How to draw a pumpkin for Halloween

Pumpkin is one of the most popular symbols of autumn. And drawing pumpkin faces is a great way to get into the spirit of Halloween. You can draw drawings on paper or on a real pumpkin, as well as make a lantern out of it according to the created image.

How to draw a Halloween pumpkin in stages with a pencil

Take a piece of paper, a pencil, an eraser. The drawn pumpkin can become a separate wall image or can be used as a stencil for drawing a picture on the surface of the fruit.

Did you know? The heaviest pumpkin weighed 1, 190.49 kg. She was presented at the exhibition in Ludwigsburg (Germany) on October 9, 2016. This fruit, the size of a car, was raised by the Belgian Matthias Willemine.

Step by step drawing a pumpkin face:

  1. Draw a circle that will become the main face. It should not be absolutely round, but slightly flattened. Make the lines thin so that you can wipe them with an eraser later.

  2. Now you need the lines of symmetry. Draw vertical and horizontal lines dividing the circle into 4 parts. They do not have to exactly pass through the center of the face.
  3. Now you need to draw elements of the face: nose, eyes, mouth. And the main figures with which you can do this: triangles and circles.

  4. The simplest nose and eyes can be drawn with equilateral triangles. They can be large or small, equal in size or not.
  5. The mouth is filled with arched lines, like the mouth of a laughing smiley.
  6. With the help of circles, crescent eyes are easily drawn. By changing the direction of the crescent horns, you will get different shades of emotions: laughter, anger.
  7. For a complex picture, you need to add vertical lines, like a real pumpkin. They will divide the fruit into large rounded lobule segments. From above, draw a small pumpkin stalk (tail).

  8. At the final stage, add partial shade so that the image looks three-dimensional.
  9. Color the picture.

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How fun is it to paint a pumpkin for Halloween?

You can apply the picture directly to the pumpkin. To do this, prepare the fruit, as well as brushes and paints. For convenient drawing, choose a fruit with a smooth surface without spots and external damage. Do not use fruits with signs of decay (traces of rot, soft parts of the surface) and then it will delight you much longer.

Important! To better fix the image on the surface of the pumpkin, cover it with sealant. Apply the drawing after the sealant dries.

Step-by-step algorithm for manufacturing Jack-lantern:

  1. Rinse the vegetable by gently removing dirt with paper towels.
  2. Dry it. Do not rub the surface with hard objects (brush, washcloth) so as not to damage the peel.
  3. Choose the pattern that you would like to apply to the pumpkin. Do not get involved in complex images if you are not a professional artist.
  4. Evaluate the fruit visually and analyze whether the selected image will fit harmoniously into the relief. If not, consider how to adjust it.

Tips for drawing and decorating:

  1. If you do not like the natural shade of the fruit, you can paint it in any color, and then paint the main image. Use acrylic paints for drawing.
  2. Sketch with a marker.
  3. Apply the paint so that each coat has time to dry before applying the next.
  4. Using a stencil can ease the process. To do this, put a picture on paper. Carefully cut the image with a clerical knife.
  5. For those who can not draw straight lines, a masking tape will help. Just attach it to the fetus and draw a line.
  6. In the process of creating an image, you can use cotton balls and brushes of different thicknesses. With their help, the picture will become more natural.
  7. Decorate the painted pumpkin with decorative elements. Around the stalk stick green yarn or raffia to simulate hair. With the glue gun, you can attach rhinestones, pompons, beads and other elements.
  8. When placing the finished pumpkin in the room, set it so that the incoming person sees its frontal projection. When placed outside (on the porch), take care that direct sunlight does not fall on the fetus.

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How to make a pumpkin lantern?

To create a pumpkin lantern you will need a sharp knife and the fruit itself.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Set the knife at an angle of 45 ° as if you would like to cut a stalk with a piece of pulp of a triangular shape.

  2. Start cutting the stalk. Cut carefully, as the cover will need to be installed back.
  3. You will have in your hands the future cover from the flashlight. Peel it of pulp and seeds.

  4. Remove the seeds and soft parts from the inside with a spoon, leaving a border of 2-4 cm to the edge of the pumpkin.
  5. Draw a marker on your mouth, nose, and eyes.

  6. Now with a sharp knife, remove the crust and part of the pulp in the marked places.

  7. Place the candle inside the fetus.

  8. Close the finished lamp with a lid to give it integrity.

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Interior decoration

Decorating a house should start with a porch or front door. To give the entrance a sense of celebration - install several pumpkins, hang a wreath of autumn leaves or a decorative lantern. The main element of the festive interior is a pumpkin lantern. From pumpkins make floor and table compositions, hang them on trees.

Important! If you want the pumpkin to last a long time, then you need to dry it at least 1.5 months before Halloween. Drying is carried out in a cool, dry room, after removing the flesh and disinfecting the inner surface.

They are present in the design of sofa cushions, wall panels, decorative rugs and other items. Cushions in the living room can also be decorated with other thematic patterns: bats, ghosts, crows, cartoon characters about ghosts. It will be nice if you have a set of bedspreads and pillows in the same theme.

Decorative spiders are made of balls and wire, and cobwebs are made of thick threads. Such an ornament will look not only unusual, but also elegant. You can make ghosts out of glass bottles if you cover them with white paint and draw a black marker on your eyes and mouth. If you do not have time to make decorative elements, then you can purchase various decorative skulls, candles, bats or birds in the decor store.

Did you know? To celebrate Halloween on October 30, 2016, a line of 3975 carved pumpkins created by the citizens of the city was built in the city of Richmond (USA). The line length was 1046.57 m.

Halloween decorations make extensive use of wooden decorations. And the most popular of these are coffins. They are installed outdoors or indoors to create a sense of horror. If you like a terrible atmosphere, then no other decoration can compete with such an element of decor.

Warning signs are another good interior solution. They make you laugh and entertain your friends at the same time. If you come up with original inscriptions, it will be a lot of fun. Delicious holiday snacks can be served on special decorative plates, complemented by napkins with the image of pumpkins. Decorate the table with a small fall arrangement or candles. Do not forget that the holiday treat should amuse and tease the taste buds of your guests.

You will be interested to learn how to make a pumpkin out of paper for Halloween with your own hands.

The main color palette of the holiday is white, black and orange. But the use of other colors will also fit perfectly into the atmosphere of Halloween. Decorate the house with painted or real pumpkins to your taste. Add other decorative elements. Do not forget to connect children to the process. They will be happy to participate in the creation of festive decorative elements.

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