How to make a pumpkin out of paper for Halloween with your own hands

All Saints Day - or, as the whole world knows, Halloween, is an amazing celebration that has a rich history, vast geography and a lot of amazing traditions. A mandatory attribute, without which it is simply impossible to imagine Halloween, is a pumpkin that helps to scare away evil spirits. Learn how to make an original pumpkin for the holiday yourself and how to creatively prepare the interior.

Description of the main holiday symbol

Halloween, originally called Samain, dates back to Ireland, where locals celebrated the end of the harvest and the coming of the New Year from October 31 to November 1. They were convinced that on the eve of this day, the worlds of the living and the dead meet. To protect themselves and their home from evil spirits, people tried to become like them and dressed in terrible clothes.

Did you know? Initially, in Ireland, a turnip served as Jack's lamp. A little later, when the tradition of celebrating the holiday came to America, it was replaced by a pumpkin.

Also, a pumpkin was called up to scare away evil spirits, or rather, terrifying physiognomies cut from it. A pumpkin, or Jack's lamp, was considered a symbol of the end of the harvest, a mask made of it was an attribute from an evil spirit, and a lit candle was intended to scare away various evil spirits.

More recently, Halloween or All Hallows Eve (All Saints Day) was celebrated exclusively in the United States and Canada, but today it has gained wide popularity in many European countries.

The modern holiday does not carry a ritual character or a satanic context. On this day, various parties or carnivals are held. People dressed in corpses, werewolves, vampires and other evil spirits, have fun, dance and sing.

And the main lesson on All Saints Day is to visit houses and beg for refreshments with the legendary phrase “Trick or Treat”, which means “Trick or treat” or “Trick or treat”.

Pumpkin is the most useful and most important vegetable for both men and women.

How to make a Halloween pumpkin out of paper: interesting ideas

There is a huge variety of models of pumpkin lights for Halloween. They serve as the original decoration of houses, fences, balconies, tree trunks, shrubs. Let's figure out how to make pumpkin lanterns yourself using improvised items.

Beautiful voluminous pumpkins

The simplest, affordable and cheapest material for making pumpkins is plain paper. Using origami techniques, you can create real paper masterpieces that can please guests and become an amazing decoration of your home interior.

To make voluminous pumpkins, it is necessary to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • color paper of orange and green color (single-sided and double-sided);
  • transparent tape;
  • scissors;
  • glue stick;
  • a simple pencil.
Option number 1 . Volume pumpkin flashlight made without glue.

The creation of the “Queen of Halloween” is based on the following steps:

  1. A4 sheet in orange color folded in half.

  2. Expand the sheet and cut along the fold line into two parts.

  3. Put one resulting strip end-to-end with the other and connect with a transparent tape.

  4. Bend the right and left side of the strip to the middle, smooth it well.

  5. Bend the right and left sides of the resulting structure back to the corresponding edges, smooth again.

  6. Turn the sheet completely, fold the right and left sides back to the center.

    It should be a kind of "accordion".

  7. Bend the accordion in half along the line of the previously formed fold (the one that is glued with tape).

  8. Bend the element across, iron all sides.

    It should be a small book.

  9. On a green sheet, draw a tail to the pumpkin and a small rectangular strip.

  10. Cut drawn elements.

  11. Expand the booklet in the center and in the middle of one side glue the green tail with tape.

  12. Fold the book back, fasten it with a stapler at the fold, backing 1 cm from the bottom and top of both edges.

  13. Fold a book in half, draw a rounding in three corners with a pencil, cut.

  14. Expand the resulting product, fasten the extreme sheets with tape together.

  15. Gently spread all the sheets to get a circular, three-dimensional structure.

  16. Attach the green strip with tape near the tail.

Important! After gluing all the elements, it is recommended to cut the edges of the sheets with scissors so that they are as even and equal as possible.

Bright and voluminous pumpkin - ready.

Option 1: Volumetric pumpkin flashlight made without glue

Option number 2. Pumpkin lamp made of stripes.

To make a flashlight from small strips, you need:

  1. On an orange sheet of paper, draw 8 stripes, 2x10 cm in size.

  2. Cut the strips with scissors.

  3. On the same paper draw a circle with a radius of 2.5–3 cm, cut it out.

  4. A similar circle is cut out of green paper.

  5. On green paper, draw a strip measuring 3x10 cm, cut.

  6. Bend the green strip in half, unfold, cut from the left edge at the level of 3 cm to half and cut the strip in half from it to the end.

  7. In the remaining piece, make small incisions resembling grass.

  8. Cut the cut strip in half.

  9. Cut the green circle around the edges in the form of small waves.

  10. Using a pair of scissors, round off all orange strips (use a sharp movement to draw the metal part of the scissors into strips).

  11. Glue the orange stripes at one tip on the orange strip according to the pattern: one opposite the other, cross to cross, diagonally.

  12. In the same order, glue the strips below the green circle.

  13. As a result of the event, a ball of stripes will be obtained.

  14. Wind the green strip on the side where there is no "grass", wind it onto a pencil, stick the edge so that the element does not unwind, remove it from the pencil.

  15. Spread the grass on the element, spread with glue and stick to the surface of the green circle. This will make a pumpkin tail.

  16. Twist the two remaining green strips with scissors and gently stick in the middle of the tail.

With this embodiment, the flashlight turns out to be very light, airy and extremely beautiful.

