How to handle cucumbers with boric acid?

Boric acid is often used by gardeners when growing cucumbers as a top dressing. Both the lack of this element and its overabundance can lead to unpleasant consequences. For this reason, the grower should figure out whether it is possible to use this drug in the garden and in what doses.

What is useful boric acid for cucumbers?

  • Fertilizing cucumbers with boric acid brings undeniable benefits to the plant, the result of treatments with preparations based on this element is:
  • active and healthy root development;
  • strengthening stems and leaves;
  • flowering process improvement;
  • the appearance of more ovaries;
  • yield increase;
  • improving the taste of ripened fruits.

Despite the benefits of boron, improper use can cause significant damage to the plant. An overdose is considered the most dangerous, from which the bush turns yellow and withers. The fruits of it are not worth it.

Signs of a lack of boron in cucumbers

The reason for using boron-based products in the garden should be the lack of this element in cucumbers.

Symptoms in this case are:

  • a small amount of flowers;
  • lack of ovaries;
  • compaction of young leaf blades;
  • twisting the edges of new foliage;
  • the appearance of spots on cucumbers;
  • the acquisition of the roots of a yellowish tint;
  • shedding of flowers and ovaries.

Did you know? In the natural environment, boric acid can be found in mineral waters from natural sources.

Dates and number of treatments

The most important issue in the processing of cucumbers with boron solution is how many times you can resort to using such top dressing. Boric acid should be used during the period of active growth and development of the cucumber bush. The number of applications should not exceed 4 times, optimally perform no more than 3 treatments. The interval between them should be about 2 weeks.

Experienced gardeners offer the following treatment scheme:

  • at the beginning of flowering;
  • at the beginning of tying;
  • during fruiting.

It is important to remember that the procedure cannot be carried out under the sun. Optionally feed the bush in the evening.

How to dilute boric acid for feeding cucumbers?

There are various ways to prepare fertilizers with boric acid in the composition. They are based on a basic solution, which is prepared by diluting the concentrated powder in water.

Proportions and dosage

In the preparation of the solution, the concentration of the main component is important.

The norm for a boron-based preparation is as follows:

  • powder boric acid - 5 g;
  • warm water - 2 l;
  • water at room temperature - 10 liters.
When measuring acid, you can use a spoon. 5 g of powder is placed in 1 teaspoon without a slide - exactly as much as you need. 1 liter of such a solution is used on 1 m² of plantings.

Important! Water in which boric acid is diluted should not be colder than + 50 ° C. Otherwise, the crystals will not completely dissolve and lead to a burn of the bush.

Step by step solution preparation

To prepare the solution, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Pour boric acid into a container with warm water.
  2. Stir until crystals are completely dissolved.
  3. Pour the solution into containers with water at room temperature.
  4. Stir the solution thoroughly.

Apply the product immediately, without delay.

How to process cucumbers with boric acid?

There are different schemes for applying dressings, but most gardeners agree and suggest using funds in several cases:

  • at the stage of preparation of seed;
  • when planting seedlings;
  • during flowering;
  • during the fruiting period of plants.
Top dressing can be foliar in the form of spraying or root, that is, with the introduction of the solution into the soil.

Did you know? Boron as a chemical element was discovered by chemists of French origin J. Gay-Lussac and L. Tenard in 1808.

Seed treatment before sowing

For seed treatment you need to use a weaker solution than the proposed base.

To prepare it, you need to mix:

  • 2 g of boric acid;
  • 10 liters of hot water.
Seeds need to be wrapped in gauze and placed for 12 hours in a small container filled with the product. This treatment improves the subsequent growth of seedlings.

Seedling treatment

For prevention, you need to process the seedlings of cucumbers when planting in open ground or in a greenhouse. If the seeds were sown immediately in street conditions, young sprouts with 4-5 leaves should also be fed. You can either spray the plant from a spray bottle, or water the soil with a solution under a bush. This is important for further growth and development.

Important! If the solution gets on the mucous membranes, it is necessary to rinse the affected areas urgently and contact a medical institution for help.

For ovary

Especially important is the use of a drug based on boron during flowering. This is necessary not only for abundant flowering, but also for the effective formation of ovaries. In addition to the main solution, you can simultaneously use tools with iodine and ash. It is not forbidden to combine with fertilizer based on greenery.

Boric acid accelerates pollination. To do this, add sugar to the base product. In 1 liter of working solution, 100 g of sugar should be added and mixed until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. To spray this drug from a spray bottle on tops. It is believed that feeding along with sugar will attract pollinating insects, and boron in the composition will enhance the effect of the growth of ovaries.

During fruiting

During fruiting, in July-August, top dressing will also be beneficial. At this stage, they are important to support the plant, which spends nutrients on the development and ripening of fruits. Thus, the cucumbers gain an excellent aroma and pleasant taste.

Overdose Signs

Excess boric acid when growing cucumbers is called boric toxicity.

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This pathological condition of the bush is manifested in several cases:

  • excess amount of solution;
  • frequent processing;
  • the number of applications is more than necessary;
  • violation of the preparation technology.

An excess of boron in the soil can be determined by the following symptoms that appear on the cucumber bush:

  • yellowing, twisting and falling of adult leaves;
  • the appearance of signs of chlorosis on young foliage;
  • a small number of full-fledged flowers with an ovary.

An overdose of boric acid is difficult to fix. To avoid problems, you need to be responsible for feeding at the preparation stage. It is possible to wash the soil with a large amount of water, which with some degree of probability will clear it of excess boron.

Processing Precautions

Boric acid powder is not particularly dangerous for humans, but it is worth resorting to some precautions:

  • Do not use under direct lighting due to the risk of fire;
  • Do not use or store at temperatures below –1 ° C;
  • use rubber gloves and glasses during the procedure;
  • wash hands after using the drug.

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It is necessary to fertilize cucumbers with a solution of boric acid carefully, however, if used correctly, this product will only benefit the plant. The fruits collected from the bush will delight the owners and will take pride of place on the table.

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