How to make dill, garlic and lemon sauce

Dill is a summer seasoning; any housewife wants to preserve her taste and aroma for the winter. In this article, we will consider how to prepare for the future a sauce of green dill, lemon and garlic, which, in cold storage, does not lose shelf life for three months.

Selection and preparation of dill

For the preparation of garlic-dill paste, only young herbs are chosen, with a soft stem and a lush “crown”.

Did you know? Dill was known as a medicinal plant to the Romans and the ancient Greeks. Wounded warriors applied dill seeds to wounds, thereby speeding up the healing process.

Good greens will have a bright dark green color and a characteristic aroma. Faded or yellowed stems are not suitable for pasta or sauce.

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How to make dill paste

This sauce can be made in large volumes, for this it is necessary to increase the specified number of ingredients in the right proportions. If you put the sauce on toasted slices of brown bread, you get a full and very tasty appetizer of dill with garlic and lemon in a hurry.

Important! All bones that fall into the blender bowl when extracting the juice from the lemon must be carefully selected and removed from the future sauce, there should not be any impurities in it.

20 minutes steps 5 ingredients video recipe

  • dill

    200 g

  • salt

    1 tsp

  • garlic

    1 head

  • lemon

    1 PC.

  • mustard or olive oil

    100 ml

Nutrition value per 100 g of product: Calories 40 kcal Protein 2.5 g Fat 0.5 g Carbohydrate 6.3 g
  1. The greens are washed well in running water, allowed to drain moisture, and then additionally dried using a cotton towel. The whole dill is placed on a cutting board, the beam is cut into lengths of 5-6 parts, and then placed in a blender bowl.
  2. Garlic is sorted into slices, after which each is peeled. To facilitate the work of the blender, each garlic clove is cut into two or three parts and poured into a bowl.
  3. Lemon is thoroughly washed and wiped with a kitchen towel. Using a grater, rub one teaspoon of lemon peel, which is placed in a grinder cup.
  4. The lemon is cut in the middle, and squeezing in the hand, juice is extracted from the fruit, which is also poured into a blender bowl.
  5. Coarse salt and mustard or olive oil are added there. Close the blender and turn on the chopper for a few seconds (5-10 sec.). The pasta is ready.

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Terms and features of storage

Ready sauce is poured into prepared clean and dry and the container is tightly closed with a lid and stored in the refrigerator for three months. Dill dressing will remain valid longer if you pick it from a jar with only a dry and clean spoon.

Learn how to dry dill at home.

Garlic-dill sauce can be used to season boiled potatoes and other dishes. Amid the snowy winter, the aroma of garlic and herbs will remind you of summer and will give appetite to dining people.

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