Option 2: Striped Pumpkin Lamp

Option number 3. Volume flashlight from slices.

The technique for preparing the third model of the festive pumpkin is as follows:

  1. A sheet of orange single-sided paper folded in half.

  2. Expand, fold each side again in half along the center.

  3. Bend the sides to each other with the back side.

  4. Attach any round object to the strip so that on the left side the circle slightly extends beyond the edges of the paper.

  5. Circle the pattern with a pencil, cut out the element.

  6. Cut similar elements from the entire strip. 12 pieces should be formed.

    Cut 12 identical pumpkin tips from green paper, after having previously drawn their sketch on paper.

  7. Turn the orange elements over with the white side and glue the ponytails in the upper left corner.

  8. Spread one side of the orange semicircle with glue and glue the other orange semicircle on top. So do with all the elements.

  9. In the resulting product, glue the first and last sheets together.

  10. Gently smooth all the petals so that the pumpkin turns round.

An airy, voluminous pumpkin is ready, it remains only to decorate an apartment or yard with it.

Option 3: Volumetric Flashlight

Did you know? The main colors of Halloween are considered black - symbolizes death, and orange - is a symbol of harvest.

For more information about making bulk pumpkins, see the video below.

Video: 3 options for making pumpkins out of paper

From an old book

You can make an original and exclusive pumpkin that will delight not only with its unusual appearance, but also with the creativity of the idea from an old book.

To do this, it is recommended:

  1. Take a quality-stitched book. Recommended Reading

    How to store pumpkin at home? The stronger the book is stitched, the stronger the pumpkin will become.
  2. Cut the edges of the book with a knife or scissors in a semicircle so that an oval-shaped product is obtained.
  3. Paint the whole structure with orange gouache: dilute the paint with a little water, and lower the edges of the book. You can paint the structure with a regular brush.
  4. Dry the workpiece.
  5. Glue the first and last sheet of the book between each other, evenly distribute the rest.
  6. Make a tail out of any wooden peg, place it in the center of the pumpkin.

Video: How to make a pumpkin from an old book

To make the pumpkin uniform, all the “petals” should be carefully straightened. The result should be a voluminous, lush pumpkin with numerous slices.

Having a stock of old unnecessary books in the house, you can make a lot of pumpkin lanterns on Halloween that differ in shapes and sizes.

If there are not enough vitamins, try pumpkin juice, the beneficial properties of which cannot be overestimated. It is easy to prepare at home, so you can have a tasty and healthy drink on hand at any time.

Pumpkin lanterns

Of course, the main decoration of this holiday is considered a real pumpkin and various crafts from it, in particular, lanterns. Making a lantern from fresh vegetables does not require much labor and time.

To do this, you must:

  1. Cut the top from the vegetable with a sharp knife, while the size of the cut should be sufficient to easily stretch the pulp.
  2. Peel the pulp out of the pumpkin.
  3. From the outside of the vegetable draw a pencil eyes, nose, mouth.
  4. Cut out the elements of the “face” with a sharp knife.
  5. At the bottom of the pumpkin, make a small notch and place a candle there.
  6. Flashlight close pumpkin cap.

Video: Jack Lantern do it yourself

If there are difficulties with drawing a “face” for the flashlight, you can use ready-made templates and stencils that are easy to find on the Internet.

Important! Do not place a pumpkin with a lit candle next to flammable objects to avoid a fire.

How to decorate the interior beautifully

Halloween is not just dressing up in the dead, vampires, witches and other evil spirits; it is, first of all, the atmosphere. Therefore, to design a stylistic interior, experts recommend sticking to a few tips:

  1. Theme . The first thing to do is pick up a topic. It can be Gothic, vampire, cemetery, pirate, mixed. The main thing is that all subsequent elements of the party - in particular, clothing, attributes, symbols - are built on it.

    Halloween Party Womens Looks

    Halloween Party Masculine Example
  2. Lighting Bright light prevents immersion in the world of devilry and demons, therefore it is necessary to create a muted atmosphere in the room, light candles, replace bright bulbs with dimmer ones. You can cover the lighting with dark fabrics or paper.

  3. Attributes In the interior of the room must be present objects of orange, gray, black shades. Furniture can be covered with white sheets, and for table setting it is better to use tablecloths in dark colors, which in combination with sheets will depict the atmosphere of a “haunted house”.

  4. Decorative elements . From black paper, it is necessary to cut thematic symbols, such as spiders, skulls, bats, owls, rats, etc. Then, using double-sided tape, glue them on any surfaces and bases. Did you know? There is an unusual disease called Samainophobia, that is, an obsessive fear of Halloween. For the drama of the situation, it is recommended to hang in the room an artificial web, heads from dolls, various polygonal toys (polygonal toys) of the corresponding subject.

You can complete the design of the apartment by placing luminous pumpkin lights in the corners. Musical compositions suitable for the theme and various frightening sounds will help to complement the holiday atmosphere.

You can make delicious jam or marmalade from a bright pumpkin.

Halloween is a great occasion to have fun with your closest people, friends or just nice acquaintances. You can organize a truly sinister atmosphere with your own hands, using the most ordinary improvised materials.

Creative vein and a little time will allow you to organize a stunning party, which will be remembered at least until the next All Saints Day.

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