How to name a calf: boy and girl

For some breeders, especially owners of small private farms, the birth of a calf is a joyful and important event. And here on the agenda comes the question: how to name a newborn. Sometimes all family members participate in the discussion. Consider what nicknames are for calves, their separation by gender, as well as how to teach the animal to respond to its name and whether it can then be changed.

How to name a calf by name

A baby with a pedigree pedigree is usually given a nickname starting with the first letter of the name of the mother cow (for girls) or the bull father (for boys). In any case, it should be borne in mind that any animal appreciates affection, and its name should have a pleasant listening sound.

It is believed that domestic cattle are not given human names, but, despite this, they are often given their gentle forms - Sanka, Lyolya, Nyusha and others.

Important! Some people recommend avoiding human names, since each of them has his own patron saint, so calling an animal is humanly considered sacrilege. In this case, there is a wide selection of the following names:

  • based on the period of birth - Sunset, Dawn, March, August, Night, Tuesday, Friday, Mike and the like;
  • from the name of natural phenomena that occurred during birth, for example, Rainbow, Breeze, Rain, Fog;
  • often domestic animals are given the names of famous people or characters - Caesar, Cleopatra, Carlson, Gavryusha, Assol, Alf, Stirlitz;
  • geographical names are also suitable - Havana, Palmyra, Berlin, Sahara, Nord, North;
  • floral or vegetable nicknames sound good for pets - Astra, Narcissus, Peony, Rosette, Chestnut, Yablonka, Yolka, Periwinkle and others;
  • based on physical parameters - Giant, Kid, Chernysh, Belyanochka, Pestrukh, Burenka, Lame, etc.
  • according to character traits - Laska, Milok, Sympathy, Savage, Veselchak, Molchun, Fidget (however, it should be noted that the real nature of the animal may turn out to be opposite to its name and some Dobryana may grow into a malicious individual);
  • you can use its origin, for example, for nicknames of horned English breeds, the names Lady, Albion, London, York are suitable, and for German breeds Berlin, German, Bavaria;
  • you can call a calf based on its purpose or desired properties - Casanova, Nursing, Schedrushka, Yogurt;
  • simply affectionate names - Sunny, Bunny, Lapushka, etc .;
  • by god’s name or status - Mars, Venus, King, Lord, President, Marquise;
  • with a touch of humor - Buzz, Fly, Masyanya, Murka, Skoda, Tuzik, Pirate, Hedgehog, Freak, etc.
We recommend finding out whether it is possible to feed calves with milk powder.

It is best to stay on a simple short name with affectionate notes. Optimally, if it will have a sound "p", because for animals it is the most memorable. Complicated or double nicknames are best avoided, because you will often call your animal to yourself, repeating its name more than once. It will not be easy for you to repeat Rosalind or Sylvester several times.

Important! When giving a calf a human name, one should take into account that it does not coincide with the name of a neighbor, acquaintances and relatives, since they can negatively relate to this. It is better to dwell on a rare or foreign name - Irma, Pedro, Silva, Louis, Jack.

List of calf nicknames

When choosing names, you can use the lists below in alphabetical order.

Cow Girls

For a female, you can select these names:

BUTAstra, Aurora, Anatu, Augustus, Alaska, Athena, Alenka, Ariel, Arizona;
BSquirrel, Bun, Belyanochka, Bead, Boyar, Brovka, Bodryachka, Bagel, Burenka, Butterfly, Barbie;
ATVeselka, Barbara, Vasilisa, Venus, Veselushka, Veronica, Wave, Cherry, Blizzard, Wanda;
GHera, Gerda, Dove, Pear, Thunderstorm, Dirt, Warmer;
DDana, Dushka, Gemma, Dekabrina, Juliet, Diana, Savage, Friendship, Dusychka, Haze;
HEREve, Blackberry, Evdoha, Europe, Christmas tree;
FBuzz, Zhanna, Jasmine, Zhelana, Zholy, Giselle;
3Winter, Fun, Star, Bunny, Zlata, Zaza, Dawn;
ANDIsis, Spark, Butterscotch, Igrunya, Junka, Isa, Idea;
TODrops, Kalinka, Queen, Carmen, Coquette, Button, Water Lily, Beauty, Tiny, Doll, Claudia, Klusha, Candy;
LWeasel, Lada, Lilya, Loire, Lady, Legend, Lyubushka, Lucy, Lyalya, Lyubka;
MMaya, Manyasha, Malinka, Madame, Mavka, Milady, Martha, Marquise, Motrya, Melody, Margosha, Matryoshka, Milena, Lightning, Snowstorm, Milka, Mary, Murka, Fly, Melissa, Mint, Mimosa;
NNaida, Night, Nona;
ABOUTOsinka, Ophelia, Ocher, Orbit, Odette;
PPava, Peacock, Princess, Sly, Midnight, Pestruska, Bun, Petunia, Snowstorm, Victory, Pony, Glade, Girlfriend, Pyshka, Fluffy, Bee, Fifteen, Pepper, Prima;
RRainbow, Rosette, Chamomile, Ryzhulya, Rowan, Ryabuha, Dew, Rosemary;
FROMSarah, Sentyabrina, Bet, Tale, Snowball, Sugar;
TTikhonya, Mystery, Tilda, Tasha, Tasya, Cloud;
AtGood Luck, Joy, Clever;
FFrau, Violet, Fairy, Fanny;
XKhortytsya, Praise, Mistress, Christ;
TsGypsy, Queen, Tsipa, Circus;
HCherry, Chernukha, Roan, Chistyulya;
WShusha, Bump, Joke;
EElka, Eureka, Emma;
YUUtah, Yula, Southerner;
I AMYara, Yarina, Yablonka, Jasper, Fair.
Did you know? If you talk softly with a cow before milking, she will give more milk. Conversely, negative behavior and gross intonation will cause a decrease in milk yield.

