How to make compote from grapes

Stewed fruit is a great way to use excess fruit. They are suitable for everyday use as drinks and the preparation of jellied fruits. Such fruits will become an indispensable ingredient for home baking, decorating ice cream and other dishes. The review is devoted to the preparation of compote from grapes.

What grapes are better to take for compote

Juicy and sweet grapes of all varieties can be used for making compotes.

Varietal features give additional flavoring to the final product:

  • dark varieties give a rich taste and color;
  • light - a lighter taste with sourness.
Important! A cluster of leaking juice is evidence that grapes have begun to deteriorate and cannot be used in harvesting. Varieties with seeds provide a richer flavor than seedless grapes. Some housewives do not recommend preparing a drink from acidic varieties, considering its taste not very pleasant. But you can always add sugar, so if you like only sour varieties, then a delicious drink can come from them.

Choose for the preparation of fully ripened grapes, the elastic berries of which have no external damage, wrinkles. It is advisable to use large-fruited varieties - there will be more juice and less cloying from the presence of peels in the compote.

How to roll compote from grapes for the winter

To prepare a drink you will need to prepare containers, raw materials and additional ingredients.

Compote preservation technology includes 2 methods of harvesting:

  1. Processing components at high temperature.
  2. Canning in large amounts of sugar.

Feel free to experiment and try to make changes to the recipe. After all, delicious compotes are not necessarily the use of only one type of fruit. And the addition of spices will create a new aroma and affect the taste.

Did you know? Soda is the best way to clean containers. It is odorless, easily removes impurities and is harmless to humans. Soda was first obtained in 1736 from the water of a soda lake by the French chemist Henri de Monceau.

Kitchen tools

For canning, containers are required that can maintain tightness. It can be expensive glass jars with special lids with a metal spring, or the most ordinary ones that are rolled with tin lids. Both new and used containers must be thoroughly washed and sterilized.

To make compote from grapes, you will need containers and lids for it, a seaming machine, a pan for boiling syrup, a container for washing raw materials.

Preparatory work

The preparation of raw materials consists in thorough washing, removal of leaves, spoiled or unripe berries, small specks. For this, grapes are poured with water for 5 minutes, garbage is removed and the raw materials are washed a second time. Carefully washed grapes are placed in jars. Did you know? The largest bunch of grapes grown in Chile in 1984. The bunch weighed 9.4 kg. In order to close the drink, use 2- or 3-liter cans. For 1 kg of grapes you will need either two 2-liter jars or three liter. Cans are washed thoroughly with soda.

Containers are often steam sterilized. To do this, put a wire rack over a pot of boiling water and install a jar on it for 10 minutes. The purpose of sterilization is to prevent fermentation processes by treating containers with high temperature. Do not forget to boil the lids before corking the compote for 1 minute.


Recipe number 1


Classic simple recipe

1 h. 25 min. Ingredient Steps 2 Video Recipe

  • grape

    1 kg

  • sugar

    250 g per 1 liter of water

Nutrition value per 100 g of product: calories 77 kcal proteins 0 g fats 0.05 g carbohydrates 19.7 g
  1. Grapes are laid out in banks, filling up to 2/3 of the volume.
  2. Pour raw materials with boiling water and allow to cool to room temperature.
  3. Gently pour the resulting liquid into a separate pan and put it on medium heat.
  4. Sugar is added to the pan, brought to a boil and kept on fire until sugar is completely dissolved. Boil for 5 minutes.
  5. Pour the syrup into the jars and immediately seal them with lids.

Video recipe

What can be added for taste and aroma

For taste and aroma, spices are added to the compote - cinnamon, ginger, vanilla or other ingredients:

  • Cinnamon provides a delicate, firm spicy flavor. It goes well with apples and pears, but is also suitable for grapes;
  • ginger will give the same spicy flavor. Its smell gives off a little lemon. Hotness provides a pleasant warming effect from the drink. To add to drinks, use fresh ginger, as spices lose their taste and aroma over time;
  • spicy cardamom fruits add to the drink spicy with notes of citrus. Due to the large number of essential oils, this additive provides a fragrant aroma and spicy flavor;
  • vanilla is often used in sweet foods. Its addition to the drink will make it more fragrant.
Important! Due to the high sugar content, grapes cannot be eaten by diabetics. Also, with caution, it is given to children under 3 years old.

For the preparation of grape compote, you can add other fruits and get a grape-apple or grape-pear drink. For a compote with apples, you will need to peel them and blanch in hot water at a temperature of 90 ° for 10 minutes before using apple slices in a drink. Syrup can be sweeter using 300-400 g of sugar per 1 liter of water.

Pears also blanch, but not in water, but in 1% citric acid solution (1 g per 1 liter of water). Since pears do not contain their own acid, 0.5 g of citric acid per 1 liter of syrup is added to the recipe.

The addition of various herbs - peppermint, basil, tarragon can add aesthetics to the drink, but it will not particularly affect the taste. A sprig of mint will just look beautiful in a jar.

Read also how to close compote from grapes for the winter without sterilization.

How to store the workpiece correctly

Store preservation in a dry place away from sunlight. The bright sun can change not only the color, but also the taste of the drink. Stewed fruit is stored for no more than 1 year due to the gradual breakdown of vitamins.

Given the fact that grapes have seeds, after 2 years the compote will not only lose taste, but also become harmful to health due to the release of harmful substances from them. Normal air temperature during storage is +4 ... + 15 ° С.

Cooking compotes brings variety to your daily diet and provides you with additional vitamins in the cold season. Cook with pleasure, and your household will certainly be happy with this wonderful drink in the winter.

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