How to make and install do-it-yourself drinking bowls for pigs

Pig farming is a rather promising area of ​​farming. Pig breeding is carried out both for their own needs and as a business. But in any case, this is a rather troublesome task, requiring investment of money, effort and time. Facilitate the care of animals and their maintenance will help drinkers for pigs.

The value of drinkers in animal care

The presence of clean water is an integral part of the life of any living organism, and this is doubly important for farm animals: they often live in a confined space, they cannot get their own water, their existence depends entirely on the person.

For this reason, special attention must be paid to the constant availability of clean water in the drinking bowls.

This task will help to solve the equipment of the pigsty with automatic drinkers.

Important! The nipple for drinking should be selected depending on the age of the animal. For young animals, a small nipple is suitable, the tongue of which moves easily. An adult pig needs a larger nipple, with a tight tongue and a large fluid throughput.

The following are some of the benefits of installing such devices:

  • constant free access to water;
  • compact design;
  • the constant availability of fresh water in the required quantities;
  • the possibility of introducing drugs into the water;
  • the animal will not be able to accidentally turn the device over;
  • the ability to quickly and easily wash and treat the device with antiseptics.

Pig drinker requirements

At the moment, a wide selection of devices is presented on the market, in addition, it is quite easy to make a drinker yourself.

In any case, it must meet certain requirements, among which the following must be highlighted:

  • uninterrupted water supply;
  • free access to a drinking bowl for all pigsties;
  • water should be regularly updated, constantly be clean and fresh;
  • high-quality material from which the drinking bowl is made;
  • lack of leak;
  • the possibility of regular sanitization.

Of great importance is the material from which the device is made.

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The most common are:

  1. Stainless steel . An excellent option in all respects, except for the price, since it is quite expensive.
  2. Plastic Differs in ease and reasonable price, however animals can gnaw it rather quickly and render it unusable.
  3. A tree . Material from which more often than others independently drinkers are made. Environmentally friendly and durable material, but poorly sanitized.

If the maximum utility of the design is important to you and you are ready to pay for it, you should pay attention to such functions:

  1. Filter Prevents sand, debris, etc. from entering the water. In certain models it is installed as a “basic option”.
  2. Pressure sensor It controls the flow of fluid from the tank, opening it only if necessary (low water level in the drinker).
  3. Heated . The presence of a heating element is extremely important in winter - it prevents freezing of fluid in the tank, hose and nipple.


There are several types of car drinkers. Among the most popular are cup, nipple and trunk. If the latter type is intended for large-scale farms, then the first 2 varieties can be used in a small private farm or on a farm with a small population.

Did you know? One adult pig needs to drink 12-15 liters of water per day (to the boar-producer, pregnant or single uterus), and a pig weighing up to 10 kg is enough 1 liter of water daily.


Similar devices are of 2 types: nipple and pedal. The principle of operation of a cup drinker of a nipple (nipple) type differs little from a traditional nipple drinker.

Consists of the following components:

  • capacity for liquid;
  • hose with a nipple;
  • drinking bowl.

In such a device, there is always a certain amount of liquid in the bowl. When an animal comes to a watering hole and is applied to a pipe, it involuntarily affects the nipple. That, in turn, presses on the valve, opening the tank with water.

When the piggy has drunk, the nipple is in place, the valve blocks the flow of fluid.

In the embodiment of the cup device of the pedal type, the fundamental difference from the nipple is that instead of the nipple, the pedal acts on the valve. The animal, approaching the drinker, presses on this pedal with its mass, and it, in turn, actuates the valve.

  • Advantages of cup type drinkers:
  • water is not sprayed in the pigsty, since the spread of the spray limits the height of the bowl;
  • Profitability, thanks to which this type of device can be used even when there is no normal water supply;
  • simplicity and reliability;
  • thanks to a certain amount of liquid in the bowl, the piglet quickly gets used to the drinker.

  • Minuses:
  • the need for fairly frequent sanitation of the bowl, as the animal contaminates the tank when drinking.
Did you know? Pigs are wonderful swimmers.

Nipple (nipple)

A relatively new type of drinkers, which has already gained sufficient popularity. It is very convenient for breeding and keeping young piglets, but it is quite suitable for caring for adult animals.

The design consists of such parts:

  • a tank located above the level of water distribution (the difference in levels ensures the supply of liquid);
  • hoses (pipes) for supplying water from the reservoir to the distribution;
  • nipple (nipple), mounted on the end of the hose in the place of water consumption.

From the name of the design, it becomes clear that the key component of this device is the nipple (nipple), which is also the most difficult part in terms of design.

The nipple consists of the following parts:

  • a case made of metal or plastic;
  • valve;
  • filter.

The principle of operation of the device is quite simple: an animal, trying to get drunk from a pipe, presses on the nipple with its tongue. The nipple, in turn, acts on the valve that opens the fluid reservoir. While the pig is drinking (the tongue presses on the nipple), the valve is open, and as soon as it is drunk, the valve falls into place and the water supply stops.

  • Among the advantages of such a system are the following:
  • Ability to install multiple nipples from one tank. Each distribution point can be equipped at various heights, individually.
  • Profitability . As much water is consumed as needed, the drinker cannot be turned over or forgotten to close the tap.
  • Compliance with the highest sanitary requirements: nothing extra gets into a closed system.
  • Simplicity of design provides reliability and long service life.
  • There is no need for frequent sanitation .

  • Minuses:
  • a rather high price, which can scare away owners of small farms.


The simplest type of drinking bowl that you can make yourself in the shortest possible time.