Goby Boys

The stronger names are suitable for the following nicknames:

BUTAlf, Apis, August, Cupid, April, Adam, Arkasha, Agat, Apricot, Astral, Aborigine;
BBusiness, Bormann, Borka, Bonaparte, Beaver, Bodryak;
ATVaska, Vanka, Free, Whack, Breeze, Giant;
GHudson, Giant, Hannibal, Gorynych, Leader, General, Guy, Gavryusha, Thunder, Nail, Darling, Hans, German, Guarantor, Hector, Dahlia;
DDick, Donbass, Dadon, Dnieper, Danube, Angelica, John, Dubok, Rain, Joker, Dandy, Deposit, Dobrynya;
HEREmelya, Elisha, Ermak, Yenisei, Yerema, Hedgehog;
FJacques, Zhivchik, Zhigan, Groom, Jules;
3Zeus, Wintry, Bison, Spool, Healthy;
ANDHoarfrost, Iris, Raisins, Manchurian deer, Iroquois, Ideal, Interest;
TORoot, Fortress, Cedar, Cavalier, Casanova, Kolchak, Cyprus, King;
LPet, Lavrik, Loki, Levkoy, Lexus, Louis, Pet, Lel;
MMarquis, Mars, Marcus, May, Mr., Minister, Marshal, Macho, Muller, Hammer, Murom, Sailor, Munich, Bear, Medoc, Milock;
NNovember, Nero, Nord, Newton, Sissy, Innovator;
ABOUTOctober, Mischievous, Odysseus, Oligarch, Orange, Eagle, Oscar;
PPiebald, Peter, Motley, Porthos, Peach, Donut, Noon, Pervak;
RRomeo, Roger, Rambo, Rocco, Ricci, Ronaldo, Ramses;
FROMSenya, Spartak, Elephant, Sarmatian, Scythian, Stozhok, Samson, North, Secret, Socrates;
TTarzan, Fat Man, Tibet, Caraway, Tamerlan, Totem, Ace, Poplar, Fog, Titan;
AtCorner, Ulan, Hurricane;
FThomas, Format, Queen, Feudal, Foros, Flint, Franz;
XSlave, Brave, Chrome, Hill;
TsCaesar, Tsarevich, Zurich, Circus, Gypsy;
HChurchill, Chubchik, Charlie;
WChocolate, Rustle, Minx;
USherbet, Goldfinch;
EElvis, Standard, Eros;
YUJupiter, Julius, Humor, Eustace;
I AMArdent, Yarila, Ash, Iason, Amber.

How to teach a calf a nickname

To accustom a calf to a nickname, it is recommended to repeat it more often when standing next to it. In this case, you need to use gentle and melodic intonations. The animal will eventually begin to respond to its name when accessing it.

Did you know? Cows and bulls respond to their name in the same way as dogs. They have a good memory - they remember people in the face, their smell, voice and color of clothes. They themselves can find their way home from the pasture.

Is it possible to change the nickname

Most large livestock farms use a specific list with a list of nicknames to quickly determine the name for the calves that appear. Each animal gets its nickname from the available list, since it does not matter for the owner what name the animal will be given. When purchasing a calf, cow or bull for a tribe, the new owner may be dissatisfied with the nickname and will want to change it. In this case, do not worry that the cow is accustomed to the old name and will not respond to the new one.

There are many situations where new owners changed the name of the animal without any negative consequences. It is only necessary to take into account that cows are accustomed precisely to the consonance of their name, therefore, when choosing a new nickname, you should pay attention to the fact that it was in sound form similar to the old one. So the animal will begin to respond to it faster.

Did you know? In the old days in Russia it was customary to change the name for the cow in order to protect it from the "bad eye" and evil spirits. Each year, a special ritual was held to protect domestic animals from all sorts of troubles and diseases. It’s better not to give the calf a human name or get along with a rare form, you can use a foreign one. There are many other, more interesting names, in addition, the nickname can always be changed.

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