How to care for strawberries after harvest?

The preferred crops of gardeners and gardeners include strawberries. Growing and caring for such a plant requires a lot of attention and patience, in order to enjoy a large harvest at the end of the season.

Features of strawberry care after harvest

Such care should begin at the end of July or in August, but some varieties of strawberries can bear fruit until autumn frosts. Other plants, especially weeds, are growing at this time.

So that when weeding in the fall there are no difficulties and weeds do not deplete the bushes, you should weed the beds after harvesting. Also, before weeding, you need to remove all mulching material, since it is possible to arrange pests in it.

Duration of care in different regions

Different regions traditionally distinguish different terms for berry care:

  • in southern Russia, they begin to care for strawberries from the first week of March;
  • in central Russia - in the second or third decade of March;
  • in other areas, field work may begin in mid-April;

What to do after fruiting: step by step instructions

After picking berries, if you do not need to replant the bushes, you should conduct the entire course of processing the plant.

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The first thing after flowering and fruiting of the crop is trimming the mustache is trimmed. Before this procedure, it is necessary to fertilize, which will contribute to an early recovery.

The exact cutting time depends on the plant variety, and usually this procedure takes place after the last fruiting.

Important! After trimming the mustache, feed the bushes with nitrogen fertilizer.

Fertilizing soil, loosening and top dressing

When the fruiting of the crop is over, it is important to prepare the plant for the next season. One of the important procedures is fertilizing the soil in which top dressing is located. Substances in the roots will be a good food for the plant in the spring. To fertilize the bushes is fertilizer with a mineral composition.

Another important procedure that gardeners carry out is loosening the soil. Loosening the soil is careful so as not to damage the root system of the culture. During this process, you can fill the bushes with fresh soil.

Top dressing after fruiting should be required. After applying fertilizer, carefully water the soil. Also, after harvesting, the strawberry beds should be kept moist.

Pest treatment

After harvesting, you need to know how to protect the plant from pests.

Important! Both fertilizers and top dressing are introduced in accordance with the type and variety of strawberries.

Of the chemicals against pests are effective:

  • Fufanon Nova;
  • "Alatar";
  • Inta-Ts-M;
  • "Spark".

It must be remembered that after using the drugs, you need to wait two weeks. Only after these days can the fruits be harvested. Therefore, it is better to use them after harvest.

Preparing for the winter

Strawberry is not a frost-resistant plant, so it needs additional insulation. Summer residents and gardeners tear the surface of the earth with straw, dill stalks, spruce needles, sawdust, and various artificial fabrics. Often use black coating material, which positively affects the development of culture in the spring.

Gardener Tips for Beginners

Did you know? Strawberries are not very strong, but still antidepressants. 150-200 g of ripe strawberries help neutralize nervous stress and calm down. We bring to your attention some recommendations checked by time:

  1. Strawberry bushes, after snow melts, must be cleaned of debris. The plant must be freed from extinct leaves, as well as remove dead rosettes.
  2. In order to process the berry, folk remedies can be used.
  3. A few days after fruiting, it is necessary to cut off all the dry leaves, as well as yellow and red spots, but this process should occur only in dry weather.
  4. Young bushes cannot be cut, but seedlings that are 2-3 years old should partially remove dry leaves.

With proper cultivation and careful care, you have every chance to enjoy large quantities of the berry crop. It is enough to do everything in a timely manner and follow these tips.

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