp. l

Water boils - add all the ingredients, and the marinade is ready. Change the water in the banks for the marinade, seal them with lids, turn them over and let cool until the next day.

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Fans of spicy will appreciate the taste of spicy cherry.

To prepare a liter capacity, you need:

  • a pound of cherry;
  • a small pod or half a hot red peppercorn;
  • three garlic cloves;
  • black pepper peas - about ten;
  • allspice - two to three peas.

The components of the marinade:

  • water - liter;
  • a teaspoon of salt and nine percent vinegar;
  • 30 g of granulated sugar.

Spicy cherry are prepared like this:

  1. Wash the vegetables.
  2. Banks, caps to sterilize.
  3. Puncture each fruit at the stalk.

  4. Cut the red pepper into half rings or rings.
  5. Cover the bottom of the container with spices and garlic.
  6. Cherry put in containers.
  7. Cover the cherry with boiling water.
  8. Put the lid on top and leave for about twenty minutes.
  9. Boil the marinade, using all its components.
  10. Replace the liquid from cans with marinade.
  11. Seal with caps.
Billets can be stored anywhere after a day stand upside down.

Did you know? During the heat treatment of tomatoes, their beneficial components improve, but not worsen.

With celery

For the preparation of two liters of cherry with celery, which enhances their taste, take:

  • from 800–1000 g of vegetables;
  • one celery green part;
  • garlic - four cloves;
  • black pepper - five to six peas;
  • salt - 1 tbsp. l, sugar and vinegar - 1 teaspoon each.

The conservation process is as follows:

  1. We wash the washed tomatoes in the place of attachment of the stem with any thin sharp object.
  2. We sterilize containers for seaming.
  3. Cover the bottom of the jar with celery leaves, put garlic and spices on top.
  4. We put the cherry, cover them with boiling water. Allow 10 minutes to cool.
  5. In a large container, drain the liquid from the cans.
  6. Add salt, sugar.
  7. Boil and pour vinegar.
  8. The resulting fluid is poured into the workpiece and sealed with covers.

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With soy sauce

If you add soy sauce to the cherry, it will be extremely tasty. He will give her piquancy and improve taste characteristics.

To prepare a liter container, take:

  • 500-600 g of cherry;
  • parsley and dill - a pair of stems;
  • three garlic cloves and peppercorns;
  • two leaves of laurel.

The bottom of each pasteurized container is covered with spices, then they put the cherry. Cover to the top with boiling water, then close loosely with a lid.

For twenty minutes, while they cool, we cook the marinade, for which we need:

  • granulated sugar and soy sauce - two teaspoons each;
  • 800 ml of water;
  • salt - a tablespoon;
  • vinegar - a teaspoon.
Next is the classic recipe. We drain the water, change it to the marinade, turn it over, let it cool for a day.

How to store and how much canned tomatoes

After the cans with tomatoes stood upside down for a day, they can be transferred to a place of permanent storage. Canned cherry can be stored at home anywhere. The main condition is that in it the temperature does not fall to minus and does not rise above room temperature.

Store canned cherry recommend no more than a year. Many people store them more, but their taste is lost, and the lid may deteriorate, so when consuming, the consumption volumes of such conservation should be taken into account. You can do a little with a margin, but no more.

Important! Store conservation is recommended in a dark place. Avoid direct sunlight. From this, it will become worthless.

Useful Tips

There are a number of recommendations that will make your canned cherry perfect, namely:

  • for canning, choose only ripe vegetables without external flaws;
  • a mixture of cherry varieties will look beautiful and unusual in a jar. To do this, you can add yellow, black, other types to the classic red;
  • use coarse salt;
  • spring water is best for preservation. If it is problematic to find, you can use purified;
  • fresh greens for preservation must be of high quality, without rot, mold;
  • Tomatoes in a jar should be folded tightly, but carefully. You can not squash vegetables;
  • during preservation, the tomatoes should be at room temperature. If they are cold, they will burst;
  • it is impossible to preserve ripe cherry; they will burst;
  • You can change the composition of spices in recipes to your liking.

Cherry tomatoes are very popular for canning. If the recipe is successful, then by the end of winter, many regret that they closed these tomatoes a little. In this regard, the classic never fails, but you also need to experiment.

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