It is a simple device consisting of the following components:

  • capacity for watering;
  • fluid reservoir (5-6 liter plastic bottle).

It acts as follows:

  1. The tank is filled with water and the lid is closed, after which it is installed above the drinking tank upside down.
  2. The distance between the lid of the tank and the bottom of the bowl (capacity) is selected individually. This distance corresponds to the level of water that will constantly be in the bowl.
  3. The cork is unscrewed, while water flows out of the tank, rising in the tank to the edge of the neck.
  4. As the liquid decreases from the bowl, water is automatically added from the reservoir.

This type of drinkers is more suitable for piglets, because adult animals need large-capacity tanks that are difficult to find.

  • Among the advantages of vacuum drinking bowls, it is worth noting such:
  • simplicity and reliability of the design;
  • no material investments are required.

  • The disadvantages of this device:
  • some bulky design, because of which frisky animals can overturn it;
  • more suitable for the care of piglets;
  • the need for regular cleaning of the bowl, which is contaminated from contact with piglets.

Did you know? Contrary to popular belief, pigs do not like to wallow in the mud because of their sloppiness. They remove skin parasites in this way: the dirt dries up and then falls off along with the insects dried in it.

How to make a drinker for pigs with your own hands

Before you start building a drinking bowl yourself, you need to determine the place for its placement. It is better not to place the device in the corner, as these animals usually defecate there.

You should also calculate the height of the nipple (the height of the wall of the cup), depending on the mass of the animal:

  1. For piglets weighing up to 15 kg, the approximate placement height of the nipple is 15 cm. The edge of the cup should not exceed 7 cm.
  2. For piglets weighing 15–20 kg, the average height of the nipple is 20–25 cm. The edge of the cup should be at the level of 9–11 cm.
  3. For young pigs (20–50 kg) the approximate level where the drinking nipple should be located is 33–45 cm. The height of the bowl is 14–16 cm.
  4. Adult (50–100 kg): nipple - 52–63 cm, bowl with sides 23–26 cm high.
  5. Adult pigs weighing more than 100 kg need a nipple height of about 68–72 cm, and bowls - about 28–32 cm.

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From a metal (cast-iron) pipe

This is the simplest drinker that you can make yourself. To do this, you will need a cast-iron pipe with a diameter of at least 0.4 m. The length depends on the number of livestock: for 2-3 pigs, 0.6–0.7 m is enough length, and if you have about a dozen adult individuals, you need at least 1 m length, and it will be necessary to make 2-3 constructions.

Collect the drinker in this way:

  1. The pipe is cut lengthwise, approximately in diameter, so that 2 gutters with a semicircular profile are obtained (a circle segment can be made slightly larger or smaller than the semicircle).
  2. The longitudinal part of the pipe (a semicircular groove) will be the basis of the drinker. Square pieces of metal are welded to it at the ends (the length of the side of the square is equal to the diameter of the pipe). Squares are the side walls and at the same time the supports of the drinking bowl, ensuring its stability.
  3. All edges must be carefully treated to avoid injury to animals.

Important! Such a device can be installed permanently by connecting a hose with a tap to it from the water supply. As necessary, open the tap and add water.


For the manufacture of a nipple type device, you will need such materials:

  • liquid tank (the best option is a plastic barrel with a lid);
  • hoses made of dense plastic of the required diameter (the length is selected individually, based on the distance from the tank to the place of drinking);
  • threaded nozzles (the diameter should be selected so that the hose fits tightly on it);
  • nuts, washers and rubber gaskets for nozzles;
  • nipples (the same amount as you plan to make places for distribution of water).

Nipple drinker for pigs: video

Construction assembly order:

  1. 3-5 cm above the bottom of the barrel, in the wall, holes are made (by the number of water distribution points) of such a diameter that the pipe fits tightly into them.
  2. The nozzles are fixed and sealed with nuts, washers and rubber seals (you can use sealant if necessary).
  3. A nipple is attached to the other end of the hose. If necessary, you can seal it by winding.
  4. The barrel is set higher than the level of the nipples (the higher the tank with water, the stronger the pressure will be). Nipples can be installed on a mounting rail, which, in turn, is mounted at the point of distribution of water.

This device can be made without the use of hoses by inserting nipples directly into the barrel wall. In this case, the tank is placed in the place where the animals will drink, and the nipples are mounted with a slight slope (it contributes to a better flow of water).

How to make heating for drinking bowls

Making a heated device at home is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Let's talk about how to make a heated drinking bowl on the basis of the design of the nipple type, which was mentioned above.

Important! For use in winter, it is necessary to use a good quality nipple, preferably plastic, which does not freeze in the cold.

To make the device we need:

  • a finished nipple drinker from a barrel, hoses and a nipple;
  • heating cable with thermal control system;
  • temperature regulator and heating element for water;
  • clamps couplers.

Assemble the device as follows:

  1. A heating element with a temperature regulator is placed in the tank (barrel).
  2. Using heating clamps, the heating cable is attached to a flexible hose connecting the tank to the nipple.
  3. Now it remains to set the desired temperature on the controller, fill the tank with water - and the design can be used. It is better to mount such a device before the onset of cold weather, then you will have time to test the drinker.

In conclusion, we can conclude that the automatic drinking bowl for pigs is a rather convenient thing that facilitates the care and maintenance of the animal. In the event that you have several pigs on the farm, and you know how to work with your hands, it is quite possible to make such drinkers yourself.

It will not be a lot of work, but it will save money on the purchase of a factory production structure.

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