Ginger root from papillomas: effectiveness, options for the preparation of treatment

Papilloma is a small wart on the skin that causes tactile and aesthetic discomfort. If there are several, then you can tolerate, but in the presence of a large number of necessary treatment. There are many treatment options, but the easiest way is to turn to traditional medicine recipes, in particular, to treat papillomas with ginger root.

Ginger root: chemical composition, healing properties, treatment effectiveness of papillomavirus infection and warts

Ginger came to our region from countries with a warm climate, in particular from Asia, Indonesia and India. China also grows ginger, and in our time does it in large volumes. Residents of the above countries have used this plant for centuries to get rid of diseases. With it, parasites were expelled from the intestines, men raised their potency, taking powder from ginger root before the night of love.

Did you know? Powder from ginger root is still used by priestesses of love of Asian countries as a means of increasing male sexual strength.

Used this folk remedy in the treatment of many other diseases. The Old World learned about the benefits of ginger only when sea travelers brought the plant to Europe. From the overseas novelty, they immediately began to make medicines and try to treat the plague raging all over the place. The rich people gave huge sums for a piece of ginger root, so as not to get a dangerous disease. Nowadays, people use all parts of a ginger plant, from leaves to the root.

The range of applications is wide, from cooking and cosmetics to traditional medicine. Ginger root is most commonly used in the case. Ginger root is a storehouse of useful substances, it contains a large number of useful trace elements, amino acids and other biologically active components. The rhizome of a ginger plant includes about 400 compounds that give ginger beneficial properties. A significant part of them is present in volatile essential oil. This oil is the most useful component of the root.

Learn how to cleanse your body with ginger.

Ginger oil includes organic ingredients such as:

  • α- and β-cyningibernes are biologically active substances that are widely used by the perfume industry, fixing aromas with their help. Pharmacological science also uses them, making various medicines, including antiparasitic ones;
  • linalool - is one of the organic alcohols, also used in perfumery;
  • kamfen - a hydrocarbon of natural origin, with its help industry makes camphor;
  • methane oxide, this substance is part of many drugs that are used by doctors to treat viral respiratory diseases;
  • citral - modern pharmacology widely uses this substance in the manufacture of drugs that eliminate inflammatory processes. It is citral that is the most important therapeutic component of ginger rhizomes. Citral lowers blood pressure, helps the body produce vitamin A, and is included in many anti-cancer drugs.

Papillomas can be treated with classical medical science, but many do not like to go to the doctors and take a lot of tasteless and harmful pills. However, traditional medicine comes to the rescue, for which various methods of removing papillomas and warts with the help of ginger root have long been prepared. Such alternative treatment is quite effective, it does not require significant financial costs. After all, ginger root can be bought at any store, and inexpensively.

If you read on the global Internet the reviews of people who tried to heal warts and papillomas with ginger root, you can see that for the most part, they achieved a positive result. From this we can conclude that indeed, the ginger root has healing properties against human papillomavirus infection, eliminating its external manifestations and inhibiting the spread of the virus in the body.

Important! You can not completely cure papillomavirus, it will still remain in the body. However, you can eliminate its external manifestations, that is, warts and papillomas.

Traditional medicine recipes

As already mentioned above, folk healers often use ginger in the treatment of warts and papillomas, for this various recipes are used. Below are two of the most popular ways to fix a build-up on the skin.

Garlic Ginger Broth with Lemon

A healthy mix of ginger, garlic, lemon and honey is an excellent home-made medicine. It allows you to eliminate the effects of the influence of papillomavirus, as well as increase immunity. Effectively and against intestinal parasites.

To prepare this wonderful and healthy mixture you will need the following ingredients:

  • 5 tbsp. tablespoons of fresh honey;
  • 1 unpeeled lemon;
  • 4 cloves of medium garlic;
  • 150 g of ginger root.

How to cook a decoction:

  1. Rinse the lemon well under running warm water. Then it must be cut into pieces. Remember to remove all seeds.
  2. Take pre-cooked garlic and crush it into pulp using a garlic.
  3. Ginger rhizome grind on a fine grater.
  4. Mix all the resulting components with fresh honey, let it brew for a couple of days.

Did you know? The most beneficial substances are found in the skin of the ginger root.

The result is a sharp-smelling mixture with a pungent taste, it must be stored in a dark, cool place, but not in the refrigerator. The lid of the container where the medicine will be must be tightly closed.

This folk remedy must be taken 2 times a day, the first time before meals on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before breakfast. 1 dessert spoon of the medicine should be washed down with liquid. The second time the medicine is drunk 30 minutes before dinner, you can go to bed after 4 hours. The duration of the course of treatment is determined individually, according to the state of the body, on average from 2 to 4 weeks.

Raw Ginger Rub

In order to quickly get rid of boring warts, you can use raw ginger root. It is necessary to wipe the skin where the papillomas are located with a piece of raw ginger, the course of treatment should last about 2 weeks, until the first results appear. This method is quite effective, it is often recommended by traditional healers and even official doctors in clinics, because this method of treatment does not require financial costs and time to treat a viral infection.

Rules for preparation and use

Before preparing the medicine against papillomas and warts, the root must be thoroughly washed. Then it can be peeled, but you can not do this in order to maintain the maximum amount of nutrients. In the case of preparing a mixture of ginger with garlic and lemon, it is better to grind the root using a grater with small holes. If you want to wipe with slices of raw ginger, cut the root into small flat slices, so that it is convenient to hold them with your fingers.

Important! Do not chop ginger on wooden boards. Wood quickly absorbs odors, so it will be difficult for you to get rid of a specific smell.

If you take ginger inside, then know that its essential oils irritate the gastric mucosa. Therefore, always drink or jam the taken medicine, otherwise there is a risk of gastritis. If during the treatment you feel that the stomach or intestines are not working properly, stop the course immediately.


  • Ginger root has a number of contraindications:
  • You can not eat people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Patients with gastritis, an ulcer, cirrhosis of the liver or pancreatitis can get serious complications if they start drinking a decoction of ginger.
  • Hypertensive patients and people with diseases of the cardiovascular system should also eliminate ginger from their diet. After all, this root increases the speed of blood flow and can provoke a sharp increase in blood pressure.
  • Also, ginger root can cause local allergic reactions, in particular urticaria.
  • Pregnant women are strictly forbidden to take ginger root. This plant has a spasmodic effect and can cause premature birth. Nursing mothers also can not take the root in food, since the child may experience an allergic reaction.

Ginger root is a wonderful tool in removing warts on the skin, with its proper use, a positive effect will be achieved at about the third week of treatment. Just watch your health and do not forget about contraindications.

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