How to apply face honey

Honey is not only eaten, it is also used in every way for cosmetic purposes, for example, masks are prepared that are beneficial for facial skin. To obtain a positive effect from the use of such cosmetics, you should study all the subtleties of hand-made cooking and applying honey masks at home, as well as possible harm and contraindications for use.

Properties of honey for the face

In the recipes for the preparation of many face masks in the form of one of the constituent components, honey is contained, so you should consider whether it is useful if applied externally, and what effect it has on the skin.

Did you know? In 1985, a consignment of Ecuadorian honey with strong stupefying qualities (as it turned out later, with a high cocaine content) was detained on the Peruvian border. Apiaries were specially placed on the territory of coca plantations in order to get honey with a narcotic effect.

What is useful

  • The benefits of honey for the face are manifested in:
  • moisturizing the skin - when applied to the skin, nectar is able to fill the cells with moisture and does not allow it to evaporate, therefore it eliminates the problem of peeling, dryness, makes the skin soft, soft and healthy;
  • anti-aging - preventing the appearance of wrinkles, smoothing the skin, nourishing it with useful substances, which allows you to maintain elasticity and fit;
  • cleansing - exfoliating keratinized cells, cleansing the pores of blackheads and removing the extra layer of fat that clogs the cells;
  • saturation with the necessary vitamins and minerals that support the healthy state of the skin;
  • getting rid of age spots, acne, dermatitis and acne, providing anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, removing edema, irritation and redness.

Possible harm

Improper use or use of masks by people with contraindications can provoke adverse reactions from the body. Therefore, we consider whether everyone can use nectar for application to the skin in the form of masks.

In order not to harm the body when using honey compositions, it is necessary to know the contraindications for use. The main contraindication to the use of honey-based products is the individual intolerance of a sweet product.

With great care, and after consulting with your doctor in advance, you should use honey masks if you are diagnosed with:

  • diabetes;
  • exudative diathesis;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • dilated vascular problems;
Failure to comply with the recommendations for the preparation and use of formulations can provoke the development of allergic reactions in the form of itching, rash, and redness of the skin. The manifestation of other adverse reactions of the body depends on the auxiliary components used for the preparation of masks.

Did you know? The most expensive honey in the world is considered "Elven", which is produced by bees living in a deep cave in Turkey. Its cost is 5 thousand euros per 1 kg.

How often can I make face masks

Depending on the goals pursued and the composition of the masks, their frequency of application may differ:

  • to moisturize the skin, apply appropriate masks every 3 days;
  • To solve the problem of oily skin, it is recommended to use honey formulations that contain components that irritate the skin (lemon juice, onion) no more than 1 time per week. The acid contained in the juice has a good cleansing effect, removing fatty particles, but at the same time greatly dries the skin, so frequent use can cause peeling;
  • cleaning masks based on nectar and oatmeal are used once every 2 days, while the flakes are pre-crushed into flour or steamed in boiling water to protect the skin from injury;
  • Honey-based products are used once a week to nourish the skin. Typically, such cosmetics contain oils or fatty milk components, the frequent use of which causes clogging of the pores.

Homemade face masks for honey recipes

Honey for the preparation of masks is used both in pure form and mixed with other components to enhance the effectiveness of the main component.

Consider several popular recipes for honey and how to use them correctly in cosmetology:

  1. Lemon-honey for a lifting effect . To prepare the product, it is necessary to combine two components - lemon pulp and beekeeping product in equal proportions of 20 g each, mix thoroughly, add 1 egg yolk and 1 tsp. vegetable oils. Mix everything to obtain a homogeneous slurry, apply a thick layer of the product to the skin, stand for 15 minutes. After the specified time, the product is washed off with water at room temperature. Using such a mask tightens the skin, eliminates wrinkles, saturates with moisture and nourishes with useful vitamins and minerals.
  2. The remedy with honey and coffee for acne . To prepare a honey scrub, it is necessary to prepare ground coffee (you can leave the rest from the preparation of the drink), slightly warm it to room temperature. Mix 20 g of coffee with 20 g of liquid or candied honey, add salicylic acid - 5 tablets (crush). Spread the scrub on the face with a thick layer, performing massage movements with your fingers, and leave for 30 minutes, rinse with warm water. Such a scrub perfectly removes black spots from the skin, exfoliates dead skin particles.
  3. Means with honey and oatmeal for moisturizing . To prepare a moisturizing mask, you need 2 tbsp. l pour oatmeal with hot milk in an amount that will completely cover the oatmeal. Cover the bowl with a plate so that the oatmeal becomes soft, leave for 20 minutes. Mix the cooled porridge with 30 g of honey and 1/3 of the crushed banana. The resulting mixture should be smeared on the skin with a thick layer, leave for 20 minutes. After the specified time, wash off the remnants of the product with warm water. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, gives velvety and moisturizes the skin.

Important! When applying masks with a thick layer, the procedure is best carried out in a supine position, since the mass can slide off the face.

Recommendations for the use of honey

In order for the use of honey compounds to bring a positive result, it is necessary to consider all the subtleties of using the main component:

  1. You can not heat honey above + 40 ° C, since heat treatment leads to the destruction of nutrients, and nectar loses its healing properties.
  2. If the recipe contains indications that honey should be liquid, it is strictly forbidden to heat it in a microwave or to melt it in hot water. In order to melt nectar, you can use a water bath, constantly stirring the contents. In addition, in the winter, you can leave the tank with honey on the battery (warm) at night, and in the morning get liquid nectar.

  3. Depending on the recipe, the consistency of the honey used may be different, it is better to make masks from fresh nectar, which contains the maximum amount of nutrients, and for scrubs a sugared component is suitable, it will carefully clean the pores when massaging the skin.
  4. If the recipe does not indicate how much honey to hold on your face, it will be enough to withstand the composition for 20 minutes, this time is enough for the mask to work, and honey will open the pores and penetrate the skin.

Important! The use of honey masks can cause active hair growth in a place that is regularly covered with a nutritious composition, so they should be used with caution in people who have problems with increased facial hair growth.

Thus, honey masks are very popular in home cosmetology and are used to treat dermatological problems or simply to nourish, moisturize and tighten the skin of the face. To get the maximum effect from the use of such products, you must clearly follow the recommendations for preparation and use.

Network user reviews:

ADVANTAGES: Good result.

DISADVANTAGES: Allergy to honey.

Honey facial massage, maybe not a very pleasant procedure, but very useful. To do this, you need real honey and from an hour of time. I take bitter chestnut honey, without impurities. It is fluid, viscous and very dark in color. You need very little honey, a third, or even a quarter of a coffee spoon. In general, such a massage is best done in the morning, but it is more convenient for me in the evening. I cleanse my face with a soft scrub, wipe it dry. I collect all my hair under the rim, I stab all the locks. If at least one hair gets on your face, it will be painful and unpleasant. I smear honey on the face, only very carefully so as not to stretch the skin. I leave it on my face for three to five minutes, then the massage itself. I press the pads of the fingers to the skin and let go, and no other movements. After some time, the skin will adhere more strongly. Hands must be clean. Massage do about fifteen minutes. By the way, I spend several minutes on my neck, although this is unpleasant. After the procedure, my hands and my face do not touch, the remnants of honey are still absorbed. All this is absorbed for a rather long time, about 40 minutes. But then the sensations are very pleasant, the skin is rested. I make a month and a half three or four times a week, then a break for a month. For several months of this procedure, a forehead wrinkle disappeared without a trace. This can not but rejoice! Anfisa Krass //

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