How to choose and cultivate soil for zamioculcas

Zamioculcas, or the dollar tree, as it is often called, is a beautiful, refined plant that needs proper care. One of the factors on which his successful life depends, is the right choice and tillage. That is why, before growing zamioculcas, it is necessary to understand what kind of land this plant needs. Did you know? Zamioculcas began to be offered for sale as a houseplant only in 1996, but it immediately gained popularity in many countries.

Features of care for Zamioculcus

Zamioculcas is popular with fans of home flowerpots because of its beautiful appearance. The advantage of this plant is the fact that caring for it does not bring much trouble to its owners.

When the content of the pot should pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. Lighting The plant is photophilous. A temporary lack of bright light is acceptable, but it is better to place the flowerpot in a well-lit place. Also, its condition will be adversely affected by direct sunlight.

  2. Watering . When moistening the soil, it is better to avoid harsh cold water. The soil must be irrigated with water at room temperature.
  3. Spraying . It is important to spray the leaves regularly from the spray bottle and wipe them with a damp cloth.
  4. Top dressing . Zamioculcas need fertilizers from mid-spring to late summer. Feeding can be chosen universal for cacti and succulents. Funds must be applied to the soil every 14 days, but Zamioculcas should not be fed too much, as this may make it vulnerable to disease.
  5. Transplant Once every 2 years, the flowerpot must be transplanted into a larger container due to the growth of the root system. It is better to carry out the procedure in the spring.
  6. Prop . So that the shoots do not tilt the entire plant under its weight down, it is necessary to think out a support that will support the stem.

Also learn how to properly transplant Zamioculcas at home.

Suitable composition and soil requirements

The main soil requirement for zamioculcas is adequate air permeability. The soil must be loose and fluffy.

Compliance with these characteristics can be achieved by mixing the following components in equal proportions:

  • turf;
  • sand;
  • peaty soil with low acidity;
  • sheet earth.

Such a substrate can be used when planting a purchased plant in a permanent pot, and for transplantation in the future.

The pot before transplanting must be filled with drainage in 1 / 5-1 / 4 parts. For these purposes, you can use purchased mixtures, or you can prepare the material yourself from stones, broken bricks, shards and other objects that well drain the soil. When choosing which land to plant a plant in, you can also consider ready-made options that are easy to purchase in specialized stores for flower growers.

Important! It is necessary to avoid getting clay in the mixture with sand . (Why?)

What to choose ready-made purchased soil

If, when choosing a substrate for zamioculcas, you pay attention to the finished soil, for this flowerpot fit:

  • universal soil for indoor plants;
  • soil for cacti and succulents.

Universal ready-made substrate has both pros and cons.

  • Its advantages include the following:
  • lack of time spent on cooking;
  • in the finished soil all substances are combined in the required proportions.

  • This option has some disadvantages:
  • when buying finished soil, it is impossible to accurately select the components depending on the individual qualities of the plant;
  • the universal substrate for indoor plants is best supplemented with additives in the form of expanded clay, coal and sand, which will have to be applied independently.

What supplements are needed for the plant

The main property that additives for the substrate should have is loosening. The soil must be breathable and fully saturated with oxygen, as a result of which moisture will be evenly distributed.

In the soil for Zamioculcas, you can add:

  • vermiculitis;
  • expanded clay in small fractions;
  • perlite;
  • sphagnum;
  • coarse river sand.
These materials do a good job with the main goal, while also improving soil quality. Did you know? According to the established tradition, to attract money into the house, you need to decorate the zamioculcus bush with a dollar bill folded into a tube, and put a small coin in the pallet.

Chemical primary treatment

After preparing the earthen mixture, it must be processed in order to disinfect. The substrate for zamioculcas does not need chemicals, since sterilization can be carried out by exposure to high temperature.

There are 3 main processing methods:

  • pouring boiling water;
  • sterilization in a water bath for 1.5 hours;
  • heating in the oven for 30 minutes at 70–90 ° С.

Useful tips from experienced gardeners

In addition to the correct choice of soil for zamioculcas, it is worth considering some features:

  1. It is better to underfill the soil than to leave it too moist.
  2. During the initial transplant after purchase, it is better to completely remove the old soil from the root system. In this case, movements should be careful, since the rhizome of Zamioculcus does not respond well to mechanical damage.
  3. When working with a plant, safety precautions must be observed, since juice from tubers and leaves of zamioculcas is poisonous.

Important! If zamioculcas juice gets on the skin or mucous membranes, they must be thoroughly washed. In critical situations, if the victims are children or animals, you must consult a doctor.

From the choice of the right soil for zamioculcas, its subsequent vital activity depends. Whatever substrate is chosen, ready-made or created by oneself, it is important to adhere to the rules for caring for the plant. Only in this case, Zamioculcas will grow for a long time and please the owners.

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