Fungicide "Topaz" for gooseberries: how to spray

With improper care, ignoring the autumn processing of the site, non-compliance with the planting technology, gooseberries can be affected by fungal and viral diseases. Often they lead to the death of the plant. Therefore, it is important to carry out preventive spraying annually and treat the berry culture in a timely manner with drugs that can protect them and destroy the pathogen. One of the most popular products is Topaz.

Why and why gooseberries are treated with Topaz fungicide

“Topaz” is a systemic fungicide that stops the growth and development of mycelium, prevents the spread of spores of pathogenic fungi of diseases such as powdery mildew (oidium), rust.

The main active substance of the drug is called penconazole. In 1 liter of its fungicide contains 100 g. The substance stops the development of spores and the multiplication of the fungus. As a result of its influence, the fungal growth tube does not grow into the plant organ, but perishes.

The drug is used for preventive and therapeutic treatments of vegetable crops, fruit trees and shrubs, flowers growing in open beds and in rooms. It is actively used to protect and treat gooseberries, grapes, and currants. On the market, it is presented in 2 ml ampoules, 3 ml sachets, plastic liter bottles. It is simple to prepare it - it is enough to dilute the required amount of product in a certain amount of water, indicated in the instructions.

  • The benefits of fungicide are:
  • the average level of toxicity is class III;
  • effectiveness in stopping the development of fungi;
  • the possibility of use in adverse weather conditions, with temperature fluctuations, high humidity;
  • low consumption;
  • long term;
  • easy to prepare and use;
  • quickly absorbed by the plant;
  • can be combined with other chemicals (Horus, Topsin, Kinmiks, etc.) to achieve comprehensive effective protection;
  • does not form a film on ground organs.

Did you know? Together with the American gooseberry, Christopher Columbus brought to Europe from South America anew disease- American powdery mildew, which later spread to Russia and led to the destruction of most gooseberry plantings with large fruits.

Processing time: spring, autumn

In accordance with the instructions "Topaz" can be used from early spring to late autumn. Between treatments, a time period of 2 weeks should be maintained.

Instrumentation and security measures

It is necessary to spray the plants with the preparation on the day when the wind force is not more than 5 km / h, in the morning or in the evening. The action of the drug begins 6 hours after treatment and lasts from 7-8 to 14-17 days, depending on the intensity of the development of the disease. The active substance is absorbed by the plant in the first 180 minutes.

Spraying the working solution should be uniform

To prepare a mixture for spraying, you will need dishes in which the drug must be diluted with water, as well as an object (stake, rail, etc.) to stir, a special garden sprayer (sprayer).

Did you know? Gooseberry appeared in Kievan Rus earlier than in Europe and America. In the gardens of the monasteries, berry bushes were grown already in the XI century. When working with a chemical preparation, it is recommended to adhere to the following precautions:

  1. Since the product, when it enters the skin and mucous membranes, leads to irritation, manipulations should be carried out, protecting the body with a protective suit, eyes with special glasses, hands with gloves, airways with a mask (respirator).
  2. Do not prepare the working fluid in the vessel in which the food is prepared.
  3. Restrict access to the treatment area to children and pets.
  4. In the course of work do not eat, drink, do not smoke.
  5. At the end of the treatment, thoroughly rinse your hands and face with soap and water, rinse your mouth.
  6. Do not store diluted drug.
  7. Storage of concentrated products should be carried out in a place where children and pets do not have access, away from food, drinks, medicines, open sources of fire.
  8. Do not use the drug after the expiration date, which is 4 years from the date of release.
  9. If the product has got on the skin or on the mucous membranes, it is necessary to rinse them with a large volume of running water.
  10. If the drug enters the human body, it is necessary to take a sorbent, for example, activated carbon and a lot of liquid. If symptoms of poisoning appear, seek medical attention immediately.

Video: Protecting Gooseberries from Diseases and Pests by Topaz


In order not to cause additional harm to the plant, when using the drug, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the instructions and follow the correct dates.

For preventive purposes

In order to prevent powdery mildew, gooseberries are sprayed in early April, before the onset of kidney swelling. In 10 l of water, one ampoule of the drug is diluted with a volume of 2 ml. First, this amount is poured into a small container with water, and then the volume is adjusted to 10 liters. The finished substance is poured into the spray tank. The prepared solution of the above volume is used to treat an area of ​​100 m².

Important! The shelf life of the Topaz ready-made solution is 8 hours.

The second spraying is carried out after flowering, after 2-3 days, when the first ovary is formed . If, for any reason, the re-processing period has been missed, then it is possible to spray already on the green berries and 1.5 months before they are fully ripened.

The solution must be prepared immediately before use.

In the presence of a disease

It is important to detect the disease in time in order to begin treatment at the initial stage of its development. To get rid of powdery mildew (sferoteka), the drug is bred in the same proportion as for prevention. It is used repeatedly, withstanding breaks of 10-14 days, until the symptoms disappear completely. The maximum number of sprayings is 4. The flow rate of the working fluid is 1-1.5 liters per bush.

For the treatment of rust, it is necessary to increase the dosage, diluting 4 ml in 10 liters of water.

Errors in the treatment of gooseberries with Topaz fungicide and their consequences

When processing berry bushes, the following errors are most often made:

  1. Weather conditions are not taken into account, as a result of which the drug is washed off by precipitation or quickly evaporates.
  2. A stale solution is used, the effectiveness of which is significantly reduced.
  3. Recommended treatment times are not respected. As a result, the tool does not work properly.
  4. The proportions indicated in the instructions are violated. Improperly prepared working solution is ineffective or harmful to the plant.
  5. The drug is used at a later date - later than 20 days before harvest. Thus, berries that pose a threat to human health will be obtained.

Important! Since the active substance is able to accumulate in the soil, it is not recommended to use the same drug for more than three consecutive years in one place.

So, “Topaz” is a systemic fungicide that effectively fights gooseberry diseases caused by fungi. Correct and timely use of the drug allows you to reliably protect the plant from the sphere library and rust.

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