Flavoring tobacco at home

Owners of a small tobacco plantation at their site once come to the question of how to flavor tobacco at home, because over time the natural taste and smell of this plant becomes boring. Consider how to give a smoking mixture of new notes and how to flavor this product.

What is aromatization

There is the concept of aromatization and sauce. The first concept is the addition of substances to tobacco that can change only the smell. As a rule, for this it is sufficient to produce surface spraying. But the second affects not only the smell, but also the taste. When dressing, it is soaked in solutions that can greatly change its taste. The combination of both sauces and aromatization gives a very lasting effect.

Important! Flavoring is also used to soften tobacco, reduce its strength and bitterness, burning in the mouth.

Basic rules for tobacco flavoring

The process of processing it until ready to eat goes through several stages: languishing, drying, fermentation. At the factory, depending on the type of tobacco and the desired result, it is heat-treated: it can be roasted, treated with steam and hot air. With this treatment, caramelization of the sugar contained in the leaves occurs. This gives a special color and aroma to the final product. Some try to do these procedures with their own hands.

But aromatization occurs in the final stages of manufacture. To do this, use alcohol-based aromatic substances. Such substances are applied by spraying (or another name - perfume) of chopped tobacco. Alcohol will quickly evaporate and give a certain smell and aroma to tobacco.

Propylene glycol is added to retain moisture, and sorbitol and glycerin are added for the taste of sweets. Antifungal drugs are also introduced: special chemicals or just vinegar (including wine vinegar, which will also add flavor) for longer storage.

Did you know? At the beginning of the 20th century, doctors recommended that pregnant women smoke in order to maintain normal weight.

Essential Flavors

Like any other, tobacco flavors can be natural or synthetic.

Natural Flavors

As natural flavors, you can use various dried herbs and fruits, as well as dried fruits, alcoholic beverages, oils and extracts.

It is worth saying that when applying the fragrance with a spray, after irrigation, the product must be dried and then warmed up. If there is no special cabinet for fermentation, the installation may be suitable for the battery or in the oven.


Now let's look at some recipes, and what is added to tobacco to improve and change its flavor.

There are several of them, namely five:

  1. Cherry leaves aromatize easier and more common. You can mix the leaves with dried tobacco, but there are opinions that it is better to put the leaves wrapped in gauze in a container with it and leave for several days in a warm place. Thus, the tobacco leaf absorbs the cherry flavor. In the same way, currant or mint leaves can be used.
  2. You can use fresh cherry leaves. Harvesting is best done at the end of summer; young foliage will not work. Pour the leaves with alcohol, you can use cognac (half a liter per 200 leaves). All this is left in the dark for 2 weeks. After being filtered and added 1 tsp. honey. This solution can be sprayed with tobacco and dried slowly.
  3. You can still flavor aromatic clover. All parts of this plant contain an aromatic substance called coumarin. It perfectly manifests itself in a dried state. Therefore, it is mixed with dry clover. The proportions are selected by the smoker to his taste. Also, from this herb, you can make an alcoholic extract, which is used to irrigate fermented tobacco, or cut it. Then it is left in a warm place for impregnation.
  4. Now consider honey flavoring. 2 tbsp. l This product is stirred in a glass of brandy, add 80 ml of table vinegar and 1 ml of glycerin (and it is better to take not medical, but especially for smoking mixtures). We bring the total volume to 1 liter by adding distilled water. We spray the leaves of tobacco with a solution and hermetically pack in a container, preferably glass. Leave in a warm place (+40 ... + 50 ° C). Every 10-12 days should be aired. Need to withstand about 10 weeks. After this period, it is well ventilated and can be dried.
  5. You can get coffee aroma. For this, grains are taken and broken in half. 50 g of tobacco will require about 15 grains. The smell of coffee is not persistent, so you need to withstand at least 2 weeks to taste the coffee, but it is better for a couple of months. Similarly, you can carry out the procedure with cocoa beans.

Also read about the features of storing tobacco at home.

In fact, a number of substances can be used as components:

  • spices and spices: cinnamon, vanilla, ginger;
  • maple and fruit syrups, caramel;
  • alcoholic drinks: gin, rum, whiskey, liquor.

In addition to flavoring, you can also moisten it with apples. To do this, the glass jar is filled with tobacco by half. Half of the apple is pierced with a needle and thread and suspended by the neck of the can so that the apple is above the tobacco. Close the lid tightly and leave it in this condition for several days. You can simply add citrus juice to it.

Another option is legume vanilla. To do this, the pod is ground into dust and laid down on moistened tobacco leaves, after which it is left for several days in a warm place. You can experiment with flavored teas. They are also added in bags to moistened tobacco in a sealed container and left to warm for several days.

Another simple way: get it already with the aroma and mix it with your own. Hold for a week in a container, and then you can use it.

Important! In any case, if you are making aromatization for the first time, it is better to experiment with small portions.

Synthetic Flavors

On sale there is a huge number of chemical flavors that are suitable for the independent processing of smoking tobacco. The flavors are more than enough. The packaging contains detailed instructions for use.

Aromatization Methods

Creating your own unique aroma is possible by insisting or using a water bath. Consider how to improve the taste and aroma of tobacco with these methods.

By insisting

For infusion, any broth is taken. It can be a decoction with prunes, cherries, or any other fruit or dried fruit. Leaves of tobacco (fermented) are poured with broth and put under the press for several hours. In this case, the leaves should not float in the liquid.

In a few hours, the leaves will absorb fluid. After this, the leaves need to be spread out to dry. After drying, the tobacco is ground and a flavored product is obtained. It can be diluted with regular tobacco in the desired proportions for a greater or lesser odor.

In a water bath

What we want to get the aroma from is poured into a glass container. It can be pieces of fruit, grass. There, tobacco leaves are laid. The container is placed in a pot of water and brought to a boil. Boil for at least 5 hours. But with this method, the fortress will be lost, so it is better to take leaves initially with a lower fortress. And aromatic properties will be obtained to a lesser extent than with the insisting method.

Adding Synthetic Flavors

Adding ready-made flavors eliminates the lengthy cooking process. Everything is done quickly and conveniently. You can betray the smell not only with specialized flavorings, but also with food, which is mainly taken to give fruit notes. It is important not to overdo it, a large dose will give a too chemical flavor.

Video: tobacco flavoring

Features of storage of flavored tobacco

To prevent some components of flavored substances from evaporating, it must be stored in a tin container, which is tightly closed, or in a plastic container. Otherwise, part of the bouquet will be lost, which will negatively affect the taste and aromatic qualities of the smoking mixture. Do not wet it by placing it in the container of lemon or orange slices, as this will only accelerate the degradation of aromatics. Did you know? Cigarettes dull hunger. Due to this feature, they became part of the soldiers rations of the French army, allowing to reduce the portion of bread. Store in a cool, dark place with a moisture content of not more than 75%. Avoid direct sunlight. The finished flavored product after unpacking can be stored for no more than a year. Self-made - even less.

So, at home, it is quite possible to independently give a unique flavor to any tobacco: pipe, hookah, for cigarettes. You can use the ingredients available in the house and experiment with combinations, it will be much cheaper than ready-made options. Or you can order special ready-made flavors, which can be chemical, or can be made on the basis of natural extracts.

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