How to cook a chicken stirrer

The combined diet for chickens, prepared at home, which is popularly called the wet mash, is in no way inferior to ready-made compound feeds. To cook it correctly, you need to know the features of the composition and the rules of preparation. This is what will be discussed in the article.

What is chicken mash

Nutrient components, combined in the right proportions, which are then steamed with boiling water and well mixed into a single whole - this is a mishmash, a full-fledged budget feed that has beneficial effects on birds and gives excellent results (both for weight gain and quantity and quality) .

There is no specific recipe for the mishmash, since many components can be replaced depending on what is available, and it is very convenient for owners of chickens. All the ingredients that make up the composition can be divided into the following groups:

  1. Basis - grain or groats. It makes up 2/3 of the total serving volume. Small cereals (for example, millet and millet) are used in whole form, and large grains (such crops as corn and wheat) are used in crushed form.
  2. Nutritional supplements are ingredients that replenish the diet with trace elements. It can be boiled and non-cooked vegetables, chopped green grass and bran. Of the liquid components, broth, milk or water is used. You can take fresh food waste.
  3. Useful supplements. Used to achieve optimal concentration of additives. These include fodder yeast, bone meal, fish oil, chalk or shellfish, liquid kitchen waste containing protein.
Important! It is strictly forbidden to steam feed, as most of the nutrients that make up its composition disappear. It is not recommended to add it to the mixers. It is ideal to give the bird separately and only in a dry form.

Compound feed or mash

Each owner himself chooses what will feed the birds: a mash or mixed feed. The main thing is that the birds are always full and healthy. Determine what to give preference to, will help the information that each feed is.


  • Positive qualities of feed:
    • can be stored for a long time;
    • acceptable price;
    • easy application.

  • Positive properties of the mash:
    • personal control of the composition;
    • lack of bad impurities;
    • natural composition.


  • Since it is not always possible to know the exact composition of the compound feed, several negative points about its use follow from this:
    • lack of control over the composition;
    • the possible presence of harmful components;
    • need to be mixed with other food.

  • Now about the minuses of the mess:
    • not all necessary components can be at hand;
    • the cooking process is quite labor intensive;
    • shelf life - no more than 4 hours.

Did you know? Chickens in the first year of life before the laying of eggs are called youngsters. On average, the first egg appears in the 20th week .

How to make a chicken stirrer

In order for the body to get the maximum benefit, it is important to know how to cook food for chickens, and what to do with the ingredients so as not to harm the bird.

Summer recipe

Despite the fact that in the warm season, the chicken itself can find everything for itself (walking on a walking yard, for example), nevertheless, it is necessary to cook full-fledged food. How to make the composition in the warm season? At this time, the mash should consist of the following products:

  • root crops and greens - 45 g;
  • bran or oatmeal - 25 g;
  • legumes - 6 g;
  • yeast - 5 g;
  • grains - 40 g;
  • dairy products - 10 g;
  • fish oil - 1 g;
  • chalk - 5 g;
  • bone meal - 4 g;
  • salt - 0.5 g.

It will probably be useful for you to find out how to feed laying hens in order to rush better.

Prepare the composition as follows:

  1. Boil the potatoes. Cool it and knead.
  2. Add all other products.
  3. Mix with chopped fresh grass.
For laying hens that are kept without walking, this component should be more than for other individuals.

Video: Do-it-yourself chicken stirrer

Winter recipe

In the cold season, the composition of the dish is as follows:

  • whole grain - 63 g;
  • bran - 10 g;
  • potatoes - 90 g;
  • legumes - 6 g;
  • oilcake - 7 g;
  • liquid - 90 g;
  • chalk - 3 g;
  • fish oil - 1.5 g;
  • bone meal - 2 g;
  • salt - 0.5 g.
This recipe is the basis for adding premixes that enrich the body with important elements to maintain normal egg production. It is recommended to give a stirrer in the summer only in the morning, and in the winter twice a day.

Important! A hedgehog for laying hens should include double the amount of chalk, as the birds need an extra serving of calcium at this time.

Features of the preparation and use of chicken mash

Due to age, chicks cannot consume grain. Based on this, mixers are the only suitable substitute for feed. Right after birth, babies eat only chopped eggs. And only at the age of 10 days they are replaced with other products.

Find out why to give chickens meat and bone meal.

To get the maximum benefit, it is important to know the cooking features of this food:

  1. Mixtures are made manually, balancing the diet, allowing the bird to receive all the elements important for life and growth.
  2. A mash is prepared for 1 time, as the composition quickly acidifies, which can lead to digestive upset.
  3. The portion should be designed so that 30 minutes after the start of feeding the feeders are empty.
  4. Empty dishes should be washed well so that the remaining pieces, decomposing, do not enter the body of chickens and do not lead to illness.
  5. The consistency of the composition is soft, but it should remain friable. You can check as follows: take a handful of the mash in a fist, squeeze and unclench your fingers (it should crumble).
  6. It is recommended to be given in the morning.
Did you know? Chickens hatch with thousands of eggs, which are undeveloped yolks. Gradually, upon reaching maturity, the egg falls into the fallopian tubes and develops there. All of the above information will allow you to please poultry with tasty, and most importantly, useful food without any problems. Adhering to the proposed composition and observing safety standards, you can achieve good productivity of poultry.

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