How to cleanse the body with ginger

Ginger is not only a valuable spice, but also a source of a large number of macro- and microelements useful for humans, therefore it is not surprising that the root of the plant is part of folk recipes for the treatment of certain ailments. So, with its help it is really possible to cleanse the body well, but how to prepare suitable medicinal drinks, and what you should know about the methods of their use, read on.

Useful properties of ginger

  • All the benefits of the plant are based on its chemical composition, due to which ginger can have the following effects on the human body:
  • purify and thin the blood, thereby preventing blood clots in the vessels;
  • maintain normal heart performance;
  • fight anemia;
  • reduce the accumulation of cholesterol in the body;
  • normalize lipid metabolism;
  • remove toxins and toxic substances from the body;
  • stabilize blood pressure;
  • prevent the development of coronary heart disease, heart attacks and strokes;
  • improve gas exchange processes in the tissues of the body, while protecting the cells from the effects of free radicals;
  • improve the quality of metabolic processes in the body;
  • prevent the development of varicose veins.

With proper use of the plant, its antioxidant, antiseptic, bactericidal, carminative, wound healing, analgesic, antispasmodic, diaphoretic and tonic properties can be fully disclosed.

All of them will be equally useful both for people who have already encountered impaired functioning of the body, and for healthy citizens who take care of their health through preventive measures.

Did you know? Ginger perfectly fights bad odors, including from the mouth, therefore, in the absence of an acceptable alternative, a small piece of ginger can very well be used instead of chewing gum, effectively freshening your breath.

Ginger Drink Recipe

Ginger can be used in different ways, but in most cases the most convenient option is to prepare the appropriate drink based on the root of the plant.

By correctly performing all the steps to create a "health elixir", you will get an excellent tool to stimulate the body's metabolic processes, improve digestion and neutralize accumulated toxins, which also contributes to the successful fight against excess weight.

To create it you will need:

  • 10–20 g of fresh ginger root (or 1 tsp. Powder);
  • 1 tbsp. water;
  • 1 tsp honey;
  • 1 tsp lemon juice (optional).

Having all the necessary components of the drug available, all that remains is to pour boiling water over the ginger, wait 10-15 minutes, add honey and lemon juice to the liquid, and then take half a glass before breakfast (preferably 30 minutes before the meal).

The rest of the ginger drink can be drunk throughout the day, between meals. The maximum course of taking the infusion is 3-4 weeks, after which it is worth taking a break for several weeks.

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Cleansing the body with ginger

The above recipe is suitable for solving many problems, however, cleaning the blood vessels, improving the composition of the blood and eliminating the problems of the kidneys or spleen have many differences, so it is worth considering the relevance and methods of using the plant for each specific example.

Ginger Vascular Cleaning

A sedentary lifestyle, the use of excessively fatty and heavy foods, an increased load on the body during the day are the main causes of problems with the vessels of a relatively healthy person.

Important! If the use of ginger tea causes nausea, vomiting, or other undesirable manifestations of this kind, it is worth stopping the drink completely, at least until consulting a doctor.

Of course, ginger will not help to eliminate bad habits, but it is within his power to clear the vessels of accumulated toxins and toxins, the main thing is to follow some simple rules for using a ginger drink:

  1. Always drink as much clean water as possible, because when cleaning the vessels, a large amount of toxins is removed from them, which can lead to intoxication of the body (a constant feeling of thirst during this period is a signal that you are not drinking enough fluid).
  2. Do not cut the peel of the root crop. For the most positive effect on the human body, ginger root must be crushed together with a skin containing a significant part of all useful substances.
  3. Buy mainly whole root vegetables, because, in comparison with the powder, they are usually more useful (you can grind the plant yourself, at home).
  4. Observe the regularity and the recommended duration of the drink, not limiting the intake to a few weeks (although only if there are no warnings for such therapy).

If there are no direct contraindications to cleaning vessels with ginger root, but its taste does not allow you to drink the drink calmly, you can replace it with a root added to ordinary dishes: for example, ground ginger goes well with many cereals, hot dishes and desserts, and the gruel from fresh plants can be mixed with lemon or honey, and then add a teaspoon of the product to your usual drink.

It is also possible to steam small pieces of root vegetables with dried rosehips, turmeric, raisins or other dried fruits, which in themselves have a positive effect on the human body.

