How to make a facial cabbage mask?

Folk cosmetology is based on the use of vegetables, fruits and berries for the prevention and treatment of various aesthetic defects. Cabbage is an indispensable item for feminine beauty; masks from it allow you to quickly get rid of a number of cosmetic problems, in particular, wrinkles, blackheads, rashes, and dry skin. What is the use of cabbage for the face, and when it is better to refuse it - more on this later in the article.

Nutrients in Cabbage

Cabbage is one of the most affordable and sought-after vegetables, which has excellent taste, nutrition and a high content of substances useful to the human body. Did you know? In Japan, cabbage is widely used not only as a tasty and healthy vegetable: it is grown as a decorative culture that adorns city parks and flower beds until late autumn.

As part of the vegetable, several of the most important mineral and biologically active components for human skin can be distinguished:

  1. Vitamins A and E - prevent premature aging, eliminate inflammation and dryness of the skin, normalize fat balance, and take an active part in regenerative processes.
  2. Ascorbic acid - cleanses from harmful substances and toxins, reduces the harmful effects of free radicals, restores the integrity of skin tissues, promotes the rapid healing of wounds.
  3. Folic acid (vitamin B9) - combats inflammation, eliminates acne and acne, relieves irritation, protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation, positively affects the growth of new cells.
  4. Vitamin K - serves as a prophylaxis of puffiness, eliminates pigmentation, and helps brighten the skin.
  5. Choline (vitamin B4) - normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands, eliminates oily sheen, protects cells from damage, reduces the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood.
  6. Potassium - takes part in the regulation of water balance, moisturizes the cells of the epidermis.
  7. Calcium - restores the barrier functions of the epidermis, supports the natural elasticity and elasticity of collagen fibers, takes part in the regulation of lymphatic drainage metabolism.
  8. Iron - preserves the radiance of the skin, protects against the negative effects of external factors, prevents its dryness and peeling.

In addition, organic acids are present in cabbage, which slow down the aging process, activate cell metabolism, and contribute to the deep moisturization of the epidermis.

The benefits of cabbage for the skin

The use of cabbage for the face is difficult to overestimate, since it has a multifunctional effect: rejuvenating, tightening, tonic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, whitening, wound healing.

The effectiveness of vegetable masks is that they are perfect for any skin - dry, sensitive, oily, combination and normal. Using such cosmetics, many aesthetic problems that cause discomfort in women can be eliminated.

  • Cabbage masks are capable of:
  • get rid of facial expressions and significantly reduce deep wrinkles;
  • eliminate dryness and peeling;
  • get rid of acne, inflammation, acne and irritation;
  • remove age spots, lighten the face;
  • tighten the skin, have a visible lifting effect;
  • make the tone of the face even;
  • improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin;
  • to tone the skin;
  • make the skin matte and smooth.

Important! A morning cabbage mask allows you to quickly remove signs of fatigue and give your face a fresh, radiant and healthy look.

Is it possible to make a mask from cabbage juice?

In cosmetology, not only fresh leaves of cabbage are widely used, but also juice from it . It has particular effectiveness in the treatment of wounds and festering ulcers, various inflammations. Fresh cabbage juice has a useful and rich composition, which ensures its high healing qualities for the face. The liquid is absorbed much faster into the skin, which contributes to a faster onset of the desired effect.

Masks from cabbage fresh make it possible to care for aging skin, they contribute to deep cleansing of the skin, increase the elasticity and firmness of the epidermis, help to successfully fight wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones. Important! Regular use of cabbage juice in masks has a positive effect on people with vitiligo. This is a disease that is characterized by the presence on any part of the body of spots of a milky hue, formed due to the disappearance of the pigment melanin.

For the preparation of masks, only fresh juice should be used, which is prepared as follows : the leaves of cabbage are crushed, twisted through a meat grinder, squeezed juice with gauze. The acids produced in cabbage fresh make it possible to normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands, prevent clogging of the pores, and help to cleanse the epidermis and eliminate inflammation.

Recipes and uses

In folk cosmetology, there are a huge number of different recipes for face masks from cabbage, but all of them can be divided into categories according to the type of skin.

Masks for oily skin - designed to cleanse the skin, normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, eliminate oily sheen, get rid of acne and inflammation, make your face dull and fresh: Do you know? The Chinese were the first to invent sauerkraut, but at first the vegetable was soaked not in saline, but in wine. This dish fed the slaves who were engaged in the construction of the Great Wall of China.

