How to care for geraniums in winter

Geranium is a beautiful plant that is easy to care for. Nevertheless, its winter content has certain difficulties. Before the onset of the cold season, the owner needs to familiarize themselves with all the nuances and subtleties of flower care.

What is the difficulty of keeping in winter

The complexity of plant maintenance in the winter season lies in the following factors:

  • insufficient lighting due to reduced daylight hours;
  • entry into a state of rest;
  • the need to reduce the rate of watering and top dressing.

Due to the combination of the above nuances, care for geraniums in the cold season should be changed. Did you know? Geraniums have more than 400 species, some of them grow in the tropics.

Winter Care for Geraniums

When caring for geraniums in winter, it is necessary to pay attention to the location of the pot, ambient temperature, humidity, watering, top dressing and pruning.


Since the plant does not like darkness, in the winter season it is necessary to take care of additional lighting. The best place for the flowerpot this season will be the window sill at the large window that faces south. An ideal option would be a spacious glazed loggia. If this is not possible, the installation of additional lighting is recommended. For these purposes, ordinary indoor lamps are suitable. Also, special devices are made for plants that allow you to add more light to their location.


Cool temperature is suitable for geraniums. With the onset of cold weather, the flowerpot can be moved to a room with temperature indicators of + 10–12 ° С. It is necessary to ensure that the thermometer column does not fall below +8 ° C.

Important! Some varieties, for example, ampelous, need heat, so the minimum temperature for them should be +12 ° C.

Air humidity

The dryness of the air, which is maintained indoors during cold weather, does not harm the flowerpot. Geranium perfectly tolerates the usual room climate.

How often to water

In the spring-summer period, the plant is abundantly watered to avoid drying of the soil. With the onset of frost, when the geranium enters a state of rest, watering should be reduced. The optimal frequency of soil moisture is once every 6–7 days. Water should be warmed to room temperature and added in a small amount. It is better to moisten the soil through the pallet. Important! Excessive drying during this period is also fatal, so you can not forget about watering for a long time.

Is feeding necessary

Fertilizer intensity begins to decrease in September. Fertilizing is practically unnecessary for winter. With the onset of heat (late March to early April), the plant needs to be fertilized again.


For winter, it is advisable to trim the bush. The procedure should be carried out in the fall, this should not be done in the winter season. Only the top is cut off, while more than 2 leaves should remain in the lower part of the stem. The cuttings after trimming should have a height of 27-30 cm.

Does geranium bloom in winter

The plant usually blooms from spring to autumn. Flowering is possible in the winter season, however, care must be taken to do this. First of all, lighting is important: a sufficient amount of light is necessary for the flowers to bloom.

Also find out what to do if the geranium is not blooming. Caring for geraniums in winter, although it is associated with some difficulties, is not difficult. If the owner follows the rules of winter maintenance, with the onset of heat, the plant will again return to its usual rhythm and will sparkle with new colors.

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