Bowel Cleansing with Ginger

There are several ways to cleanse your intestines with ginger. The easiest option is to use the above drink, but if you want to not only speed up digestion and normalize the bowel movement, but also reduce constipation, then it is better to combine ginger root with turmeric.

To make such tea you will need the following components:

  • 1 liter of pure water;
  • 2 tsp grated or finely chopped fresh ginger root;
  • ¼ tsp chopped turmeric.

The method of steaming resembles the standard brewing of tea, only instead of the usual brewing, ginger and turmeric are poured with boiling water, after which the drink is infused for 10 minutes (it is most convenient to use a kettle with a fine mesh inside). You can use the ready-made infusion like regular tea, but not more than 1-2 cups per day.

A valid alternative to the described drink is a decoction of ginger root. Having cut a small piece 4–5 cm long, it should be washed well and cut into small plates, pour a glass of cold water (it is better to use enameled dishes).

Important! It is not necessary to warm the prepared amount of broth every time, it is better to heat only a single portion at a time, so that the remaining amount of the drink retains all its useful properties.

The container with prepared ginger should be sent to a water bath and slowly bring the liquid to a boil, then boiling the root for 15–20 minutes (the liquid should be moderate under the lid). The finished broth should be removed from the heat, cover and let it cool completely at room temperature.

However, you will have to use it slightly warm, each time warming to about body temperature or slightly higher. Scheme of admission - 0.5 tbsp. 3 times a day, after the main meal. A simplified option for using pure ginger root (without making tea) is a mixture of grated root vegetables, lemon juice and a small amount of salt, which should be consumed before lunch or dinner.

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Kidney cleaning

Treatment of kidneys with ginger is possible only in the absence of chronic diseases, especially in the acute phase. This also applies to the presence of stones 1–1.5 cm in diameter, which, as a result of the systematic use of a diuretic drink, can begin to come out, injuring the mucous membrane of the urinary tract.

For this reason, treatment with infusions and decoctions of herbs can be started only after a thorough examination by a doctor, with the obligatory conclusion of an ultrasound.

A diuretic cocktail based on ginger can be prepared according to the following recipe:

  1. Mix together 1 part of fresh ginger root (you need to finely chop it beforehand), 5 parts of chopped parsley, 3 parts of carrots, the same amount of lingonberry leaves, 2 parts of fresh sage or oregano.
  2. For optimal grinding, it is recommended to pass all the cleaned ingredients through a meat grinder and after mixing take 2 tbsp. l three times a day, but no later than 4 hours before bedtime.

Essential ginger oil also has high effectiveness in the fight against kidney problems, which is no worse than infusions and decoctions for stone removal and can enhance the effect of drugs.

True, you can use the drug only in conjunction with diuretic herbal preparations: they are drunk on their own during the first week, and then 3-4 drops of essential ginger oil are added to the usual drink. The general course of treatment is 2-3 weeks, with a periodic repetition of the performed actions up to three times a year.

Did you know? The word "ginger" in Sanskrit is often translated as "universal medicine", however, there is another version of the translation - "root resembling deer antlers." In fact, when you look at the rhizome, you can see not only horns, but also human figures, thanks to which the plant was used for a long time by shamans from different countries.

Purification of blood from toxins

Purification of blood using ginger became possible due to its ability to thin the blood, which is especially important for headaches, colds, flu, diabetes, bronchitis, anemia and even asthma of bronchial origin. In all these cases (only in the absence of fever), in addition to the recipe already given, some others will come in handy.

Milk infusion

For a glass of milk or kefir, you need 0.5 tsp. ginger powder (or a full spoon of grated fresh root), the same amount of turmeric and 1 tsp. honey.

After thoroughly mixing all the components, the finished drink is consumed daily in one glass, about half an hour before the morning meal.

If a person already had problems with the gastrointestinal tract or has an elevated body temperature, ginger is either generally excluded, or it is recommended to reduce the indicated dosage, sometimes to a few grains.

Cleansing Multifaceted Tea

Unlike all the previous options, this is the most difficult, since it involves the presence of a large number of constituent components.

However, despite this, the finished drink is highly effective, so you should work hard and prepare everything you need from the list:

  • ginger powder;

  • Rhubarb root of Tangut;

  • husks of plantain seeds;

  • Scutellaria root;

  • burdock big (root);

  • dandelion;

  • fruits of drooping forsythia;

  • Amur velvet bark;

  • liquorice root;

  • sarsaparilla;

  • cinnamon;

  • cardamom seeds;

  • juniper berries;

  • black pepper;

  • red hot pepper;

  • jasmine gardenia flowers;

  • cloves.