  1. Cleansing and whitening . For its preparation you need 1 tbsp. l mix slurry of fresh cabbage with 1 tsp. gruel of fresh cucumber and slightly beaten egg white. Mix the mixture, apply on face, rinse with cool water after the gruel is completely dry.
  2. Nourishing and moisturizing . Prepare the product in this way - 2 sheets of cabbage need to be chopped, placed in a container and pour a small amount of milk. After boiling, boil the mixture for 5 minutes, remove from heat, cool, make gruel. Apply the resulting composition to the skin, rinse after 30 minutes.

Masks for dry skin . The main purpose of such funds is to eliminate dryness and peeling of the skin, reduce irritation and redness, deeply moisturize and nourish the epidermis:

  1. For flaky skin . Preparing a mask is quite simple - you need 3 tbsp. l mix the gruel from the vegetable with one yolk and 1 tsp. olive oil. Apply the mixture on the face, rinse with warm water after 15-20 minutes.
  2. From dehydration . A tool that helps saturate the skin with moisture, is prepared this way - to 2 tbsp. l cabbage gruel should be added 1 tsp. honey, 1 tsp fresh chopped yeast, 2 tbsp. l fresh apple. Apply the resulting slurry with a thick layer on the face, hold for up to 25 minutes, rinse with cool water.

Masks for combination and normal skin - allow you to maintain normal skin condition, moisturize and nourish the epidermis, prevent loss of elasticity and elasticity of the skin:

  1. Nutritious. To make it, you need to mix 50 ml of fresh cabbage juice with 1 tsp. grated boiled carrots and 1 tsp. honey. Put the gruel on the face, wash off after 20 minutes.
  2. From acne. Prepare a tool according to this algorithm - 2 tbsp. l the pulp of cabbage needs to be mixed with 2 tsp. the pulp of a lemon and a few drops of olive or almond oil, apply to the skin. After 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Masks for aging and aging skin . Such funds serve as an excellent prevention of aging of the skin - they tighten the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, whiten, relieve age spots, restore elasticity and tone:

  1. Tightening. In order to prepare the product, it is necessary to grind 2 cabbage leaves in a meat grinder, add protein and a little fat sour cream to the pulp, so that a uniform thick consistency is obtained. Place the mixture on the skin, wash off after 20 minutes.
  2. From wrinkles. Mix the juice of the described vegetable in equal parts (1 tbsp. Each) with liquid honey, add 5 drops of lemon or orange juice. Apply the mixture in a thick layer on the skin, cover with a cotton cloth. After 20 minutes, rinse with cool water.
Important! When using cabbage masks, only freshly prepared product should be used. Grated cabbage pulp quickly loses its useful properties and is not able to have the desired effect.


Like any natural product, with illiterate use, cabbage can harm the skin.

  • Contraindications to its use are:
  • individual intolerance to the product;
  • tendency to allergic reactions;
  • serious diseases of the skin, in particular, eczema, dermatitis, open wounds;
  • hypersensitivity of the skin.

Adverse reactions after the use of cabbage masks are extremely rare, but before applying them to the face, it is recommended to conduct a sensitivity test and possible allergic reactions.

Tips for using cabbage masks

In order to maximize the effectiveness of products based on cabbage or cabbage juice, experts advise to follow some important rules when carrying out procedures:

  • fresh cabbage and juice from it is recommended to be used for dry, irritated and sensitive skin, since they are characterized by a pronounced moisturizing effect, perfectly cope with peeling and dryness;
  • owners of oily skin type need to use masks from sauerkraut, which remove greasy shine, make the face matte and smooth, fight acne and black spots;
  • products based on seaweed have a rejuvenating effect and a lifting effect, therefore they are excellent for skin that fades, ages, has lost its elasticity, and has wrinkles;
  • to withstand cabbage masks on the skin for a strictly specified time, since a longer use can lead to the development of severe hyperemia (redness). The duration of the drug is 15-25 minutes;
  • masks based on cabbage must be carried out in courses - about 10 procedures, no more than 2-3 times a week;
  • masks are more effective after a bath or hot bath.

Cabbage has long been widely used in the field of folk healing and cosmetology. This simple, affordable, inexpensive, but very valuable vegetable allows you to stop premature skin aging, get rid of wrinkles and age spots, tighten the skin and even out the tone of the face. Did you know? Medical studies have confirmed that cabbage contains unique substances that slow down the process of division of cancer cells and prevent the formation of new ones.

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