How can potato tops be used?

After harvesting the potatoes and delivering them to the basement, the question of a large number of tops, which must be disposed of with the greatest benefit for oneself, as well as spending a minimum of time and money on it, is acute. In this article, you will get acquainted with the most popular methods of its disposal.

Features of using potato tops after harvesting potatoes

The green mass of potatoes that is above the ground contains useful vitamins and minerals that must be used. But you should also remember that at the same time it contains a large number of toxic substances and harmful mushrooms, which, if used incorrectly, will harm your crops. Therefore, it is worth considering all the features of the application of this type of fertilizer, which you will learn by reading this article.

Important! Potato tops should never be given to livestock, since the solanine that it contains actively destroys the digestive system of animals.

What to do with potato tops

Every fall, after harvesting a potato, any owner faces a problem where to put potato tops in order to spend at least time and money on its disposal, and even better, to get at least some benefit from it. In this article, you can familiarize yourself with the most popular ways to get rid of it for the benefit of your own garden.


Burning potato tops is the fastest way to get rid of it in your garden. Thanks to this method, you will not only save time, but also after burning you will get ashes, which can be used as fertilizer in your own garden.

The ash from burning potato tops is useful because it contains a large amount of potassium and phosphorus. These substances are necessary for the development of absolutely any plant, and their insufficient amount causes a poor harvest. Ashes are also rich in a large number of micro and macro elements, which are valued when growing crops.

To use this method, you need to dry it and put it in one big pile. This must be done outside the garden and in a safe place so that the fire can not spread and cause harm.

Did you know? For the first time in Europe, potatoes were introduced in 1551, and was adopted as an ornamental plant, as it was considered poisonous.

Uses for Compost

Using this raw material as compost is a long and laborious process. Having chosen this method of disposal, you must remember that compost will be safe to use no earlier than after 3 years. This is due to the fact that such a long period is necessary for the final cessation of the activity of fungi that cause late blight.

To use the tops as compost you must:

  1. Mow green potato tops.
  2. Spread in layers in the compost pit, treat each layer with a solution of copper sulfate diluted in water.
  3. For the solution, you need to take 2-3 tbsp. l vitriol and dilute them in 10 liters of water.
  4. Processing the layers with a solution is necessary to destroy harmful microorganisms in the tops, so that later, when such compost is added to the bed, it does not harm the crops that are grown on it.
  5. After this, the pit is buried, covered with leaves or sawdust.
Important! When watering the compost pit, you should not overdo it, as this will negatively affect the quality of the final fertilizer.

Stacking under fruit trees or bushes

A less popular way, but no less effective means is to use tops to protect tree trunks in the winter. For this method, it is lined with a thick layer around the trunks of fruit trees. This creates a kind of dome that protects the root system from the negative effects of cold.

Since there are no joint diseases in potatoes and fruit trees, after decay, you additionally receive fertilizer, which immediately begins to act and does not need to wait several years, as in the first method. Tops prevent weed growth and repel pests. Still sometimes it is placed under raspberries or under currants in order to also protect these bushes in the winter.

Find out what to do if potatoes have large tops.

As pest protection

Due to the high content of solanine and other toxic substances in potato tops, the extract from it is actively used to combat any species of aphids, spider mites, cabbage whites, moths, fleas, scoops and caterpillars on fruit trees.

To prepare such a pesticide, you must:

  1. Take 650 g of fresh or 450 g of dry tops.
  2. Grind the raw materials and pour 5 liters of water.
  3. Then cover and leave in a warm place so that the solution is infused.
  4. The finished solution must be filtered through a sieve and it is ready for use.

Did you know? Ukraine takes the 3rd place in the world in the amount of potato consumption per person per year, namely 130 kg. To improve the protective effect of the infusion, 50 g of grated laundry soap is added to it. Due to this, the solution sticks better to the leaves and destroys some types of insects.

Use this solution in the evening for 3-10 days. It is important that there is no rain during this period, since it will wash off the solution and you will not get the desired result.

Using potato tops allows you to create high-quality fertilizer at home, which will be environmentally friendly, will not contain chemicals, and there is no need to pay for raw materials.

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