All these components must be taken in the same amount and, after mixing, poured into a sealed container. In the future, the mixture is brewed like regular tea and drink 1 cup twice a day. For blood purification, a weekly intake is recommended, and for prophylactic purposes, it is enough to drink 2-3 cups of this tea in 7 days.

Spleen cleansing

Check out

Jam from apples with ginger Many people do not attach due importance to the problems of the spleen, especially since deviations in its work are not immediately noticeable.

However, with the appearance of the slightest pain in the area of ​​its location, it is important to take all possible measures to eliminate discomfort.

For therapeutic and preventive purposes, traditional tea from grated ginger root, water and honey has been successfully used, although the use of external mixtures is not excluded.

For example, having mixed in equal proportions ghee, honey and ginger, the ointment obtained is applied to a part of the body, at the location of the spleen. The course of treatment with an increase in the organ is 50 days, and the ointment can be stored at room temperature.

Liver cleansing

For a long and systematic cleaning of the liver, you can use a mixture of 10–20 g of the crushed root of the plant and one glass of hot boiled water, which is poured with ginger. The finished drink should be drunk on an empty stomach, about 20 minutes before eating.

In this case, it is important to follow the recommendations of the following reception schedule:

  • in the first days it is enough to drink 10 drops, then increase the dosage by 2 drops, so that after two weeks to bring the total amount of infusion to 40 drops;
  • in the future, the indicated dosage persists for the next two weeks, and then you can begin to reduce the amount of medication used in the opposite direction;
  • as soon as you again reach the consumption of 10 drops per day - take a two-week break and return to the described scheme again.

Important! In the treatment of alcoholism, the use of a decoction must be combined with a special diet that provides for the presence of a large amount of potassium and magnesium in the diet, with a relatively small amount of fat and a sufficient amount of carbohydrates.

During the use of a ginger drink, the body has to daily remove toxic products of alcohol decay, due to which the patient's general well-being improves, the blood and digestive systems of a person normalize. The cleansing effect of ginger also explains its ability to effectively eliminate the manifestations of a hangover syndrome.

In this case, you can prepare a healing drink based on the plant as follows: 2 tsp. ground ginger root, chopped zest of one lemon, one bud of cloves and nutmeg powder (on the tip of a knife) should be mixed together and pour a glass of boiling water, then insisting in a sealed container for at least 15 minutes.

After that, the tool for "emergency" help with a hangover will be ready, you can drink it in small sips while the liquid is still warm (no more than half a glass at a time). The second half of the drug can be drunk in half an hour, after diluting the infusion with warm water.

In between drinking a ginger drink, it is better to eat a small piece of cheese, banana or other relatively light food that will prevent the formation of heartburn due to increased secretion of gastric juice. After the first portion of the healing remedy, the liver is more actively involved in the process of cleansing the body of decaying alcoholic particles, so that their output is only accelerated.

Joint cleansing

Being a unique plant, ginger is also effective in case of joint problems, however, for greater effectiveness of its use, it is better to use not a universal drink, but a remedy based on rice and rose hips.

You can prepare a healing potion according to the following recipe, for which you will need:

  • 1 tbsp. unpolished rice;
  • ½ tsp ginger or 1 fresh root 2-3 cm long;
  • 4 tbsp. a decoction of rose hips;
  • 2 tbsp. pure water.

Pour rice with water and leave to soak for 2-3 days, then rinse well, pour water again (with two glasses) and, adding ginger, cook porridge. The finished dish needs to be divided into four parts and eaten in a day. Before eating rice (about half an hour), you need to drink a glass of water, and immediately after a meal - 200 ml of rosehip decoction.

You can’t eat anything else on this day, and the next morning you can build a diet based on beets, apples, berries and ginger tea. Over the next two weeks, you should eat potatoes daily (no more than 3 pieces per day), radish salad (1 time per day), low-fat meats, honey, ginger vinegar, tea, various cereals that help maintain a normal acid-base balance. Do not forget about dried apricots, figs, raisins or other dried fruits, which will also be useful for the body.

For preventive purposes, such a ginger cleansing of the body can be carried out twice a year. A simpler recipe, for a similar result, involves the use of ½ tsp. ginger root powder, 5 bay leaves and 1.5 tbsp. water.

