How and how to properly water a money tree

Indoor plants are an excellent decoration of every home, which not only pleases the eye, but also positively affects the composition of the air. In this article, we will tell you how to care for the whole well-known money tree (or the fat girl) so that it always remains healthy.

Features of growing a money tree

The plant is considered unpretentious in care, so it can often be found on both home and office windowsills. It’s best to place a pot of fat over a southeast window. Important! Direct sunlight negatively affects the flower: the leaves turn red, wither and fall off. The temperature should be kept at +21 ... + 26 ° С in the summer and +11 ... + 16 ° С in the winter. Placing a plant near heating appliances is strictly contraindicated, since the trunk is stretched and drops leaves. Money tree needs fresh air, so it is important not to forget about airing the room, but avoiding drafts. It is also necessary to monitor the humidity of the earthen coma - the most important parameter when growing.

Signs of water shortage

The plant signals a lack of moisture by changes in the ground part, while the root system also suffers - it dries up.

The main signs of water shortage include:

  • darkening and wrinkling of leaves;
  • the presence of dry brown spots;
  • falling of foliage.
When the first signals of plant dehydration appear, it is important to take measures and resume watering.

How many times and how often do you need to carry out the procedure

The multiplicity of watering depends on the season and temperature conditions. So, in the summer the soil dries up quickly enough, therefore, it is recommended to carry out the procedure twice a week.

In the autumn period, it is important to start preparing the plant for wintering and one watering per week will be enough. In order not to get confused, determine for yourself one day, for example, let the watering be on Wednesdays. The soil should be practically dry.

In winter, the need for water is halved, and the flower should be irrigated 1-2 times a month, and at low temperatures, the flow of fluid should be completely limited. In spring, watering is more frequent and is carried out up to 2 times a week.

Important! Check the moisture of not only the top layer, as liquid can accumulate below and cause root decay.

The leaves of the Crassula serve as a kind of reservoir for storing water, so it is their condition that will answer the question how much you can not water the plant. Withered foliage signals the need for moisture, and the drought period directly depends on the ambient temperature and ranges from 1 week to 1 month.

How to water a money tree

In addition to the frequency of irrigation, it is important to consider the quality and condition of the water. Before the procedure, the liquid is poured into containers and allowed to stand for at least 6 hours, while it reaches room temperature, which is very important.

Melt water in which the concentration of impurities is reduced is perfect. Water from the tap is not suitable for these purposes, since it has a high chlorine content, to soften the liquid, add wood ash per half teaspoon per liter of water, and insist 12 hours.

Also, in order for it to grow better, they make various dressings intended for cacti and succulents. From improvised means, use an infusion of eggshell, previously aged 2 weeks in a dark place.

How to water a money tree at home

Money tree belongs to unpretentious plants, but still there are nuances that you need to pay attention to. There are several watering systems discussed below.

Depending on the time of year

The temperature of the environment has a direct effect on the humidity of the earthen coma.

Given the season, watering is carried out as follows:

SeasonWatering frequency
Winter1-2 times a month
SpringOnce a week
Summer1-2 times a week
AutumnOnce a week

After transplant

The moment of transplantation is quite responsible, because the plant needs to provide ideal conditions for its further growth. When watering, consider the reason for the movement.

So, the plant after the bay is irrigated with a small amount of water immediately after the procedure, and in other cases, water is added after 1-2 days. Given the shrinkage of the soil, you need to drain the water that has drained into the pallet, add earth to the desired level and pour more.

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Top watering

For watering using this method, a watering can is used and water is applied directly to the top layer of the soil, which ensures the leakage of nutrients from the earth to the roots. Pour at the edges of the pot, so as not to wash away the soil at the root. After an hour, check the presence of water in the pan and, in case of excess, drain it.

If you get liquid on the leaves and the trunk, you should not worry, because the fat girl likes water procedures, so summer spraying and winter rubbing of the green part will not be superfluous.

Through the pallet

For lower watering, prepared water is poured into the pan and the pot is lowered into it for 30 minutes. This is enough to absorb moisture. The method is great for dried plants, and also eliminates the flooding of the root system.

It is important to alternate methods, since this method does not provide a natural supply of nutrients to the roots, as evidenced by a white coating on the top layer of the earth, which must be removed, depriving the bacteria of a favorable environment.

What to do if the tree is poured

When growing a money tree, you should follow a simple rule: it is better not to top up than to top up.

But if this still happened, the plant will respond with changes in appearance:

  • lethargy of the ground;
  • yellowing and falling of leaves.

Having noticed such signals, an immediate transplant is necessary. The plant is removed from the pot and inspected by the roots. If this part is not damaged, it is placed on paper towels or napkins to absorb excess moisture. There is no need to disassemble the near-root earthen lump, it is enough to squeeze out excess soil.

It is recommended to use soil for succulents and cacti, in which sand and perlite are added (2: 1: 1), and the bottom is strewn with drainage. The planted plant is not watered until the soil is completely dry.

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In case of rhizome damage, it is washed with rot under warm water and infected areas are removed. Healthy processes are dipped for 20 minutes in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for their disinfection. Then they process the container for planting with a solution of laundry soap and pour boiling water over it. Soil is used new, compiled in the above proportions. Watering is carried out in a few days.

Useful recommendations from gardeners

The creation of ideal conditions guarantees the active growth and flowering of the fat woman, for this experienced gardeners recommend:

  1. To avoid shade, the plant loves diffused light.
  2. Choose a small pot, otherwise all the energy will be directed to the development of the root, but the ground part will remain the same.
  3. Avoid hypothermia, temperatures below +5 ° C are detrimental to the plant.
  4. Do not flood, navigate as an earthen coma.
  5. Properly approach feeding, use fertilizer only in the summer 2 times a month.
  6. Turn the pot regularly to evenly form the crown.

Signs of improper watering

The appearance of the money tree will tell about all violations of care, including watering.

The signs of deficiency and excess moisture are as follows :

  • the discharge of leaves in the summertime indicates the use of too cold water and insufficient watering;
  • withered and pale leaves indicate that the plant is flooded;
  • brown spots and a wrinkled leaf surface indicate drought.

Did you know? According to Feng Shui money tree brings good luck and improves the financial situation.

Growing a beautiful and coin-rich money tree is not at all difficult. Changes in the appearance of your green pets will tell you a lot and help to avoid the death of the plant. Follow our recommendations and remember that compliance with the water regime is the key to a lush and beautiful crown.

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