To prepare the broth, bay leaf is poured with boiling water and boiled over low heat for three minutes, after which the indicated amount of ginger is added and cooked for another 2 minutes. The finished product is insisted for another half hour, and then 1 tbsp. l drugs are diluted in a glass of cold boiled water and drunk 200 ml every hour. The course of treatment in this way is 5 days.

Did you know? Ginger is very useful for athletes, as it is able to relieve them of pain in the muscles and joints associated with physical activity during training.

Ginger Against Cholesterol

In the fight against cholesterol, you can use either regular tea from ginger root, or a mixture of the same ingredients, but already as a treat for this drink. In any case, you will need to prepare the grated root of ginger, peeled and chopped walnuts, liquid and unheated honey, which was stored in the refrigerator.

You need to mix these components in the most acceptable proportions (to taste), and the intake of the healing mixture should be performed between meals. The remaining ginger mass should be stored in the refrigerator, eating at a time no more than 1 tbsp. l

Поддерживая нормальный состав крови, такое лакомство не позволит холестерину превышать норму, а значит, и обострения гипертонии можно избежать. При регулярном употреблении «лекарства» не стоит переживать и о застое холестерина в артериях.

Очистка лёгких с помощью имбиря и куркумы

Смесь имбиря и куркумы — эффективное средство для поддержания здоровья лёгких, которые также могут пострадать от постоянного воздействия внешних неблагоприятных факторов.

Для приготовления лечебной смеси на основе указанных растений вам понадобятся и некоторые другие составляющие:

  • корень имбиря: 1 кусочек;
  • water: 1 l;
  • куркума: 2 ч. л.;
  • чеснок: 400 г;
  • сахар (предпочтительно коричневый): 400 г.

Чтобы приготовить снадобье, кипятят на небольшом огне воду и растворённый в ней сахар, а затем добавляют чеснок, тёртый имбирный корень и куркуму.

Закипевшую смесь снимают с огня и оставляют в комнате до полного остывания, после чего напиток может храниться в холодильнике.

Употребляют его по 2 ст. l дважды в день: утром и вечером, через полчаса после еды. Повысить эффективность смеси и поспособствовать выводу из лёгких токсических веществ поможет ароматерапия на основе эфирных масел эвкалипта.

Также узнайте об особенности употребления мёда с луком для чистки сосудов.


При всей своей пользе, имбирь имеет и ряд отрицательных характеристик, которые по большей части связаны с теми или иными нарушениями в функционировании человеческого организма или особенностями его работы на каждом отдельном этапе жизни.

  • Так, прямыми противопоказаниями к применению любых настоев, отваров и чая с имбирём выступают следующие:
  • язвенные колиты и другие формы язвенной болезни, особенно на стадии обострения (жгучее растение может привести к ещё большему раздражению слизистых, тем самым усугубляя проблему);
  • рефлюкс пищевода;
  • дивертикулёз и дивертикулит;
  • присутствие в почках, жёлчном или мочевом пузыре песка и камней (мочегонный эффект лечебных снадобий может спровоцировать движение указанных отложений с их дальнейшим застаиванием в желчевыводящих протоках);
  • сердечная недостаточность и аритмия в хронической или обострённой формах;
  • предынсультное и предынфарктное состояния, со всеми характерными проявлениями;
  • любые воспалительные процессы в организме, сопровождающиеся повышением температуры тела (употреблять имбирный корень можно только при значениях не больше +38°C);
  • гепатит и цирроз печени, причём как в острой, так и в хронической формах (усиление секреторной деятельности печени вполне может привести к обострению состояния);
  • склонность к кровотечениям, носовым или геморроидальным.

Видео: противопоказания употребления имбиря

Отдельного внимания заслуживают особенности состояния женского организма, связанные с беременностью и дальнейшим грудным вскармливанием малыша. В обоих случаях жгучее растение попадает не только в организм матери, но и воздействует на детский, а вот дальнейшую реакцию предугадать очень сложно. По этой же причине не стоит давать корень малышам до трёхлетнего возраста.

В целом, при дозированном употреблении имбиря и соблюдении указанных норм того или иного рецепта, никаких проблем возникать не должно, и полезное имбирное растение не окажет никакого вреда, помогая избавить ваш организм от шлаков и токсинов.

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